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“I Shall Be Free” is the second single in the series of four 7”vinyls leading up to their next full-length LP. Each single being a seasonal release. “I Shall Be Free” is the Spring installment. The song is defiant anti-work protest punk. The slash your face chords and bass less undertow channels an AC/DC-Cramps hybrid that completely misses the mark. Primo Hot Snakes for sure.
released February 11th, 2020
Released  Sub Pop Records


All Night Radio was an American band formed in Los Angeles, California. by Dave Scher and Jimi Hey. The connection led them to playing music together in Bee Venom and later resulted in the formation of the more psychedelic country-minded Beachwood Sparks.  After The Beachwood Sparks broke up in 2001, Dave Scher iniatially formed this band. The connection led them to playing music together in Bee Venom and later resulted in the formation of the more psychedelic country-minded Beachwood Sparks. The two have also moonlighted as members of The Lilys.

It’s a modern psychedelic record. The album began as a concept which became progressively more difficult to achieve. They wanted it to be an actual radio station, one far left of the dial, and you could just tune into it and they would constantly be creating new music. Whenever you would tune it would either be them having a conversation, or jamming, or writing a song, and it would only happen at night. The idea was of tuning into a spiritual frequency.

With the help of a deranged assortment of modern and primitive equipment, the boys tuned in to the Spirit Stereo Frequency…an Omnichronistic Music Source coming in non-stop, on bandwidth signals from the sun, in a collision of displaced sound styles from the present, past, and future.


The sound of Glass Beach is a fusion of our diverse range of influences including 1960s jazz, new wave, early synthesizer music, and emo, but all presented with the harshness and irreverence of punk music. we embrace the trend towards genrelessness caused by the increasing irrelevance of record labels and democratization of music brought about by the internet and enjoy playing with musical boundaries even to the point of absurdity

“The First Glass Beach Album” is like peak-eccentricity of Montreal reimagined as peak-audacity fourth-wave emo.  Or maybe if the Unicorns wrote a post-rock symphony about a jazz band that goes to war with a synth-pop band. Narrated in a histrionic whine by the artist formerly known as Casio Dad, it includes songs called “classic j dies and goes to hell, Pt. 1″ and “Yoshi’s Island” and “Soft!!!!!!!” and, naturally, “Glass Beach.” It’s a lot.

This album began with demos written in 2015 & 2016 when i first moved to Los Angeles and spent almost a year living on my friend’s couch. I met Jonas and William on facebook after they heard the Casio Dad album on their college radio station in Minnesota and we eventually ended up moving into an apartment together in North Hollywood. after showing them the new demos I had been writing, Jonas and William decided to join the band, playing bass and drums respectively, and we spent the next three years refining the demos into songs.

Thematically this album differs a lot from “he’s not with us anymore”, rather than focusing so much on internal feelings, this album looks outside, in an attempt to capture the external world in all its good, all its bad, and especially all its confusion. it revels in the lack of a focused narrative, portraying multiple perspectives at once and changing moods on a whim.


The Band:

william white – drums, vocals
jonas newhouse – bass, vocals
tony sanders – trumpet on track 1 and 5
daxe schaeffer – vocals
j mcclendon – guitar, keys, synth/drum programming, theremin, trumpet on track 14, lead vocals,
Released May 18th, 2019

Lomelda nails it with this album lots of killer melodies and harmonies linked to poignant lyrics, Just some of the most simple, gorgeous, heartbreaking — and shortest — songs I’ve heard in a long, long time. My new album ’M for Empathy’ is mostly things said or shoulda said, heard or shoulda. Much of it, and it’s just a lil, came to me, or outta me, outta a deepening silence. Something you can hear a lot of I hope. It let me voice again. It also let me not, and only sing as much as I wanted, which is important too. Making peace with the word in me, just a lil, all my might.


at Lazybones Studio in Silsbee, TX
January 26-28, 2019

Performed and produced by Hannah Read, Tommy Read at Lazybones Studio in Silsbee, TX
January 26-28, 2019.

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The Fleeting Joys are a shoegaze band from Sacramento, California, United States formed in 2005. Their sound is influenced heavily by classic shoegazers My Bloody Valentine , to whom they are often compared.

With “Swirling guitars… layers of noise… drugged out soft male and female vocals going back and forth… sounding like part love, part death, part hope, part sadness. It’s as if they’ve turned their instruments into liquid and poured them into your ears


Band Members
John Loring,
Rorika Loring,
Matt McCord

Released July 12th, 2019

Written and produced by Fleeting Joys on only forever recordings

After a two-year hiatus, Froth are back with their most fully realized work to date, ​”Duress”. Co-produced with longtime friend and collaborator Tomas Dolas (Oh Sees/Mr. Elevator) at his analog-focused Studio 22 in Cypress Park, CA, the record is unapologetically experimental yet undeniably accessible – combining some of the band’s strongest hooks with left-field sounds and unexpected flourishes of electronica. Joo Joo Ashworth has matured into a talented producer in his own right, communicating his singular vision through studio technique as much as his angular, Verlaine-inspired guitar sound. As always, the rhythm section of Jeremy Katz and Cameron Allen displays a tightness and sense of mutual understanding only achieved through years of friendship and extensive touring.


“Duress” sees the band stepping outside the shadow of their influences and into something wholly their own. It’s an impressive and self-assured statement from a group only just entering their prime

Band Members
JooJoo Ashworth- Guitar/VOX
Jeremy Katz- Guitar/bass
Cameron Allen- Drums
released June 7th, 2019

French Vanilla use slick and bouncy saxophone punk to explore new love and new identities with songs that feel as bold as the outsized subject matter deserves. Every left-field rhythmic breakdown, every zig-zagging blast of saxophone, every oddball post-punk chord change is shot through with infectious wonder. Always a super charismatic and well-recorded band, “How Am I Not Myself” takes French Vanilla’s sound into an even more stylish stratosphere for a record that sounds like it came from Planet Claire—or at least, some far groovier utopian future where the patriarchy has been smashed and everyone is free to be their true selves. But despite its self-declared quest for outrageous self-actualization, this is outward facing music. How Am I Not Myself wants you to believe wholeheartedly in your own magical self, whether that’s in front of a crowd or in front of the bedroom mirror.


Reminds me of Martha and the Muffins mixed with a pinch of the B-52s and my ears love it!

All songs written and performed by French Vanilla (Ali Day, Greg Shilton, Sally Spitz and Daniel Trautfield).

Corey Cunningham has studied his forebears—The Smiths, Cocteau Twins, Pale Saints—so well that he could ghostwrite for them. The Magic Bullets and Terry Malts alum returns to his newest solo moniker, Business of Dreams, to pen a collection of could’ve-been singles primed for Britain’s ‘80s synth-pop boom. Ripe for Anarchy amplifies the era’s perennial pop sigh into full-blown existentialism, resulting in songs like “My Old Town” and “N.R.E.A.M,” which spiral outward beautifully under the sheen of glittering synth hooks and breezy acoustic guitar.


With his new album “Ripe For Anarchy,” Cunningham has honed the songwriting with an eye towards regret, existence, and perseverance. “When I’m gone you won’t cry for me, focus on the moment, be free,” he sings on “Chasing That Feeling.” And that’s the mantra here: it’s time to let go. “The album is about living in the moment, shedding neurosis, and the desire to discard the general societal malaise we’ve been roped into.”

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Five artists cover Meg Duffy’s “placeholder” song, with all proceeds going toward the Amazon Conservation Association. Meg Duffy aka Hand Habits has announced the “Wldfire Covers” EP, which sees five artists cover Duffy’s placeholder song “wildfire.” The EP, which is led by Hand Habits’ original, features covers by Angel Olsen, Lomelda, Kacey Johansing, Tara Jane O’Neil and John Andrews & The Yawns.


releases December 25th, 2019

Meg Duffy wrote “wildfire” during the California wildfires in 2017. In a statement, they said:

Being a touring musician eight months out of the year, you are exposed to a lot of varying degrees of climate change effects in a short period of time. From the gasoline that’s used to fuel touring vehicles, to the massive amount of plastic waste at the end of every show, to the carbon emissions released into the air by all the travel, it’s often not the most environmentally conscious career. I wanted to contribute, even if in a small way, to the efforts at work by the people at the Amazon Conservation Association for being dedicated to preserving such a vast and heartbreakingly crucial part of our ecosystem that has been threatened by wildfires, deforestation, and the effects of climate change. I believe that writing and performing music can be a healing force, used for good, and not always for capitalizing on emotions and commodifying a personality or lifestyle. People need to be able to relate to each other, in times of joy, and especially in times of sorrow or struggle. The Wildfire Compilation, in partnership with Bandcamp and Saddle Creek, will be donating all of its funds raised to the ACA in hopes to lend a helping hand to those on the front lines of fighting climate change in places that may seem inaccessible to those of us unable to travel at length. I chose five artists, Tara Jane O’Neil, Lomelda, John Andrews, Angel Olsen, and Kacey Johansing to interpret and cover my song “wildfire” that I wrote during the California Wildfires in 2017. All of these artists are dear friends and have all taught me a lot about the complexity of emotions in music.

With music occupying a triangle between jangly indie pop, British 80s classics (like The Smiths and The Wedding Present) and 90s college rock, the collective are ready to unleash the track ‘Crying All The Time’. This brilliant offering delightfully foreshadows their new ‘Brilliant Failures’ album, which is slated for release in late January. This music is impeccable, it’s uplifting feeling and clever lyrics recalling so much great music from decades past while feeling fresh and actual today.

‘Crying All the Time’ addresses the cathartic and empathic consolations of crying. The accompanying video was filmed and directed by renowned American director Steve Hanft (The Stone Roses, Beck, Mercury Rev, L7) and stars beautiful actress Katlyn Rodriguez. The theme of this video is inspired by My Bloody Valentine ‘Soon’.

the first single from Brilliant Failures LP on Germany’s legendary A Turntable Friend Records. coming January 2020.