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Show 297

  1. Cub-Go Fish
  2. Angelica-Bring Back Her Head
  3. Sonic Jesus-Sweet Suicide
  4. The Halfways- Not All Are To Be Trusted
  5. John Howard and the Night Mail- Intact & Smiling
  6. Smithereens Featuring Suzanne Vega-In A Lonely Place Without You-Especially For You-Enigma
  7. Violent Femmes-Blister In The Sun-Violent Femmes-Rough Trade
  8. Add N To (X)-Take Me To Your Leader-Loud Like Nature-Mute
  9. All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavours-Your Imagination-Turning Into Small-Gern Blandsten
  10. Bobby Hebb-Sunny-Sunny-Phillips
  11. Lena Rios – Eu sou eu, nicuri é o diabo- Soul Braza: Brazilian 60’s & 70’s Soul Psych Vol 1-Nosmoke
  12. Ben Kweller – Wasted & Ready-Sha Sha-ATO
  13. Billy Swan-Don’t Be Cruel- Country Funk Volume II 1967 – 1974-Light In The Attic Records


The music of British songwriter Novo Amor, AKA Ali Lacey, has always felt mystical. His whispery voice and dreamy production give his work an otherworldly quality, creating lush and immerse atmospheres with every track. It doesn’t matter if he’s performing solo material or covering Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle”, a supernatural sense of peace permeates every track he touches.

His latest song, “Anchor”, is the epitome of this delicateness and craft. The strings on his acoustic guitar buzz sorrowfully as he fingerpicks, singing above it all at a hushed volume. Soft electric guitar tones float in the background, drifting like slow waves crashing on a shore. The track feels enchanting, so much so that it only makes sense that the music video would take on the mythical.
“The inspiration for the video comes from Gaelic folklore of the Selkie,” Lacey says “Selkies live as Seals in the sea but shed their skin to live as human on land. If a man steals a Selkie’s skin she is to live in his power and become his wife, but because her true home will always be the sea, she will always be longing for the ocean and often caught gazing at the horizon. The underlying concept of the song is about wanting and waiting for something/someone to return, so this video was naturally a perfect fit.”

Lacey’s version of the legend isn’t as gruesome as shedding skin or overtly concerned with domination. Instead, it features a lonesome fisherman finding a woman in the ocean and bringing her back home. Things seem okay at first until her distance from the water starts to take a physical a toll. The video aptly captures the feeling of longing, both in the legend and within the song.

KEXP radio presents Ariel Pink performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 10th, 2015.

Dayzed Inn Daydreams
Not Enough Violence
Sexual Athletics
Dinosaur Carebears


Where the eagle glides ascending, there’s an Ancient River bending, down the timeless gorge of changes, where sleeplessness awaits, I searched out my companions, who were lost in crystal canyons, when the aimless blade of science, slashed the pearly gates. ‘Neil Young’

“Singer tousled rampant locks redolent of Morrison, coolly, nonchalantly flows, takes the floor, to drugged up drubbing beat, sleazy drawling growl subsumed in wall of sound distortion, wafted with heady analogue synth breeze. Unrelentingly doom laden, hypnotised sway, laconic lizard lost in dark inner space, hazed, slipping down the snake, psychotic psychedelic, picking up brighter bluesy note, as sun sets in golden glow, sinking into despondent doldrums as dusk dawns.”


Chelsea Wolfe and her spectral, stygian brand of ambient-doom-folk-pop sounds even more divine crackling off my turntable . my Favorite track is Kings. This is a far more polished album than “Apokalypsis” and does not have the raw feel of that album. That’s not being critical though it just reflects the progress Chelsea Wolfe has made. It still has the energy, catchy beats and original vocals with a wider range of instruments on show. Don’t think there’s a boring bone in her body Chelsea…love it!. This is Chelsea Wolfe’s fourth studio album, Pain Is Beauty, was released September 3, 2013. An album trailer was released alongside this announcement, as well as a North American headlining tour in the fall. The song “Feral Love” was featured in the trailers for Game of Thrones season 4 and the television adaption of 12 Monkeys.



The cozy sonics of the 90s—replete with vast reverb, driving basslines, and lush, girlish vocals—continues to appeal. What can we say? Nostalgia comes packaged in many forms, but none is more sweetly affecting than when you get swooped sideways by a song. And so it is with The Cold and the Lovely new track, “Radio,” premiering above: familiar but fresh.

The duo says of the EP, “The Ellis Bell is the vision that we had for the Cold and Lovely from the time the band was just an idea. The sound has been compared to some of our favourite bands, such as Lush, Garbage, My Bloody Valentine, and Silversun Pickups.”

Made up of Meghan Toohey (The Weepies, Lenka, Schuyler Fisk) and Nicole Fiorentino (latter-day Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt), the LA duo will release heir new EP, Ellis Bell Deluxeon June 17th. Ellis Bell, an EP by the Los Angeles-based shoegaze duo




The album enjoyed critical acclaim from a host of bloggers, who praised their “impressively assured sound” and “perfect 2-minute pop storm.” with their punky psychedelic pop is impressive  and admitted Surf City’s pleasure for pleasure’s sake approach already has me pining for more.”

The band toured the US and NZ/Australia before taking a brief hiatus while Davin Stoddard did a good amount of traveling. Josh became a father and left the band and Davin moved to New York, where he found a basement studio in Chinatown and began to work on the new album. He soon realized that the Big Apple wasn’t really for him (revealed in the song “NYC”). He returned to New Zealand and continued recording. He soon found himself in South Korea, teaching English, and far removed from everyone he knew. Filling so many of his late nights and early mornings with recording additional vocals and guitar parts in his apartment, the paper-thin walls would eventually cause the tenants who lived upstairs to move out as a result.

During this time Davin was listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, Scott Walker and Leonard Cohen, who all coloured the lyrical style that appears on the album. In many ways it’s a sad record, reflecting the loneliness and introspection that can occur whilst traveling and spending a vast amount of time alone on buses or trains or in airports with these legendary songwriters on repeat.

Musically, the band have developed their signature reverb-heavy fuzz rock in to something more gutsy but whilst retaining a keen ear for melody to create some unforgettable tunes.



We are a Mexican NetZine that work with several indie bands from all over the world! Available now through Bandcamp. featuring Oživit Music compilation (free download), along with Sounds of Sputnik,@ Lights That Change, The Virgance, Adryelle,Soy Chiosan, Union Attempt, Lykanthea, Axons, Hante., Demure For Sure, Hexagrams, Savage Sister & Two Souls. ‪#‎dreampop‬ ‪#‎shoegaze‬‪#‎synthpop‬


I’m Sure this band must have been into Marc Bolan at some time TEMPLES are from Kettering Northampton, the album “Sun Structures” delivers strong melody after strong melody, with not a single parody to be found. The band boast an unusual gift, and that’s the ability to create the essence of the mid-to-late ’60′s psychedelia, without ripping anybody off in the process. No clichés, just strong material. The sound may be familiar, but the tunes are all theirs, classic qualities are all over just about every song here, particularly “Move with the Season”. And so Sun Structures is the perfect album, with reference points aplenty,


Even so, few acts have been quite as tinny and muddy-sounding as the debut release, issued on cassette last year, by this Glasgow duo Honeyblood’s Thrift Shop EP, it will come as no surprise when you hear it, was, according to the info on their Bandcamp, “recorded in a bathroom with a 4-track tape-deck” in January 2012. “Recorded in a bathroom deep underground with a 4-track tape-deck smothered in cotton wool.” The lead track, No Spare Key, sounds like Taylor Swift’s We’re Never Getting Back Together performed by two Scottish goth-girls doing an impression of the Jesus and Mary Chain in a tomb, Since that time the band have changed drummer released their first album and toured all over the world.