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Texas singer-songwriter Hannah Read is the creative force at the heart of lo-fi folk project Lomelda, who released their third album Thx last year.

My new album ’M for Empathy’ is mostly things said or shoulda said, heard or shoulda. Much of it, and it’s just a lil, came to me, or outta me, outta a deepening silence. Something you can hear a lot of I hope. It let me voice again. It also let me not, and only sing as much as I wanted, which is important too. Making peace with the word in me, just a lil, all my might.
xo, Hannah
released March 1st, 2019


performed and produced by
Hannah Read and Tommy Read
at Lazybones Studio in Silsbee, TX
January 26-28, 2019

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Lomelda is the pseudonym of the songwriter Hannah Read, based out of Silsbee in Texas. This week as well as sharing tour dates with Pinegrove and Florist, Lomelda has detailed the release of her upcoming album, Thx, as well as sharing the first single from it, Interstate Vision.

Backed by prominent tumbling bass lines and bright, easy guitar strums, Hannah’s voice is left to carry much of the melodic lifting, a trick she achieves with an effortless aplomb. Lyrically, it seems to touch on one of those relationships, be it love or otherwise, where you keep stumbling back despite knowing it’s doing you nothing but harm, as she sings, “we were young, oh I was so young, still I sit with you in parking lots, acting like I’m not falling for it”. Lomelda’s music is a place of juxtapositions; sparse yet powerful, beautiful yet bruising, timeless but none the less very 2017 – her upcoming record could be very special indeed.

“Music connects me with people who I wouldn’t have an easy way to talk to otherwise,” Read says. Her hometown of Silsbee — the small Texas town where she grew up and currently resides with her family — but Read likes the open road. You sort of have to when you’re from a place where long drives are usually the only way to get around, especially if you’re interested in pursuing music as passionately as Read is. There were a few other bands around growing up — “Everybody needs some rock ‘n’ roll in their lives, even small town Texas folks,” she jokes — but the four-hour trek to Austin has become a regular facet in Read’s life,

“Interstate Vision” by Lomelda off the LP/CD/Cassette/Digital album ‘Thx’ out on Double Double Whammy Records September 8th, 2017.

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There are records that you end up writing about in varying different places, so much so that you feel, that everything you wanted to say has now already been said. Lomelda’s 4E* An acoustic take on her band’s wonderful 2015 LP, Hannah Read recorded this stripped-back counterpart late one night in a recital hall in Waco, Texas, and from the outset it positively burns with that aching, tender, world-weary heart .

Shaped by a sense of summer-tinged nostalgic longing the record unwinds beautifully across its nine-tracks, feeling like a true story, rich, vibrant, fully-realised, as Read’s incredible voice sings songs of travelling, of growing old before you’re ready to do so, of a land shaped by endless roads and endless nights, of the stars and the sun and the quiet lives that punctuate the stillness. “I’m not sure many of you will like it much. It requires more patience than I’d like. Forgiveness, even. It is static and small, privileged and careless, indulgent, digital, bare and a lil embarrassing,” Read said, when introducing her work and, aside from the embarrassment, is it every one of those things and more. A timeless, graceful dusting of magic .


such a good album!I love everything about this. her voice is unique and captivating. the melodies are wonderful.

Performed by Hannah Read, Andrew Hulett, and Zach Daniel
with guest performances from Diana Rudd and Josh Stone