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In 2015, New York musician Sean Henry released his acclaimed 16-track demo tape, It’s All About Me. A fittingly personal collection of songs about friendship, love, life and death, it’s the perfect setup for Fink, the artist’s debut studio album, out July 13th via Double Double Whammy. Henry expands and matures on Fink, but on new single “Imperfection,” he’s consumed by anxiety. “Lately, maybe, it’s like you hate me,” he sings. “Why?” The song’s warm, poppy melody and cushy beat is the ideal backdrop for Henry’s insecure and wholly relatable musings.

written by Sean Henry 

performed by Sean Henry & Daniel George Jr. 
“Hard Down” drums by Colin Sullivan 
“No More Feelings” arrangement by Daniel George Jr.
additional guitars by Brian Antonucci & Eddie Golden III 

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Austin band Hovvdy are slated to release their sophomore album, “Cranberry”, on february 9th via Double Double Whammy Records.  the duo’s three preceding singles have all reflected the impending warmth and comfort this album will be capable of providing; its fourth single, “In The Sun,” accomplishes the same feat through slightly different means.

a mix of acoustic and electric guitars bleed together and coalesce around a soft back-beat, a muted palette that swaddles a tender lead vocal occasionally laid bare.  the linchpin of “in the sun” paces timidly in the background, a pastoral synth line with just enough buoyancy to float to the surface when needed before receding back into the greater texture.

like the very best of recipes, “In The Sun” is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts, a beautiful collage of frank, minimal pop.


Hovvdy – Cranberry
Out on Double Double Whammy Records February 9th, 2018

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Hovvdy have announced their sophomore effort, Cranberry for release 9th February via the fine folks at Double Double Whammy Records. Their tunes are chilled out pop tunes. They bounce along, never getting overly excited but leaving you humming along.


Based in Austin, Texas, Hovvdy (pronounced “howdy”) is the writing and recording project of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo, both primarily drummers, first met in the fall of 2014 and quickly bonded over a love for quiet music. Within a few weeks, they had combined songs and began recording their first EP in bedrooms and family homes across Texas.

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Among sparsely arranged, deeply personal albums that revolve around the death of a loved one, for example Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked at Me got a lot of attention this year . “If Blue Could Be Happiness”, the 2017 LP by Florist, a New York-based “friendship project” (not band) fronted by Emily Sprague, who lost her mother recently and suddenly. It’s not just a mournful collection of gentle indie-pop songs, it is a tiny, welcoming sound world where anyone can enter and feel loved and supported and understood. It is sonic salve for a heart roughened up by life’s challenges. It is beautiful and calming and necessary.

Florist are a self-styled, “soft-synthesizer-folk band”, hailing from Upstate New York. This week they’ve shared their new single, What I Wanted To Hold, as well as detailing the release of their new record. If Blue Could Be Happiness, the band’s second full length album is out September 29th via Double Double Whammy Records.


If you were to ask Hannah Read what Lomelda means, you’d probably end up with some kind of non-answer and a new topic. It is a guarded secret reserved for those who really pry. It is a high school attempt at describing something vast and powerful yet uniquely quiet and complex. And it is ever-changing. Lomelda is about memory, intimacy, and the tragedies of distance. As a band, it has appeared in several forms over the years, but always, to Hannah, Lomelda has been about discovering friendship and connection. Close collaborators have become closer friends. And when you see Lomelda, when you hear it, it is apparent that Hannah cares deeply about the connection made with the people on stage, the connection with you.

Lomelda’s Thx is an album worthy of a road trip, which is perhaps one of the most enduring compliments you can give to a collection of songs. Hannah Read navigates the feeling of being in-between with a dexterity that doesn’t rely on easy tropes, and the inner thoughts that creep into her lyrics during moments of stasis probably sound a lot like your own. In Read’s universe, small actions lead to big revelations delivered in a whispering half-yodel. Her utterances are quiet enough to creep into your conscience and give you a boost of strength when you need it most

Hannah Read has written and performed as Lomelda for most of her musical life. The project has been her outlet from the slow, shaggy days in her east Texas hometown of Silsbee, through moves to Waco and Austin, and into her wandering present. Her music is textural and spacious. Her words are suggestive snapshots of loosely knitted observations, depicting quiet moments between friends and lovers and half-remembered celestial occurrences. In her songs, the memory of the past and glimpses of future stretch out on either side of you, and the present is unsteady and always shifting.


Based in Austin, Texas, Hovvdy (pronounced “howdy”) is the writing and recording project of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo, both primarily drummers, first met in the fall of 2014 and quickly bonded over a love for quiet music. Within a few weeks, they had combined songs and began recording their first EP in bedrooms and family homes across Texas.

By 2016 the two had committed to each others growth in songwriting and recording, resulting in their debut album “Taster”, originally released on Sports Day Records and reissued in 2017 by Double Double Whammy. Hovvdy has found a unique identity in rhythmic, down-tempo pop songs that are hopeful, yet melancholy; relatable, yet distinguishable.

Hovvdy’s sophomore album, “Cranberry”, expands on a familiar texture, building off Taster’s minimal complexity and covering new ground. Hovvdy – “Petal” Off their new album, “Cranberry” Out February 9th, 2018 on Double Double Whammy Records.

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This ain’t your great grandpa’s Great Grandpa. Despite the name, Great Grandpa are planted firmly in their 20s, with all of the attendant disaffection, indecision, and general ennui that that entails. But, like a few other famous musicians from Seattle, they’ve turned the gray fog of youth into searing, lopsided guitar music, with the capacious depths of Alex Menne’s voice sounding just at home over the fiery squalls of “No Hair” as it does on the tender balladry of “All Things Must Behave.” Oh, and also, there are zombies.


Great Grandpa’s debut LP, “Plastic Cough”, out on LP/CD/CS/Digital on Double Double Whammy Records, July 7th 2017.


Lomelda Debuts “From Here,” A Delicate Rock Ballad About Collapsing Distance

Hannah Read mostly writes from the small Texas town she calls her home, but her songs have a universality to them that makes them seem larger-than-life. Her lyrics read like nervous incantations — “It’s not like I want to keep you out or keep it in, just keep it up/ Isn’t that hard enough?” goes one of my favorites — but they’re buoyed by a lilting self-assuredness that feels invigorating and timeless. Thx, her latest album as Lomelda, is a showstopper, the sort of album that will soundtrack many a long drive or transcendent night out among the stars. We’ve heard a few songs from it so far — “Interstate Vision,” “Out There,” and “From Here,”  Band To Watch profile on the project.



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Lomelda is the pseudonym of the songwriter Hannah Read, based out of Silsbee in Texas. This week as well as sharing tour dates with Pinegrove and Florist, Lomelda has detailed the release of her upcoming album, Thx, as well as sharing the first single from it, Interstate Vision.

Backed by prominent tumbling bass lines and bright, easy guitar strums, Hannah’s voice is left to carry much of the melodic lifting, a trick she achieves with an effortless aplomb. Lyrically, it seems to touch on one of those relationships, be it love or otherwise, where you keep stumbling back despite knowing it’s doing you nothing but harm, as she sings, “we were young, oh I was so young, still I sit with you in parking lots, acting like I’m not falling for it”. Lomelda’s music is a place of juxtapositions; sparse yet powerful, beautiful yet bruising, timeless but none the less very 2017 – her upcoming record could be very special indeed.

“Music connects me with people who I wouldn’t have an easy way to talk to otherwise,” Read says. Her hometown of Silsbee — the small Texas town where she grew up and currently resides with her family — but Read likes the open road. You sort of have to when you’re from a place where long drives are usually the only way to get around, especially if you’re interested in pursuing music as passionately as Read is. There were a few other bands around growing up — “Everybody needs some rock ‘n’ roll in their lives, even small town Texas folks,” she jokes — but the four-hour trek to Austin has become a regular facet in Read’s life,

“Interstate Vision” by Lomelda off the LP/CD/Cassette/Digital album ‘Thx’ out on Double Double Whammy Records September 8th, 2017.

Felix Walworth, singer and drummer of Told Slant, is a three time veteran of the Tiny Desk after performing with the bands Bellows, Eskimeaux and Florist, Told Slant is part of The Epoch, a collective of unlike-minded best friends. Told Slant makes dark, delicate indie rock in the same vein. Felix wrote the music for “Low Hymnal” as just a tune that remained unfinished with for about a year before the lyrics arrived quickly following a series of personal crises. “Did I invite disillusionment and self-hatred into my life when I started writing about them?” Felix says. “Probably.” Told Slant is the project of drummer/singer Felix Walworth. What I love about his drumming is that it’s a thunderous propellant, an essential element to the song without being up front and in the way of the voice and guitars. Felix stands behind a very large bass drum on a makeshift stand and plays organic rhythms on mostly bottom heavy drums with arms flailing in ways I didn’t know was really possible. All the while his voice conjures up the hiccup of Sparks and deep power of Bryan Ferry or Lou Reed, but more fun.


Told Slant’s “Going By” was released June 17th on Double Double Whammy Records.