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Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No is a rock and roll band based in NYC. Hailing originally from Toronto, Canada, Steve began his recording career auspiciously by completing a class project while attending college in London, ON. The resulting 5-song EP credited as Boatman received regular airplay on local college radio station CHRW and ended up cracking the top 20 on the national college radio chart. Seeking a fully-realized band, Steve put together indie-rock trio 4-Star Movie. The Toronto-based band enjoyed more college radio airplay.

After the first and then second permutations of 4-Star Movie, Steve moved down to NYC and began playing at open mics around the city, slowly piecing together the Land Of No. The first incarnation was a guitar-and-drums duo along with longtime Figgs’ drummer Pete Hayes. Over time they added Kent Heine (The Holy Ghost) on bass, and guitarists Dave Hollinghurst (Small 23, Nicole Atkins) and Alec Ferrell (The Holy Ghost, The All-Things, Skeleton Key). Their eponymous 1st record, recorded at Brooklyn’s famed Seaside Lounge and released on Tiny Beast Records, garnered strong reviews. The band then welcomed drummer Dan Mintzer (Moonraker, Nicole Atkins) into the fold.

The group’s second record “Mon Dieu” was recorded and mixed largely at their own Sunset 7 Studio with guitarist Dave Hollinghurst as engineer. The full-length record was released on vinyl through the band’s own Later Records.

Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No’s third full-length record “Double Life”, also recorded and mixed at Sunset 7 Studio, will be released on Friday February 2nd as a joint release on Later/Clearly Records.


Upon being informed that the title of Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No’s new record is “Double Life” most people have an immediate reaction that seems to leap out before the person catches it; a knowing nod or smile. Apparently, everyone has a double life. While expanding on the themes of mortality and madness found on their previous records, “Double Life” has a more divided feel to it; more immediate, yet more stark.

‘Double Life’ is their first full length album recording and it’s one that makes you sit up and take notice right from the start. Sitting somewhere between Indie & Art rock the band’s sound is one of jangly guitars and strident drums; at times dissonant and sometimes even discordant, it’s an album that challenges and fascinates almost in equal measure. Perhaps the track that best sums up the album is the second track in, ‘We’re A Mess’, based on a heavily distorted guitar sound and lines like “Strung out in a Hotel room on stuff. That’s a lie but at least that’s what it feels like” it perfectly sums up the mood of the album and the music of this band.



BOYTOY announced their debut full-length album, Grackle, will be arriving soon through PaperCup Music, and premiered lead single, and lead track from the record, “Postal”, via Soundcloud. The Brooklyn trio will be previewing material this month with a run of tour dates .

BOYTOY emerged in 2014 with a ferocious live show, and a self-titled debut that caught the attention of fans and critics from outlets such as Noisey, Stereogum, SPIN, The Village Voice, Time Out New York, NYLON, and Rolling Stone. The band headed into the studio in Philadelphia this spring with producer Al Creedon (Eternal Summers/Bleeding Rainbow) to record, resulting in 11 tracks of no nonsense, rock n’ roll bangers, with three-part vocal harmonies, and melodic hooks galore.


With some buzz in their sound, and hints of ’90s alt-rock, this Brooklyn trio wouldn’t hesitate to lean out of the convertible and yell funny insults at the goons who were too stupid to talk to them at last night’s party. (Which, coincidentally, is another one of power pop’s recurring themes.) Bruising riffs and soaring hooks abound.


Holy Motors

HOLY MOTORS is a Tallinn, Estonia based on dark twang & reverb sound like a band from a nonexistent movie. It bows to engines and echos and film-directors. Cinematic suspension is often more than not what drives the band towards a melody and meaning.  It’s “psychedelic rock that hits like a dream despite undoubtedly seeking to soundtrack nightmares”. Thankfully, Slow Sundown, Holy Motors’ debut full length release, finds the Estonian dream catchers utilizing a similar sonic palette ranging from dark psychedelic pop to shoegaze-inflected western music. But much like 2015’s Heavenly Creatures 7”vinyl, provided only a fleeting glimpse into the sounds that their music evokes.

Slow Sundown’s eight tracks offer a more immersive experience for those brave enough to take the ride. While the guitar lines from lonely cowboy ballads like “Honeymooning” could easily serve as the central themes for unwritten Morriccone scores, dystopian anthems like the rhythmically propelled Signs break new ground for the band and demonstrate that Holy Motors are not bound by their influences. Thematically the album is comprised primarily of sad love songs centered around the idea of motion – the motion of a satellite orbiting a planet, the motion of a passenger riding shotgun in a car – as it relates to stellar-scale and existential isolation. Produced by Merchandise’s Carson Cox and recorded at Brooklyn’s Kutch1 Studios when the band was visiting the US on tourist visas, Slow Sundown is a beautiful alien artifact that definitively delivers on everything we have been promised by Holy Motors’ work to date.


In it´s time, Holy Motors have supported Sic Alps, Dirty Fences and Mystery Train. The latter a movie by Jim Jarmusch.

Growing up, Tyler Lyle vowed never to go into music when he got older. “As a kid we were always taking family trips to Nashville so my dad could play the Bluebird Cafe or attend some songwriting symposium, and I resented the city for stealing my vacations away,” recalls the West Georgia native. But at age 15, he haphazardly picked up his father’s guitar, quickly mastered a few chords, and soon started writing his own songs. In 2011 Lyle released his indie-folk debut “The Golden Age & The Silver Girl,” solely through Bandcamp—then re-released the top-five seller the following year to find it named one of the top 10 albums of 2012 on NPR’s World Cafe. In 2013, he was awarded the Abe Oleman Scholarship for songwriting presented by ASCAP and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. He is currently at work on a new full length album.


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Hey Everyone!
We’ve always loved playing in the UK, and we are extremely excited for the shows coming up in London on March 9/10/11. These will be such a blast.  To celebrate in advance, we thought we’d drop two more new Hold Steady songs directly to the fans. Check them out:
1. Eureka
2. Esther
These songs were recorded in Brooklyn in November at the same sessions as “Entitlement Crew” and “A Snake In The Shower”.  We are excited to share them with you.These will be available for the fans here on Bandcamp for this week, and next week we will make them available via the major digital music providers.
If you choose to download these two songs, a donation will be made to benefit the K+L Guardian Foundation. ALL monies received from downloads will be transferred to the K+L Guardian Foundation.

The K+L Guardian Foundation was formed to benefit “Jersey” Mike Van Jura’s children after he suddenly passed away in November 2012 at only 36 years of age.

Released March 5th, 2018  The Hold Steady  “Eureka” b/w “Esther”


The Hold Steady are: Bobby Drake, Craig Finn, Tad Kubler, Franz Nicolay, Galen Polivka, Steve Selvidge 
Additional performers: Stuart Bogie, Michael Leonhart, Annie Nero

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Christopher Paul Stelling is a songwriter based in New York City.
Having  been building a reputation as a formidable and passionate performer, his debut album, “Songs of Praise and Scorn” saw its release way back in February 2012 to much acclaim. Christopher has played well over 150 shows in 2012, and continued touring through the beginning of 2013. After an upcoming european tour, his followup record False Cities was released May 21st 2013. 


Stelling’s official debut album was self released on February 21st, 2012. Songs of Praise and Scorn was recorded with friends over a 5-day period in August 2011 in a 200-year-old, actively working funeral home in Kentucky. Fifteen songs were recorded, but only 10 made the cut for the actual album.  The album was met with very favorable reviews, prompting The Village Voice to say, “Every song on his debut album Songs of Praise and Scorn cooks with both down-home comfort and avant-garde brio, Stelling building earthy folk troubadour stories over a fluster of wild arpeggios.” American Songwriter noted, “Stelling is an artist who can leave one shaking one’s head in bewilderment over how somebody can play difficult guitar parts and sing a completely disparate melody line at the same time. But he also hasn’t forgotten how to just play simple chords when that’s what a song calls for.

Olden Yolk is a New York-based group whose penchant for dystopian folk, abstract poeticism, and motorik rhythms have enveloped them in a sound uniquely of-the-moment yet simultaneously time-tested. The project is currently led by songwriters, vocalists, and multi- instrumentalists Shane Butler and Caity Shaffer, whose interlaced vocals are found guiding each composition on their enlivening self-titled debut. The project was initially conceived in 2012 by Butler as an outlet for one-off songs and visual art while touring and releasing albums with the band Quilt (Mexican Summer). Following the release of a split-record with Weyes Blood in 2014, Olden Yolk became a collaborative entity.

Olden Yolk’s debut ruminates on questions surrounding love, self-doubt, and locating autonomy amidst burgeoning unrest. Wrought with hazy melancholy and halcyon joy, Butler and Shaffer’s lilting vocals play off one another through a devotional dialogue, taking form in haunting choral melodies and candid rock n’ roll. These songs are ecstatic odes to the life of the city; to the subway platforms, kiosks, and monuments which enliven and encompass our collectivity, elevating into an urban-psychedelia.

On the album, Butler and Shaffer are joined by drummer Dan Drohan (Tei Shi, Uni Ika Ai) and guitarist Jesse DeFrancesco who round out the studio sessions and live-band. Drohan’s deep passion for jazz, hip-hop, and experimental percussion come to fore while Defrancesco’s minimal yet powerful guitar ambiences are heard swelling in the peripheries of each song. The album was recorded at Gary’s Electric in NYC by Jarvis Taveniere (Woods) with co-production, electronics, and mixing by Jon Nellen (Ginla, Terrible Records). Other guests, such as multi-instrumentalist John Andrews (Woods, Quilt, The Yawns) and violinist Jake Falby (Mutual Benefit, Julie Byrne), add to the mercurial nature of the record, creating a landscape tinged with beatific songwriting and transgressive underpinnings. 


All songs written & recorded by Olden Yolk (ASCAP)
Olden Yolk is:
Shane Butler:
vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, fx, keys, bass, production
Caity Shaffer:
vocals, piano, keys, bass, percussion
Dan Drohan:
drums, percussion
Jesse Defrancesco:
electric guitar, keys

NYC’s Lake Ruth was formed in 2015 by multi-instrumentalist Hewson Chen of The New Lines, drummer Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck / Enon / SAVAK) and vocalist Allison Brice (The Eighteenth Day Of May, The Silver Abduction).

Their debut LP, Actual Entity, was released in 2016 on The Great Pop Supplement (UK). A second album, Birds of America, is due February 2018 on Feral Child (UK).  Lake Ruth have crafted an absolutely radiant follow up to their brilliant debut album. Each track is like a perfectly cut gemstone, and the ten songs make up an album that is a joy to listen to from start to finish ! Get hold of the vinyl if you can, its a rare thing to find an album this perfect


If, like us, you have a thing for dystopian folk, abstract poeticism and motorik rhythms then Olden Yolk can happily tick those boxes for you. This has echoes of the Arthur Lee’s Love .

The New York-based group led by songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists Shane Butler (of Quilt) and Caity Shaffer, are set to release their self-titled debut album on 23rd February via Trouble In Mind.

We previously shared tracks Takes One To Know One and Vital Sign, and now we have latest single, Cut To The Quick, which the band describe as being, “about reclaiming oneself when the pressures of the outside world seem to close in around you. The video was largely shot in NYC and Austin, TX; two places that have been homes to us at one time or another. It plays with abstraction, memory, and the simple acts we go through on a daily basis to construct some semblance of identity.”

From debut album out February 23rd, 2018 on Trouble In Mind Records

Craig Finn We all want the same things album art

There’s a danger that pushing everything through the Trumpian prism collapses some of the intricacies and nuances of art. After all, The Donald is a product of the disaffection Craig Finn is exploring here, not the cause. The problem is deeper and more complex than any government-related trouble, and Finn is too wise to offer much in the way of an answer. Instead, he suggests we shift the focus of our questions. Because We All Want the Same Things is an album about relationships, but not in the usual sense. Not the transcendental, star-aligned love of Billboard hits and Hollywood flicks but coupling based on common needs. Not life-changing answers but life-preserving strategies. Luckily, in the hands of Craig Finn, this version of ‘romance’ feels somehow more fulfilling, the opposite of cynical, for better or for worse, genuinely human. Perhaps the revolution in the conclusion isn’t some violent revolt or epiphanic break, rather a gradual yet constant commitment to challenging our own expectations. To stop wanting too much for ourselves and to start being sympathetic to others. A comeback story, of sorts.”