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Hovvdy’s third full length album, “Heavy Lifter”, is out October 18th, 2019. Charlie Martin and Will Taylor met at a baseball game while on tour drumming for different bands. Back home in Austin, the two Texas natives discovered both held batches of compatible songs, intended for solo projects. They merged as Hovvdy instead.

Penned separately, the duo’s first-ever songwriting efforts coalesce seamlessly on debut LP Taster . To this day, Charlie and Will create like satellites on the same orbit, combining bedroom recordings into a singular worn-in sound. Their downtempo rock found an audience in the Austin and New Orleans scenes, elevated by support from small indie Sports Day Records.

Brooklyn label Double Double Whammy re-released “Taster” in 2017, followed by “Cranberry” in 2018. The sophomore work solidified the group’s sturdy guitar strums and rhythmic instincts, enveloped in nostalgic glow. Third LP “Heavy Lifter” finds new dimensions in the Hovvdy soundscape.

For Heavy Lifter , the duo worked with producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Littlejohn. Throughout Autumn 2018, the team built out the album in makeshift home studios around Texas. Both singers’ voices cut through more decisively than ever, carried by vivid storytelling and production eccentricities.

Familiar fuzz maintains the warmth of past work, but Heavy Lifter is never muffled. Clear-cut characters and scenes emerge in the 13 tracks. Antsy love song “1999” wanders around a small town, while bright pop piece “Mr. Lee” retells a lonely day in reverent detail. Lo-fi Daniel Johnston moment “Tell me I’m a singer” empathetically enters an artistic perspective, unwound lyrically as: “Tell me I’m a singer.”

You can get an early taste via first single and video, “Cathedral,” that blankets you, warm and comforting, in a drowsy sort of way.

Memories inform present decision-making throughout the album. Two tracks dive into family legacies, “Pixie” admitting “outside my mind/ is where i’m gonna be/ not what i had hoped at 14.” “Sudbury” recounts childhood major league dreams: “front yard catch, you got a plan/ to be a baseball star/ texas ranger shortstop.”

Breaking from the confines of guitar-based slowcore, pop and hip-hop influences expand Hovvdy’s established framework. Propulsive, straightforward hooks usher in autotuned tweaks, chugging beats and genre exploration. By pulling apart slightly, Charlie and Will step into new spaces on Heavy Lifter . Always in sync, it’s a balanced effort.


This August, Texas bands’ Lomelda and Hovvdy head out on a U.S. tour together. Ahead of their trek, they’ve shared a new EP where they cover each other’s songs. “Covers” also includes a new collaboration called “🙂.”

A cassette edition of Covers is forthcoming (via Double Double Whammy). All proceeds from the cassette will go to RAICES, a nonprofit that provides low-cost legal services to immigrant children, families, and refugees.

Lomelda is the recording project of Silsbee, Texas musician Hannah Read. Her latest album, “M for Empathy”, came out this past winter.

Charlie Martin and Will Taylor comprise the Austin-based Hovvdy. They released their album “Cranberry” in February 2018.


Released June 28th, 2019

performed & recorded by each artist in their homes
saxophone on “out there” by Tennyson Strano

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Hovvdy is a slow-moving, minimal indie band co-fronted by Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo writes rhythmic, spacious tunes with hazy keyboard tones and sparse, patterned guitar movement. Their strength as a band lies in the ability to turn toward pop melodies; Hovvdy know the precise time to make that shift and sustain it just long enough to remain fresh.

Austin, TX

Band Members
Charlie Martin – Keys, Guitar, and Vocals
Will Taylor – Guitar and Vocals
Grady Bell – Bass
Ray Micarelli – Drums

Hovvdy perform on Audiotree Live, September 29, 2017.

Session Tracklist
1. Better
2. Problem
3. Meg
4. Can’t Wait
5. Friend
6. In My Head
7. Thru
8. Pretend

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Hovvdy have announced their sophomore effort, Cranberry for release 9th February via the fine folks at Double Double Whammy Records. Their tunes are chilled out pop tunes. They bounce along, never getting overly excited but leaving you humming along.


Based in Austin, Texas, Hovvdy (pronounced “howdy”) is the writing and recording project of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo, both primarily drummers, first met in the fall of 2014 and quickly bonded over a love for quiet music. Within a few weeks, they had combined songs and began recording their first EP in bedrooms and family homes across Texas.

Based in Austin, Texas, Hovvdy (pronounced “howdy”) is the writing and recording project of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo, both primarily drummers, first met in the fall of 2014 and quickly bonded over a love for quiet music. Within a few weeks, they had combined songs and began recording their first EP in bedrooms and family homes across Texas.

By 2016 the two had committed to each others growth in songwriting and recording, resulting in their debut album “Taster”, originally released on Sports Day Records and reissued in 2017 by Double Double Whammy. Hovvdy has found a unique identity in rhythmic, down-tempo pop songs that are hopeful, yet melancholy; relatable, yet distinguishable.

Hovvdy’s sophomore album, “Cranberry”, expands on a familiar texture, building off Taster’s minimal complexity and covering new ground. Hovvdy – “Petal” Off their new album, “Cranberry” Out February 9th, 2018 on Double Double Whammy Records.

Launched in April of this year Hovvdy’s ‘Taster’ album with the premiere of its stand-out track, “Problem”, way back in early 2016, little did we know then that this small, bruised, lo-fi gem would go on to rack-up over 75,000 plays on Soundcloud alone.

The album that followed was just as affecting; the languid approach to it all, the scratchy, dim-lit tone of the voice and the music, creeping out of the speakers with a dulled charm that takes a few listens to truly appreciate. A duo from Austin, Texas, Hovvdy’s skill lies in the ability to sneak utterly captivating hooks in to songs that seem too weather and unadorned to do so. Like the sudden jolt of a treasured memory on the most listless of days, ‘Taster’ is a truly beautiful collection of songs dressed up as something dull and indifferent. Seek and you will find alittle gem of an album that you will keep coming back to play .


The best crunchy lofi drum and synth sounds, bedroom acoustics and honest vocal deliveries. This really follows up my LVL UP and Mitski obsessions well. It’s got melodies and vibes that feel like a nice morning/afternoon/evening on the couch. Hovvdy is Charlie Martin and Will Taylor.
‘Taster’ recorded and mixed by Hovvdy,
bass on 2, 8, and 10 by Sam Jacobson,

“Taster” is the Beautiful, atmospheric lo-fi and mostly quiet, thoughful songs, with some fuzzy, jangly parts inbetween. If you like the music of Red House Painters, the quieter songs of Sebadoh and Ewan Dando, you will like this from the band Hovvdy. Great songs all through the album .While Taster already sits as one my favourite albums released this year, Hovvdy’s gloomy, downtempo masterpiece takes on even greater weight as the autumn finally comes ourway and these shrinking, days take its place. The mood throughout this record is decidedly downbeat too; you can almost smell the stark sense of isolation that permeates through every single track.

A prominent record in any season; an absolute must-have addition to your autumn listening. this album wraps you up like a blanket and makes you feel all kinds of love. Hovvdy is Charlie Martin and Will Taylor.
‘Taster’ recorded and mixed by Hovvdy,




While such a weird band name, Hovvdy, might initially lend itself to some form of detachment – alienation, but just one listen to the band’s new single stirs feelings quite the opposite. Withdrawn and sullen though it is, ‘Problem‘, which is the lead track from their forthcoming full-length release, feels remarkably familiar and ingrained, like a submerged sadness that can’t be placed, like that tug of wanting, for something, anything, else.

Released via a collaboration between Merdurhaus Records and Sports Day Records, the duo’s new album will be called “Taster”and will be released on April 15th, and follows their previous two EPs which are well worth exploring over on their Bandcamp page.

Speaking of the new record, Will Taylor said: “”Hovvdy came on unexpectedly. Charlie and I only began collaborating soon after we were introduced to each other at the end of 2014. Over the past six months we’ve been all over Texas borrowing/renting equipment and recording Taster in friends and family’s houses. Despite not playing with each other for very long, we’re really proud of this album and how direct it sounds.”


As already alluded to, the “Taster” LP is preceded by new track called ‘Problem‘ and it’s a beautifully compelling starting-point; a sunken anthem for a grey day that perfectly sets the mood for what follows on this wonderful album. The guitars sway languidly like trees caught in the bracing breeze, while that most lacklustre of vocals portrays a removed sense of sadness, solemnity…a quiet ache for things that you can already feel slipping away while you sit by and watch it happen. In spite of, or perhaps because of, this there’s a real beauty to the way ‘Problem sounds, one that paints pictures of faded childhood memories, of towns and people left behind.


Hovvdy is Charlie Martin and Will Taylor.
“Problem” recorded and mixed by Hovvdy,