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“You Can All Join In” was a budget priced sampler album, released in the UK by Island Records in 1968. It was priced at 14 shillings and 6 pence (£0.72), and reached no. 18 on the UK Albums Chart that year

It was arguably instrumental in breaking world-class bands such as Free, Jethro Tull and Traffic to a wider audience. It represented one of the most unexpected marketing triumphs of the age — an (admittedly budget-priced) gathering of underground unknowns riding the label’s own reputation for keeping its finger on the pulse, and out-performing many of the era’s bona fide superstars. Wynder K. Frog, Art, Tramline, Clouds these were not names one normally expected to find hogging the number 18 slot on the chart.

Yet, place familiarity (or the lack thereof) aside, and You Can All Join In is one of those seamless compilations that simply cannot be improved upon. A dozen tracks highlight the best — and that is the best — of Island Record’s recent and forthcoming output, from much-anticipated debut albums by Jethro Tull, Free, and Spooky Tooth to the sophomore effort by Fairport Convention. There’s also a healthy taste of the label’s most-successful-so-far signing, Traffic, as a leaf from Steve Winwood’s back pages — the Spencer Davis Group’s “Somebody Helps Me” joins Tramline’s cover of “Pearly Queen” and Traffic’s own “You Can All Join In” (yes, indeed, this collection’s title track). one of those seamless compilations that simply cannot be improved upon. A dozen tracks highlight the best – and that is the best – of Island’s recent and forthcoming output, from much-anticipated debut albums .

The early ’70s were the golden age of British record-label samplers, with Island themselves following through with three, Vertigo weighing in with the legendary “Suck It and See”, and CBS’ redoubtable Fill Your Head With Rock ranking among a myriad others. None, however, echoed either the success or the resonance of You Can All Join In. 

The Cover Designed by Hipgnosis and although not as imaginative as some of their later work, the front cover photograph was taken in Hyde Park and is said to feature “every single one of the Island artistes … bleary eyed after a party. The rear cover consists merely of a track listing and monochrome images of the covers of eight of the sampled albums .

  1. Clive Bunker, 2 Neil Hubbard, 3 Gary Wright 4 Glenn Cornick 5 Bruce Rowland 6 Martin Barre 7 Mick Weaver 8 Ian Anderson 9 Patrick Campbell-Lyons 10 Ashley Hutchings  11 Alex Spyropoulos 12 Chris Wood 13 Richard Thompson 14 Ian Matthews 15 Steve Winwood 16 Ian A. Anderson 17 Jim Capaldi 18 Mike Harrison 19 Martin Lamble 20 Simon Nicol  21  Harry Hughes 22 Rebop Kwaku Baah 23 Chris Mercer 24 Simon Kirke 25 Paul Rodgers 26 Billy Ritchie  27 Andy Fraser 28 Ian Ellis 29 Sandy Denny

It was combined with the follow-up, Nice Enough To Eat for a CD Re-release in August 1992 entitled Nice Enough To Join In (Island Records IMCD 150).

Side One

  1. “A Song For Jeffrey”  Jethro Tull – (Alternative mix, original version from This Was) (ILPS 9085)
  2. “Sunshine Help Me”  Spooky Tooth – (from It’s All About Spooky Tooth) (ILPS 9080)
  3. “I’m a Mover” Free – (from Tons of Sobs) (ILPS 9089)
  4. “What’s That Sound” Art – (from Supernatural Fairy Tales) (ILP 967)
  5. “Pearly Queen” Tramline – (from Moves of Vegetable Centuries) (ILPS 9095)
  6. “You Can All Join In”  Traffic – (from Traffic) (ILPS 9081T)

Side Two

  1. “Meet on the Ledge”Fairport Convention – (from What We Did on Our Holidays) (ILPS 9092)
  2. “Rainbow Chaser”  Nirvana – (from All of Us) (ILPS 9087)
  3. “Dusty”  John Martyn – (from The Tumbler) (ILPS 9091)
  4. “I’ll Go Girl”  Clouds – (from Scrapbook) (ILPS 9100)
  5. “Somebody Help Me”  Spencer Davis Group – (from The Best of the Spencer Davis Group) (ILPS 9070)
  6. “Gasoline Alley”  Wynder K. Frog – (from Out of the Frying Pan) (ILPS 9082)

Every now and then, Milk! Records artists get together and make some art.

Thanks for another great year y’all !! 2016 has seen the release of The Finks “Middling” and Loose Tooth “Saturns Returns”. As well as our 2nd Milk! Records Compilation “Good For You” (not to mention the Good For You TOUR where we all piled into a bus and drove up the East Coast of America )


As for 2017…everybody has been busy writing/recording new music, so look out !!!

Love, Milk

The Finks – Jamie’s Got A Baby
Taken from the 2016 album “Middling”

Loose Tooth – Sherry
Taken from the 2016 EP “Saturn Returns”

Jen Cloher – Famously Monogamous
Taken from the 2016 Milk! Records compilation “Good For You”

Courtney Barnett – Elevator Operator
Taken from the Grammy-nominated 2015 album “Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit”

Fraser A. Gorman – Never Gonna Hold You (Like I Do)
Taken from the 2015 album “Slow Gum”

Ouch My Face – Eaten By Buildings
Taken from the 2015 album “Bunyip”

East Brunswick All Girls Choir – Dirty Bird
Taken from the 2014 album “Seven Drummers”

Jade Imagine – Stay Awake
Taken from the forth-coming (2017) EP “What The Fuck Was I Thinking”

released December 31st, 2016, Stay tuned for the next Milk Project.


You’ve been waiting a little longer than usual, but we’re confident that you’ll think it’s been worth the wait for our latest sampler. It’s our first (and hopefully not last) to feature artwork by the very talented Nick Taylor. You should all check out his other works here.

As always, you’re welcome to download and stream for free, or make a small Paypal donation to show your support for what we do – these are put towards our running costs.

This month we’re featuring the following stellar tracks:

1. Kontiki Suite – My Own Little World 04:28 2. Gareth Davies – Slumbering Green 03:14 3. Wax Machine – Watermelon 02:38 4. The Most – Gatecrashers 02:29 5. Peter Stringer-Hye – Throw Away The Day 04:19 6. Juleah – Sommertraum 05:16 7. Exiles – Search Lights 03:20 8. Klaus Johann Grobe – Baby lass uns sein 04:35 9. Lejonsläktet – Den Enda Historien II 09:20 10. Jack Ellister – A Hunter Needs a Gun 05:57 11. Kosmo-0 – Just Let Go 05:40 12. Red Cosmos – Ode To A Beatnik 04:17 13. Royal Atlas – Lost Landlords 02:26 14. Das Raumpiloten – La Situation Dangereuse 07:19 15. Merrin – Outro (End Credits) 05:39

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We are a Mexican NetZine that work with several indie bands from all over the world! Available now through Bandcamp. featuring Oživit Music compilation (free download), along with Sounds of Sputnik,@ Lights That Change, The Virgance, Adryelle,Soy Chiosan, Union Attempt, Lykanthea, Axons, Hante., Demure For Sure, Hexagrams, Savage Sister & Two Souls. ‪#‎dreampop‬ ‪#‎shoegaze‬‪#‎synthpop‬




the ACTIVE LISTENER is one of my favourite sites to visit there are some great sampler’s available and usually many new bands to explore and become infatuated with, they have this sampler the first of possible a new series of shoegaze bands must buy.


more great tracks from the Active sampler site,