Spooky Tooth CD & Vinyl Sets Out Now

The CD and vinyl box sets collecting the Island Records works of Spooky Tooth, one of the key English experimental rock bands of the 1960s and ‘70s, are out now.  ‘The Island Years — An Anthology, 1967-1974’ is released worldwide by USM.

The band were originally known as Art, for a few months in 1967, when they released their sole album, ‘Supernatural Fairy Tales.’ They were then joined by American singer and songwriter Gary Wright, who went on to play with George Harrison on ‘All Things Must Pass’ and to great solo success, notably with songs such as ‘Dream Weaver’ and ‘Love Is Alive.’

By 1968, Art had transmuted into Spooky Tooth, who released the album ‘It’s All About’ in June that year, written largely by Wright and with a cover of Janis Ian’s ‘Society’s Child.’ That set was produced by Jimmy Miller, just as he was beginning his long association with the Rolling Stones. The original band also featured other notable players such as Greg Ridley, later a founder member of Humble Pie, and Luther Grosvenor, who went on to Mott The Hoople and Widowmaker.


After three further albums in 1968 and ’69 and the subsequent departure of Wright, Spooky Tooth released three more Island albums with frontman Mike Harrison, and one more without him, 1974’s ‘The Mirror.’ The band were a well-known and respected presence on the British rock scene without ever reaching the UK charts, but no fewer than eight of their albums made the American bestsellers, released first there on A&M and then Island. 1969’s sophomore release ‘Spooky Two’ was the highest-charting, at No. 44.

The 9-CD set features all of the Island albums, with a generous selection of rare and previously unreleased material added. This includes a full concert from April 1972, recorded in Germany, and a 48-page book.

An 8-LP vinyl box set comprises straight reissues of the Spooky Tooth and Art albums in replica original packaging. A full-size reproduction of the extremely rare ‘Art’ Island promotional poster, designed by the celebrated psychedelic artists Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, is included, along with a download card for all the material.

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Dr Strangely Strange

DR STRANGELY  STRANGE was formed by a group of students who were on the fringes of Dublin’s rock and folk club scene during the latter part of the 60s. The Incredible String Band, with whom they were friends – and by 1968 their unique but slightly chaotic style had attracted the attention of several record companies.On Robin Williamson’s recommendation, producer Joe Boyd travelled to Carlow to see the band open for Skid Row. A couple of months later the band travelled to London and recorded the first album “Kip Of The Serenes” under his direction.

The band’s label, Island, decided to include one of the band’s songs ‘Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal’ on the 12/11d (65p) sampler album “Nice Enough To Eat” which also included tracks by successful acts Free, Traffic and Blodwyn Pig. This gave the band much increased exposure and led to a hectic two-year touring schedule. In 1970 the group released their second album on Polygram’s new progressive label Vertigo. “Heavy Petting” was met with favourable critical reviews and the band continued to gig in support of the new album.

Tired of touring, Tim Goulding quit the group to get married and devote more time to his painting. He was replaced in early 1971 by Terry and Gaye Woods, newly departed from Steeleye Span. Dr Strangely Strange played its last gig on 16th May 1971 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, sharing the bill with Al Stewart.

Terry and Gaye went off to form their ill fated but interesting Woods Band while Tim Booth returned to Dublin to play solo gigs in folk clubs and resume his career as a commercial artist. Ivan Pawle moved to Kerry to live in a caravan, locating himself not far from Tim Goulding who was already living in an old schoolhouse in West Cork.

By the beginning of 1972 the two Tims and Ivan were back together, with a couple of new musicians, for a short and successful tour of Ireland. Since then the trio have got together from time to time for various projects. “Kip Of The Serenes” and “Heavy Petting” have become sought after collectables and there were even counterfeit copies of the Vertigo album such was the demand.

The original three members of the group decided to record a third album with the help of Joe Thoma (fiddle), Bruno Staehelin (drums) and several friends including Gary Moore (guitar). The reformed Dr Strangely Strange completed ‘Alternative Medicine’ whcih further showcased and updated the band’s Irish country rock.

Ola's Kool Kitchen 347

Ola’s Kool Kitchen is a show on KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, 107.5 andhow.FM, Rock Velvet Radio, Maximum Threshold Radio, Rock Radio UK, Sword Radio UK, 365 Radio Network, Jammerstream One, Kor Radio, Firebrand Radio and Bombshell Radio and you can hear more shows here https://hearthis.at/olaskoolkitchen/
Show 347
1. The National-Turtleneck
2. Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile-Fear Is Like a Forest
3. Oh! Gunquit-Smiling Snake
4. Echodrone- Save Me
5. Drahla-Silk Spirit
6. Talking Heads-Psycho Killer
7. Bailter Space-Splat
8. Vagabon-Mal à L’aise-Infinite Worlds-Father/Daughter
9. Jens Lekman-Evening Prayer-Life Will See You Now-Secretly Canadian
10. Barry St John-Turn On Your Light-According To St John-Major Minor
11. Patrick Topaloff-Hou La La-single-Tecla
12. The Peels-Times Marches On-Single-Karate Records
13. The Racer – Spiral Staircase-single-self release
14. Courtney Farren- You’re Only On My Mind-Nothing Like It-self release




Russian shoegaze band Pinkshinyultrablast were apparently finishing up their third album — the follow-up to 2016’s “Grandfeathered” — when they released “Find Your Saint” a couple months ago. It’s unclear if they’re officially done with it by now, but either way the band has shared a new song to tide us over. The gorgeous “In The Hanging Gardens” finds the group leaning more into gauzy synths than before, but losing none of their epic sweep.


XTC This is POP

One of the most prolific and influential bands to emerge from the U.K punk explosion of the late ’70s was XTC. A new documentary on the band titled This Is Pop is due soon and, much like the band itself, is not your traditional rockumentary.

This Is Pop presents the story of the band without going the traditional, linear story route. Instead, the XTC tale is told through the use of animation, archive and specially-shot sequences along with brand-new interviews with members Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers and Dave Gregory. Although band leader Partridge is on board for the film, he has more than a few reservations about the whole process.

“What don’t I like about about music documentaries?”, he asks himself in the trailer embedded above. “I don’t like all of it. I don’t like the bald old bloke talking about the ‘good old days.’ I hate all that stuff. … The whole rockumentary thing bores the very buttocks off me.”

Though XTC officially broke up in 2006, their reputation has continued to grow in their absence, thanks to songs such as “Senses Working Overtime,” “Making Plans for Nigel,” and “Dear God.” Along with the band members, the trailer features interviews with Stewart Copeland of the Police and actor Harry Shearer.

“I think the word is out,” said Colin Moulding. “It’s taken a bloody long time, but I think people are catching up and appreciating what we did.” Partridge, ever the elusive genius, shows a bit or bravado in his assessment of the band, linking XTC to the Beatles. “Occasionally, once in a very rare while, you get a band that starts pretty good, gets better and better and better. And that’s rare. And I think, and I have to say, I have to be immodest… We are the other band that did that.”

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The complete session recorded by Family on 28th July 1969 for John Peel on the Top Gear show on BBC Radio 1 and broadcast on 3rd August 1969. Family You absolutely could never mistake the voice of Family’s Roger Chapman for anyone else. No other singer sounded anything like him. The American press wasn’t all that keen on his distinctive vocal-chord adventure.

Tracklist: 1. Drown In Wine (0:07) 2. Wheels (4:07) 3. No Mule’s Fool (10:56) 4. The Cat And The Rat (13:51)

TOPOGRAPHIC DRAMA – LIVE ACROSS AMERICA highlights the best performances from the 2017 leg of the 28-show tour and mirrors the set list from those concerts. Each night, Yes opened with all six songs from Drama (1980), the band’s tenth studio album. Standouts include “Machine Messiah,” “Tempus Fugit” and the album’s only single “Into The Lens.” After Drama, the band shifted gears for songs from two of its best-selling albums: “And You And I” from 1972’s Close To The Edge  and “Heart Of The Sunrise” from 1971’s Fragile . Next, the group played the opening and closing tracks of its concept album, Tales From Topographic Oceans (1973). Howe’s exceptional guitar work on “The Revealing Science Of God” and White’s propulsive drumming on “Ritual” have always been regarded as ground-breaking. The album concludes with two live staples: “Roundabout” from Fragile (1971) and “Starship Trooper” from The Yes Album (1971). Among the world’s most influential, ground-breaking, and respected progressive rock bands, Yes was founded in 1968.

Topographic Drama – Live Across America – Out on November 24th 2017
Includes 2016 live versions of Machine Messiah, White Car, Does It Really Happen?, Into The Lens, Run Through The Light, Tempus Fugit, And You And I, Heart Of The Sunrise, The Revealing Science Of God, Leaves Of Green, Ritual, Roundabout, Starship Trooper.



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Alex Lahey has taken full advantage of her debut US late night TV appearance by crushing her performance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

If there were any pre-show jitters you wouldn’t have even known as the Melbourne artist flawlessly belted out her single, Every Day’s The Weekend.

As an extra special nod back to Australia, Lahey’s drummer had the ‘YES’ tag featured on his kit, acknowledging the result of this week’s marriage equality vote.

Musical guest Alex Lahey performs “Every Day’s the Weekend” for Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Back in May, the Columbus-based folk-rock crew Saintseneca released a great one-off song, “Book Of The Dead On Sale,” and today they’ve followed it up with a new track called “Moon Barks At The Dog.” It’s a very pretty and melancholy one that sees the band howling over terse acoustic and a foreboding atmosphere, inviting you to “weep with me in 4/4 time,” which sounds like as good an idea as any


Band Members
Zac Little, Maryn Jones, Steve Ciolek, Jon Meador, Matthew O’Conke

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Not sure if it’s layered solo work or a group or what, but it’s great short pop spasms owing equal debts to early New Zealand’s South Island groups and Guided by Voices. Honey Radar sound like a low-budget Clientele, all major-key arpeggios somewhere between psych and Felt. 

Giraffe EP info:
Recorded by Jason Henn
with Billy Stines (Trumpet) and Jordan Burgis (Trumpet thoughts)
Manufactured & Assembled in USA

Ignore The Bells info:
Recorded by Jason except bass on “Ink Circle” by Jordan
Paper Car guitar orchestra: Armen & Jesse
The Operator chorus: Sarah, Rob & Erin
Lacquers by Bob Weston
Thanks Henry