SEAN HENRY – ” Fink “

Posted: July 5, 2018 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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In 2015, New York musician Sean Henry released his acclaimed 16-track demo tape, It’s All About Me. A fittingly personal collection of songs about friendship, love, life and death, it’s the perfect setup for Fink, the artist’s debut studio album, out July 13th via Double Double Whammy. Henry expands and matures on Fink, but on new single “Imperfection,” he’s consumed by anxiety. “Lately, maybe, it’s like you hate me,” he sings. “Why?” The song’s warm, poppy melody and cushy beat is the ideal backdrop for Henry’s insecure and wholly relatable musings.

written by Sean Henry 

performed by Sean Henry & Daniel George Jr. 
“Hard Down” drums by Colin Sullivan 
“No More Feelings” arrangement by Daniel George Jr.
additional guitars by Brian Antonucci & Eddie Golden III 

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