This blog is meant to share my love for music with you all. Having worked in the Music Industry for some years for Retail with VIRGIN RECORDS and the Label, in RADIO copyright, having played with BANDS in my early days and MANAGED a band to a recording deal. I love finding new music, if I can expose any of this music too you then I would be satisfied. There is so much good music available at this time, great musicians and songwriters abound with quality and there is also so much music to listen too. Please buy their music of the artists that appear on my site, support their live shows go to as many gigs as you can, buy the records,cds and merchandise. Tell others about each and every musician featured. If I have posted anything not authorised or have infringed copyright
please contact me and I shall remove it forthwith.
Many thanks.

  1. I AM FLAMES says:

    Heyyy I am trying to email you but the gmail account keeps bouncing back! Is there another way to contact you?

  2. Leigh Lim says:

    Do you think you’ll end up doing a post about music discovery newsletters you follow? 🙂

  3. Lau Mijnders says:

    I would like to buy Dreamboat by Luluc On cd, but I can’t Find The cd in shops (The Netherlands) or On The internet. Is there a way to buy this cd?

  4. lizsamdog says:

    hiya try this link you can buy the vinyl or CD from the band in Brooklyn https://luluc.bandcamp.com/album/dreamboat

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