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The Blind Owls are a 4-piece Rock n’ Roll band from Corpus Christi, Texas formed in 2012. After nearly three years spent of constant performances around Texas and festivals around the country ferociously banging out an authentic Rock n’ Roll repertoire with passion and fury each performance, 2015 saw the release of their first EP ‘The Blind Owls Say Goodbye,’ followed by their debut album ‘All Day & Night’ from Soundflat Records in 2017. The Blind Owls embarked on their first tour to the West Coast in 2017 where they performed in 6 different states and performed for 3 weeks straight. The Blind Owls continue their momentum into 2018, where they plan on making it another successful and exciting year for their music and performances.

“Their debut LP, All Day and Night, echoes Merseybeat and early Rock n’ Roll with a hint of US garage, played with verve and vigor and a musicality beyond their tender years.” Shindig Magazine (UK)


“Pure rock ‘n’ roll and raw talent takes you back to a 1960s day dream” Cereal and Sounds


Buck Meek - Ruby

Buck Meek, is the lead guitarist and founding member of Big Thief, just released he has a second single, “Ruby,” off of his solo album which is set to be released in full on May 18th. “Ruby” is a laid back alt-folk track that is filled to the brim with country-influenced guitar and charming lyrics. This two minutes and thirty three seconds is that small blip in time with a lover that seems to feel infinite. Buck Meek stretches this moment by guessing names, noticing lights left on, tasting strange Coca-Cola and having sudden existential thoughts, “Ruby, I’m too young to die.” This song explores every corner of a moment, leaving no stone unturned, allowing us to be there with him (and Ruby) completely. Buck Meek is already a much-loved member of Big Thief but is proving to be a true force on his own, and we cannot wait to be submerged in the rest of his story.


Wimberley, Texas is about 45 minutes out from Austin by car or truck — far enough to allow a music scene independent of Austin’s own to thrive in that hill country. Alexander Buck Meek grew up in that scene, among the jazz manouche, blues and outlaw country guitarists of the region. Even though Buck Meek’s work with Big Thief has taken him far away from his Texas home,

Buck Meek’s self-titled debut album comes out on May 18th via Keeled Scales

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Texan singer-songwriter Jess Williamson’s sophomore album Heart Song is not even a year and a half old yet, but Williamson is about to return with a new collection, her first for the label Mexican Summer. Named Cosmic Wink, it finds Williamson once more exploring a new chapter of her life in new surroundings while, appropriately enough, further broadening her musical palette.

The name Cosmic Wink is apparently a nod to the Jungian concept of synchronicity, summing up an album as rooted in an “inspired companionship as it is a rebirth.” Plenty of Williamson’s past work chronicled her experiences in and outside of Texas, her stints in other towns and the call of home and the anxiety of searching for new places. Cosmic Wink picks up where its predecessors left off, with Williamson having fallen in love and decamping to California. Across the album, she meditates on her new life, at times conveying her thoughts via folk-rock, other times bearing the influence of her new home by situating ruminative narratives in enveloping, warm compositions that recall stray elements of ’60s rock.


Along with the announcement, Williamson has shared Cosmic Wink’s lead single “I See The White.” It’s a low key gorgeous composition, an acoustic rocker that sounds like a meandering, twilit journey down the beach that’s equal parts melancholic and joyous. Starting with the memorable line “Tell me everything you know about consciousness,” “I See The White” soon builds to one hell of an old-school pop paean of a chorus. Here’s what Williamson had to say about the song:

Love is at once so precious and so painful when we acknowledge how little time we have with the ones we love. Most of us walk through life like we will live forever. Since most of us have no memory of ever dying or being born, it’s pretty common for us to act like we are immortal. There are benefits to this way of living, but the dark side of that is it can lead to a lot of complacency. But start to notice the graying of your dog’s fur around her eyes, see the sun move lower in the sky, recognize that the wave you’re riding will one day descend, and see how your life starts to change when you inject a little more gratitude into your every day. This song is a love song and it’s also kind of me throwing a tantrum. It’s begging for answers and making a few demands too. I get it, life is short but our souls live on, right? So, I’m gonna need my sweetheart to come too, okay? And maybe my dog. Is that so much to ask? Musically, I wanted this song to feel joyful and pretty, because why shouldn’t we celebrate love alongside the tough questions? Life is wild and beautiful and sad and ecstatic all at once, and I wanted this song to be the same way. We might as well dance and sing and have fun with the time we have because we’re here and then we’re gone, and nothing lasts forever… or does it? 😉

“I See The White” also comes with a video by Eli Welbourne that alternates between matter-of-fact beauty and tongue-in-cheek reflections on mortality. Early on, Williamson serenades a skull and accidentally shatters an hourglass. Later, she dances on the beach and wanders LA.

Levitation fest returns to Austin after two years off, happening April 26th – 29th at venues all over the downtown area. The festival has been releasing official mixtapes featuring music from this year’s artists. We’re premiering the second of those, which was put together by Al Lover, and features Oh Sees, Electric Wizard, Ministry, The Make-Up, Bedouine, Panda Bear, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Parquet Courts, Ariel Pink, Slowdive, Suuns, OM and lots more.




Julia Lucille’s second album “Chthonic” was released April 7th 2017 on Keeled Scales, and has been described as “a triumph” (GoldFlake Paint) and “Lucille’s most fully realized work yet” (Austin Monthly). She grew up in Menlo Park, California and graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2010, where she majored in music. She currently lives in Austin, Texas.

“Part folk, part dream pop, part something else entirely, her music combines equal parts delicacy and foreboding with an impressive patience and emotional intensity […] concerned with the underworld, more specifically descending into as a mode of growth and rebirth (a la Persephone), and [showing] off the interplay between shadow and light that constitutes the record’s aesthetic.”


Vocals and guitar: Julia Lucille 
Guitar: Paul Mitchell 
Drums & Bass: Dan Duszynski 
Pedal Steel: Luke Dawson 

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Ryan (the Marked Men, High Tension Wires, Radioactivity), alongside Peter Salisbury (Baptist Generals) on synth and Mike Throneberry (Marked Men) on drums, lead this modernistic, machine-like and cinematic version of the story of the Furies and have churned out something furious in return; “Furies” is their most electronic album, yet. Gone are any notions of Ryan’s former project the Marked Men and its style of winningly bombastic garage-pop. Since 2012’s Meltdown, Mind Spiders have been perfecting an aggressive, relentless, frenetic and melodic style of punk that is a long, dark shadow of DEVO but carries something much more sinister in its jaws as it slinks its way through the ears, illustrated by their lone, intensified cover of Grauzone’s 1980 hit, “EISBAER”. It’s a sound for the new dark ages, emboldened by urgency and sped along by some good old fashioned panic.


Listening to Furies scrapes the inside of your skull and fills it with cold television fuzz. Ryan got that sound by design. “I bashed out the demos quickly to find the right feel,” he shares, “but then it took a long time to find the best way to record. Finally I figured out how to record the drums using drum pads and an old Yamaha drum machine. It worked really well. They sound artificial and harsh and electronic, but still have the feel of Mike’s playing. It set the right tone. After that, it all came together easily.” As most great stories often do.

Dryspell is a rock group out of Austin, Texas, formed by Hunter Thompson (who also plays guitar with White Reaper). The band is set to release their brand new EP “More” on March 1st via Highland Park, a new singles label from Roll Call Records.

They’ve released the EP’s first single, the blaring rocker “You Without Me” which definitely fits in with the garage rock put out by recent groups such as Twin Peaks and even a bit of Thompson’s work with White Reaper. On top of some devilish guitar licks, there are some pop-hooks under all the fuzz that bring it all home in rocking fashion.

Find a stream of “You Without Me” available to hear below and if you dig it, go ahead and find the track available


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David Ramirez is set to hit the road in the UK this week on January 12 for a nine-date tour. To coincide with the tour, he has shared a stripped back take on his recent single ‘Watching From A Distance’

This particularly poignant take embellishes the track’s more delicate moments and further asserts Ramirez’s way with words and emotions, particularly on this song which acknowledges the distancing rift between lovers. Upon initial release earlier this year, David’s fourth album received praise from Q, Uncut, The Independent and Folk Radio UK .  Ramirez is “an acute observer of the fractured state of the nation, its lost souls and lost ideals but even as he sees discord, he is hopeful for the future…” His album “We’re Not Going Anywhere”  is now due for its UK commercial release on January 12th falling in-line with his UK tour.

“Soulful, stirring, heartbreaking. David makes you hang on the turn of everyphrase.” 

“The best damn songwriter you don’t know yet” – PASTE

“One of Americana music’s great undiscovered songwriters” – Austin Monthly


Ramirez – who comes from a unique perspective of having a dual Mexican and American heritage – wrote We’re Not Going Anywhere as a response to anger and defiance towards the American political landscape. Whilst holed away in a barn-turn-studio in Maine earlier this year, miles from anybody else, Ramirez and his band felt geographically excluded from the politics but via social media and television, heavily engaged, informed and not necessarily partisan.


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Hovvdy have announced their sophomore effort, Cranberry for release 9th February via the fine folks at Double Double Whammy Records. Their tunes are chilled out pop tunes. They bounce along, never getting overly excited but leaving you humming along.


Based in Austin, Texas, Hovvdy (pronounced “howdy”) is the writing and recording project of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo, both primarily drummers, first met in the fall of 2014 and quickly bonded over a love for quiet music. Within a few weeks, they had combined songs and began recording their first EP in bedrooms and family homes across Texas.