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Ola’s Kool Kitchen is a show on KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, 107.5 andhow.FM, Rock Velvet Radio, Maximum Threshold Radio, Rock Radio UK, Sword Radio UK, 365 Radio Network, Jammerstream One, Kor Radio, and Firebrand Radio and you can hear more shows here Ola’s Kool Kitchen
Show 320


1. Campag Velocet-Bon Chic Bon Genre
2. Butterfly Child-Drunk on Beauty
3. Furlong-Tell Me It’s Mutual-single-self release
4. The Oceans-So Long-single-self release
5. Shadowgraphs-Scarlet Tunic-Venomous Blossoms-Golden Brown
6. The Bloods-Button Up-single-Exit Records
7. Dawn Of The Replicants-Candlefire-One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs-Eastwest
8. Callum Pitt-You’d Better Sell It While You Can-single – Kaleidoscope
9. Tilia-Black Monday-Pattern-Ambulance Recordings
10. Tim Buckley-Get On Top-Greetings From LA-Straight Records
11. Bob Dylan-All The Tired Horses-Self Portrait-Columbia
12. Alyeska-Tilt-a-Whirl-Crush-self release
13. Ed Geater-If I’m Being Honest-Unseen-Music Mandi

Ola’s Kool Kitchen is a show on KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, 107.5 andhow.FM, Rock Velvet Radio, Maximum Threshold Radio, Rock Radio UK, Sword Radio UK, 365 Radio Network, Jammerstream One, Kor Radio, and Firebrand Radio and you can hear more shows here


Show Tracklist
1. Veruca Salt-Seether
2. Adventures in Stereo-Attic Walk
3. Joel Gion-Tomorrow
4. Someone In a Tree-Blankets As Shades
5. Bad Flamingo-Valley Of Fire
6. The Fleshtones-Screaming Skull
7. DMZ-Busy Man-DMZ-Bomp!
8. Retro Kid-Kool Kids-single-self release
9. Trading Alaska – WTWCCD-We Miss You-self release
10. Eddie Jefferson-Psychedelic Sally-Body and Soul-Original Jazz Classics
11. The Daughters of Eve-He Cried-single-Spectra Sound
12. Jimmy Powell-Sugar Baby Part 2-Decca
13. Breathe Owl Breathe – Followin’ Ya- Passage of Pegasus-self release
14. Kevin Morby – I Have Been to the Mountain-Singing Saw-Dead Oceans
15. The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers-Lay Down Low-single


Excellent tribute album with some great versions of classic Ride tracks,

The Blog That Celebrates Itself has released a fantastic tribute album to the band. You should definitely listen to this. Brazil’s Renato Malizia (of The Blog That Celebrates Itself) continually works his butt off interviewing all manner of fantastic noise makers for his site (most recently Dråpe). But he’s also posted a fun filled tribute to Ride featuring 24 bands covering the classics! ‘Leave Them All Behind’ kicks off with a collaboration between Oliver Ackermann (of A Place To Bury Strangers) and Ceremony! Plus tunes from Rev Rev Rev, Jaguwar, The Sorry Shop, Stella Diana, Lunaire and more

‘Leave Them All Behind – A Tribute to Ride’ features 24 tracks that will definitely appeal to Ride fans who liked the bands earlier recordings, there’s plenty of guitars and distortion.


Ola’ Kool Kitchen is a show on Rock XS Radio, KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, 107.5 andhow.FM, Primal Radio, Rock Velvet Radio and Maximum Threshold Radio hear more shows here
Show 297

  1. Cub-Go Fish
  2. Angelica-Bring Back Her Head
  3. Sonic Jesus-Sweet Suicide
  4. The Halfways- Not All Are To Be Trusted
  5. John Howard and the Night Mail- Intact & Smiling
  6. Smithereens Featuring Suzanne Vega-In A Lonely Place Without You-Especially For You-Enigma
  7. Violent Femmes-Blister In The Sun-Violent Femmes-Rough Trade
  8. Add N To (X)-Take Me To Your Leader-Loud Like Nature-Mute
  9. All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavours-Your Imagination-Turning Into Small-Gern Blandsten
  10. Bobby Hebb-Sunny-Sunny-Phillips
  11. Lena Rios – Eu sou eu, nicuri é o diabo- Soul Braza: Brazilian 60’s & 70’s Soul Psych Vol 1-Nosmoke
  12. Ben Kweller – Wasted & Ready-Sha Sha-ATO
  13. Billy Swan-Don’t Be Cruel- Country Funk Volume II 1967 – 1974-Light In The Attic Records

MONEY –  Suicide Songs

In 2013, Money released their acclaimed debut album ‘The Shadow Of Heaven‘, following only a handful of concerts that felt more like communions in out-of-the-way venues, advertised only by word-of-mouth. The record sounded similarly crafted – all haunted melody and atmosphere, invested with an unusually ambitious and uncompromising lyrical zeal. This was a band that invested as much in what they meant as how they sounded. Two years on, the new Money album, ‘Suicide Songs’, takes you deeper into their sound and vision. It feels more advanced and yet simpler, more perfected and yet more open. It is, by turns, a tender, barren, cavernous, smouldering, despairing and inspirational piece of work. It’s a long day’s journey into night, but it pays huge dividends when you arrive, drawing you in and casting a spell that won’t let go. The album finds the band gelling as never before, framing Jamie’s poetic vision with an intuitive grasp of the album’s dignified and despairing themes. There are strings and brass, gospel-style backing vocals, and the (Indian stringed) dilruba on the opening ‘I Am The Lord’. This collectively adds more divine dimensions to the band’s sound, embellishments that Money didn’t have the confidence to try out on their debut.
LP – With Download.


‘Shoegaze’ was a term invented circa 1990 to describe a new breed on UK Indie guitar bands inspired by the likes of 4AD Records, My Bloody Valentine and US acts like Sonic Youth. Bands like Ride, Moose, Lush, Pale Saints and The Telescopes married dreamy, off-kilter melodies, skewed, heavily effects-laden guitar riffs and psychedelic production values. Although ‘Shoegaze’ was initially a somewhat derogatory term to pigeonhole a clutch of new acts, the term quickly evolved to become an accepted genre of music which has influenced successive generations of bands, especially those outside of the UK. Housed in a lavish ‘book’ set, ‘Still in a Dream’ pays tribute to that seminal period with numerous classics, cult favourites, rarities and tracks new to CD. Across five discs, the evolution of the sound labelled as ‘Shoegaze’ is charted from the bands who inspired it on Disc 1 to many of the US and other non-UK acts on Disc 5. Awash with rare memorabilia, 12,000 words of sleeve-notes from journalist Neil Taylor and band biographies, ‘Still in a Dream’ is the ultimate tribute to what was also called ‘The Scene That Celebrated Itself’! It features 87 cuts from the Pale Saints, Spectrum, AR Kane, Loop, Ride, Lush, Ultra Vivid Scene,Telescopes, Cocteau Twins, Swervedriver, Luna and more.

WET  –  Don’t You

Columbia Records release ‘Don’t You’, the long-anticipated album from the trio of friends known as Wet. An astonishingly lucid and heart-wrenching collection of 11 tracks. Much has been made of the utopian merging of indie and traditional pop worlds in recent years, but ‘Don’t You’ is an album that takes this fusion to an unprecedented place. This is a benchmark record that delicately sews together the clean songwriting of big-pop, the melodic sensuality of R&B, and the faint twang of country with touches of experimental production and precise instrumentation to create a bold and effortless-feeling new space. Wet, comprised of singer-songwriter Kelly Zutrau, and multi-instrumentalists Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow, make songs that resist easy categorization and invite every listener to bask in its intimate glow. But despite their wide-ranging sensibilities, Wet never compromises its core: sturdy pop songwriting and piercing lyrics.
LP – Limited to 500 Copies.

NIGHT BEATS –  Who Sold My Generation

Night Beats third album, and first for Heavenly Records, follows the release of their self-titled debut in 2011 and ‘Sonic Bloom’ in 2013. Recorded on old two-inch tape in Echo Park, Los Angeles at the home of producer Nic Jodoin and featuring co-production and guess bass playing from Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, new album ‘Who Sold My Generation’ goes beyond merely being a retreading of well-worn garage / R&B path. Instead it offers a contemporary take on the psychedelic experience, a heady set of hoodoo voodoo songs. Very much a record in the great Texan musical tradition of acid-drenched outlaw music, ‘Who Sold My Generation’ picks up where the likes of The Elevators, The Red Krayola, pre-ZZ Top band The Moving Sidewalks, The Butthole Surfers and The Black Angels – whose record label Reverb Appreciation Society released the band’s second album – left off.
LP – With Download.

TELEGRAM  –  Taffy Come Home

Limited copies are signed. Recorded in London with Rory Atwell, ‘Taffy Come Home’ is one of their finest moments to date and comes backed with ‘It’s Not Very Easy’ which is only available as a bonus track on special editions of the album. The track utilises everything we love about the band – a rich, pulverising melody that sounds as compressed and tight as prime-time Buzzcocks, and a healthy nod to Roxy Music courtesy of frontman Matt Saunders.

This is the third album by the Seattle experimental ambient pop singer/songwriter. Her first two albums were self-released, but she joined the Jagjaguwar Records family for this album. In a separate development, she joined forces with st, who has produced records for Sigur Rós. So she’s got better production, she’s got label support, and she had a significant tour to support the new album, which came out on August 21st. Because of her sweet voice of an angel-child, she’s compared to the late Trish Keenan out of Broadcast, and to Jessie Stein out of The Luyas. As much as I like both of those bands and both of those singers, I like this even more. Again, this was an album that wasn’t really all that well-received by critics, .


Briana’s lyrics are forceful, and throughout her second album, ‘All Around Us’, traditional song structure gives way to plainspoken declarations that pull back the record’s shroud. Her first single,“Surrender” is musically delicate at first, with flickering blips and chords that float into earshot like fireflies. “Take Care of Me” is the album’s brightest and most immediate song, a buoyant celebration of friendship with a skittering beat and a warm, sweet melody. And title track “All Around Us” is a stark but inspiring beauty, built on the memory of a family member of Briana’s who passed away, and the sadness of not being able to say “goodbye” or “I love you” one last time. It is the balance of the abstract and the intimate that makes Briana Marela and ‘All Around Us’ so special.

Utterly beautiful collection of heartfelt & dreamy songs, perfect for an evening of emotional self-indulgence

This is the fourth album by the melodic shoegaze trio from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. The album came out in May, but I didn’t get it until a few months later. I liked their earlier stuff, but this one really hit me hard. It was all I could listen to for about a month. It’s worth pointing out that they also released an EP of Ride covers this year, and it’s quite good. In a connected way, this album reminds me so much of that period of time when Ride was riding the wave of Nowhere and things were going really well for them. Before Britpop forced them and other UK shoegazers to adapt their sound to whatever it was that NME and Melody Maker would write favorable things about. Before even the label bosses made their shoegaze bands write Britpop stuff.


93mmfts have created an album of deeply saturated textural assaults that hynotically welcome you with fuzzed melodies and indistinct vocals. If droning feedback and emotive songs of mystery are your thing, then these guys really do have the goods.


In Honor of the Reunion Tour for Ride in 2015 on American Shores
93MillionMiles covered these songs with great justice with their renditions here.
Absoulutely magnificent for Fans of either Band and the Genre itself.
Vapour Trail weaves its mesmerizing trance like tapestry in this extended phased out crushing version.

Shoegaze/noise rock trio from Austin, Texas. Elliott Frazier (guitar/vocals) started the band as a solo project in 2005, and they became a trio when Alex Gehring (bass/vocals) and Dan Coborn (drums) joined in 2008. They quickly became a very big name, and one of the darlings of the genre. Although it’s clear where they got some of their influence, people don’t say “they’re America’s answer to MBV”. They’ve etched their own name very firmly, and they’re the ones who new bands get compared to. They tour a lot, and it seems like they’ve been around longer than they have. Their 2013 EP God’s Dream  would have been in my top five played of that year.

The song in this video is really Lush-like, but it’s still got their distinct Ringo sound. This Texan shoegaze pioneers Ringo Deathstarr return with their fifth studio album. containing the same cathartic droning that has been previously celebrated by genre forefathers, like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Elliott Frazer’s vocals accentuate the eruption of noise behind his anthemic lyrics, dipping in and out of brief moments of clarity before bursting back into the manic grit of the sound .Ringo Deathstarr are not just reliving a scene, they’re re-inventing it with their shattering use of chaotic guitars and haunting voices.

Ringo Deathstarr are the torch-bearers of the movement and continue to contort and mutate into something beautiful.

Pinkshinyultrablast look ahead to their second album with ‘The Cherry Pit’

St. Petersburg rabble Pinkshinyultrablast don’t hang about. Following up their 2015 debut ‘Everything Else Matters’ in quick succession, they release their second full-length album – ‘Grandfeathered’ – in February next year. The first real taste of what to expect comes in the shape of ‘The Cherry Pit,’ which we’re premiering here on DIY.

Shimmering, lush, and more looming than a neck-craning look up to the top of the Shard, ‘The Cherry Pit’ shares the same lofty ambition as the band’s previous efforts, and typically, their shoegazing sensibilities are carefully balanced with a knack for occasional minimalism; knowing just when to rein it back. Lyubov’s vocals skate atop uneasy, angular chimes, before colliding into a fish-slappingly sudden wall of reverb, getting lost and indistinguishable among the glittery sonic mud.

Pinkshinyultrablast are putting out 500 copies of their second album ‘Grandfeathered’ on what they’re calling ‘Ride The Sky’ vinyl LP, and another 500 copies on ‘Pinkle’. There’s also a regular digital download, if that’s your jam.



“Hey, You’re Mine” taken from the forthcoming double ep PLANNING WEED LIKE IT’S ACID / LIFE IS LOSS, came out in November, These intercontinental shoegazers A Sunny Day In Glasgow released their double and earned a spot on our list of  best of  EP’s from 2015, and they’re supporting it with a brief East Coast tour of America right around New Year’s. A Sunny Day In Glasgow vocalist Jen Goma was featured on much of the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s 2014 indie-pop pleasure “Days Of Abandon” album release she sang lead on their recent Laid cover, and now The Pains have returned the love in the form of a new remix of sparkling EP highlight  “Hey You’re Mine” (Lengthily-named bands have got to stick together!) The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s version is just as vibrant but injects a new rhythmic pulse, turning the song into something that most resembles a dance party on a cloud.