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There is so much to dig about the songwriter, where do we begin? The Los Angeles touring artist has made a name for herself in her band The Blank Tapes and we have a feeling she will explode into a larger musical consciousness with her debut solo album due out next year. She seamlessly weaves in and out of garage rock, dipping into ‘60’s pop, and even shows a small jazz sparkle that together, forms one of the hippest and most intriguing sounds we have heard this year. Sonically speaking, “Victim” transports us to a sun-drenched beach, but lyrically there is a personal meaning behind it. With the current state of the opioid epidemic and the recent death of her sister who struggled with addiction,

Bianqui felt compelled to write the track and donate 100% of proceeds to Harm Reduction Coalition. “I wrote this song when I started discovering how being emotionally co-dependent has negatively affected my life by creating a pattern of self-victimization. Now, to me, it represents the hope for addicts to escape from their cycle of addiction. I hope it serves as inspiration for addicts and their loved ones around the world that you can put your foot down and change—that you don’t have to be a victim, like my sister—and so many millions of others.




Suzie True are a, “sad girl three-piece pop band”hailing from Los Angeles. While we’re pretty limited on their future plans, we do know they’re fronted by Bear Cats drummer Lexi McCoy and that’s enough of a reason to be pretty excited about them in our book.

This week the band have shared their debut single, Rat Kid, accompanied by a video shot by film-maker, and Lexi’s brother, Bobby McCoy. Lexi’s vocal, pitched somewhere between Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell and Diet Cig’s Alex Luciano, is accompanied by Dustyn Hiett’s propulsive drum beats, bright acoustic guitars and delightfully fuzzed out bass-lines. Early days, but if this slice of Californian indie-pop sunshine is anything to go by, Suzie True could just be our new favourite band.

Lexi – bass + vocals
Dustyn – guitar
Sarah – drums

Rat Kid is out now. 

Cones Premiere People-Pleaser

Brothers Jonathan and Michael Rosen are Cones, a Los Angeles-based guitar pop outfit on the rise. Having spent the last couple of years woodshedding as Eleanor Friedberg’s band, Cones‘release “Whatever You’re Into” its the second of two singles being released via Canvasclub, Canvasback Music’s monthly singles series. The track, a groovily sauntering psychedelic dance jam — what Cones’ Jonathan Rosen says is about “being a people-pleaser” and “a vehicle for somebody else’s desires.” Rosen also describes the track as “being at the wheel late at night, driving somebody wherever they wish to go” and reconciling your own desires with those of your companion.


As the diamond hits the plastic on Frankie and the Witch Fingers’ Brain Telephone, a sonic tornado swirls out of the speakers and into your ears like a psychedelic party-line flipping a black-and-white world into technicolor. The quartet cooks up a cachophonic soup of sounds which boil over as the troglodytic beat and the fuzzy phased-out guitars melt together. From here, the spell gets sweeter.


A rock n’ roll groove laced with slap back and heady lyrics quickly connects your call to the Witch Finger’s acid boogie shack nestled deep in the belly of Los Angeles.  A transformation occurs as mind bending shadows appear on a yet-to-be-named purple planet with lush gardens of grinning neon fungi bopping and swaying along to each catchy hook and chorus. The serpentine tape reels capture Texas barn burners, hallucinogenic Chuck Berry guitar licks, and middle-eastern rave-ups along the way as well.  This adventure is littered with evil caricatures and surrealistic visions that will warble your mind, if you stay on the line.
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Kicking it off (like they won the toss) is Wand, whose Next Album has been eagerly anticipated probably since right after their last one came out. Remember, when 1000 Days hit way back in the summer of 2015, it was the third Wand record to appear in a calendar year! Back then, if you didn’t like what Wand was doing, just wait a month and they’d announce another one.

A length of two “whole” years later (with, sure, time carved out for Cory Hanson‘s stellar solo set, The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo), Wand are back and with songs like “Plum” and “Bee Karma”, this new-phase sounds right promising! Since we of course have heard even more than those two (yes, awesome) songs, we can confirm .


The new quintet version of Wand seems to have even more up their sleeves than the former crew – but really, it’s just different stuff up those sleeves and probably different sleeves too. With the addition of a designated keyboard player and a second guitarist, the core Wand members now find themselves in an ever-expanding palette – just the way Wand likes to fly! Plum is rich and sumptuous, spun with dense webs of sound and stasis, mélange and melody, as Wand push farther into the strangeness of uncharted territory while also locking it down as a class-act modern pop outfit! To frost the cake most excellently, the September 22nd release date also acts as the opening flag for a mammoth run of tour dates: a month in the US, followed by the holidays and then more in the UK and the EU and the rest of this world, provided it’s all still there! Plum around, with Wand this fall.


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L.A.-based trio Hundred Waters deal in atmosphere and emotion, with experimental beats buttressing pop hooks and Nicole Miglis’s breathy, multitracked vocals. Their last album, 2014’s The Moon Rang Like a Bell, played up the group’s expert balance of the electronic and the organic, and “Blanket Me,” the lead single from the new Communicating, does the same, blossoming from a spare piano ballad into an ethereal cloud of digital noises, drums, keyboards and the titular plea

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UMM the Los Angeles husband-and-wife duo of bassist Stef Drootin and guitarist Chris Senseney, have shared another track from upcoming release “Double Worshipper”.

Yeah I Want It is a slice of grungy Americana with echoes of Low and some sweet harmony interplay.


This is, umm… a band I guess. It’s two people singing songs and playing instruments. They just made a record called Double Worshipper. It has fuzzy bass and guitars and harmonies and super primitive beats. All the lyrics are too tired to care. It probably rules, because their moms think they’re special and talented. Why would their moms lie?
The two people are Chris Senseney and Stefanie Drootin. They’ve made other music with other people and with each other. This is different somehow because they both sing all the time and nobody else plays any instruments on it. I guess a drum machine helped but they told it what to do. Double Worshipper (that’s the album name) was recorded by Pierre de Reeder and mixed by Mike Mogis. They’re pretty cool dudes who’ve done some rad shit.


Stefanie Drootin (vocals, bass, keys, drums)
Chris Senseney (vocals, guitar, keys, drum machine)
Recorded by Pierre De Reeder at 64 Sound
Mixed by Mike Mogis at Arc Studios

Hand Habits is the project of Meg Duffy, an upstate New York-raised, LA-based musician who has collaborated with the likes of Kevin Morby, Mega Bog, and Weyes Blood.

Duffy’s musical talents have made her an in-demand studio and tour musician, but after several years of working with others on their projects, she stepped out on her own in February, 2017 with the release of Hand Habits debut album, Wildly Idle (Humble Before the Void) via Woodsist Records .

The record’s layered guitars and hushed, lightly-psychedelic atmospheres quickly captured attention throughout the indie music world including that of Robb Nansel at Saddle Creek Records. This summer, he invited Hand Habits to participate in the label’s Document Series , a celebration of music communities around the country that features unreleased singles from independent artists along with a curated zine about their local music scene.


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Kelcey Ayer has been one of the vocalists and primary songwriters in the band Local Natives. Now, he’s stepping out on his own as Jaws Of Love. His debut album “Tasha Sits Close To The Piano”, named by his wife after their dog Tasha, is coming in the fall, and today he’s sharing its lead single “Jaws Of Love” which out as a solo piano ballad before gradually unfurling into floaty indie-rock grandeur. “The whole project is me trying to embrace my nuances and indulge in it,” Ayer explains. “It was such an awesome release making these songs, and that let me embrace who I feel like I am. It was wonderful to not have to explain myself to anyone. I have dark piano music in my heart and soul, and Jaws Of Love. is me at my truest


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First single from Shannon Lay’s new record out September 2017.

“Debut release on Kevin Morby’s new imprint with Woodsist Records. Shannon Lay’s “Living Water” is an instant classic. Recorded by Emmet Kelly (Cairo Gang, Bonnie Prince Billy, Ty Segall) in his Los Angeles home studio, this is an album where you can hear the room reacting to the music taking shape around it. Shannon has a voice that transcends time and space. You can’t tell if she’s old or new, if she’s sitting next to you, on a mountain top, or down in some canyon. Already her second LP to be released in 2017, Shannon is a prolific songwriter, one who lives and breaths melody and with guitar skills to boot. Despite it’s 14 tracks, Living Water comes in well under 40 minutes, but like Pink Moon or Just Another Diamond Day before it, this is music so potent it exists outside the realms of time – but in a world specific only to itself and the new feelings it creates.

Shannon has been dominating the local scene in Los Angeles over the past two years, leaving everyone who witnesses completely breathless. Having just finished a tour with Ty Segall, Shannon is set to support Kevin Morby on a national tour this fall.”

Shannon Lay is the first signing to Morbys new label , She is ludicrously talented Los Angeleno, Shannon Lay will release her new LP, Living Water, on Kevin’s Mare imprint later this year.

Ahead of that release Shannon has shared the first taster, new single, The Moon’s Detriment. The track is a beautifully restrained piece of songwriting, recalling the likes of Nick Drake or Vashti Bunyan, you’re drawn into every scratchy guitar string, every warm pulse of double bass, and every wave of monumentally sad sounding cello. Shannon’s voice seems to almost be set a little too quietly in the mix, Kevin Morby states, “the first time I saw Shannon my heart was broken into a million pieces”, he’s entirely correct, this is a single so beautifully sad .


Living Water is out September 22nd via Mare/Woodsist.

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