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Finally after two years of sweat and tears, we are happy to announce that our third album “Truth or Consequences” will be out on the 13th of march 2020, courtesy of our new friends at Inertia Music and Polyvinyl Record Co.

They’ve shared the latest single from the record, “Cool For A Second,” which follows the previously shared “Right Track / Wrong Man.” It has that now-signature nostalgic and above the clouds feeling that Yumi Zouma’s best offerings give you. With both of the songs that we’ve heard so far, the album is shaping up to be another winner from the New Zealand outfit.

We think it’s our most special record yet, and we hope you do too. To celebrate, today we have released a new video for one of our favourite songs on the record, “Cool For A Second”, shot by Nick McKinlay (Julia Jacklin, Stella Donnelly, Merpire).


For those of us already in the know, the three years between New Zealand songwriter Nadia Reid’s albums have been an excruciating wait.  A wait no doubt earmarked by endless listens to her pristine sophomore album, Preservation.  On March 6th 2020, Nadia Reid will release her third album, “Out Of My Province”, on her own aptly named Slow Time Records.  The album will release outside of New Zealand on Spacebomb Records, and yes, she made the trek to Richmond, Virginia, to receive the full Spacebomb production treatment of strings and lush arrangements.  First single and video, “Best Thing” is already out.  Reid has a voice that is at once delicate, but also sturdy enough to command attention and instill an instant addiction.   A voice that stands up to any instrumentation thrown her way and earns whatever superlatives you care to apply.  Reid only first toured out of her native home to neighboring Australia in 2016 and maintained her job at a cafe up to that point.

Since then, Reid has performed in the U.K., Europe and barely in the U.S.  As her new album predicts, Reid will undoubtedly find herself extensively out of her province in the ensuing year.  Already having been nominated for numerous awards at home, the rest of the world will soon figure out that she is a necessary fixture in their listening libraries.

“Best Thing” off the album ‘Out of My Province’ due for release March 6th, 2020, on Spacebomb Records.

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New Zealand’s Sarah Mary Chadwick first made a name for herself as the singer/guitarist of the grungy band Batrider, but she’s been pursuing a solo career since 2012 and her fifth solo album, “The Queen Who Stole The Sky”, is a triumph like few others. Sarah, who normally plays guitar or keyboard, was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to perform an original piece on the Melbourne Town Hall’s 147-year-old pipe organ, the largest Grand Romantic organ in the Southern Hemisphere. Sarah Mary Chadwick has always been an artist who goes ‘all-in’ emotionally, and on this album, she’s playing the hand of her life.
The organ sound is ENORMOUS, and the songs are just superb. Her voice arches with the aching power of Bjork and the frail grace of Neil Young. It’s an overwhelming listen, with the emotional heft of of a Gorecki symphony. It’s an albums that renders pain, beauty, grief and joy into a singular, rolling wave.
Let it wash over you and take you where it will.


That piece became The Queen Who Stole The Sky, which was recorded live and then turned into Sarah’s new album. It’s a concept that would be interesting even if the album wasn’t that fun to listen to, but it is fun to listen to. It manages to have both the accessibility of her earlier work and the pure uniqueness you would expect from a project like this.

On this album, I keep coming back to thinking she sounds like Amanda Palmer meets Bjork, and it’s rare to even hear someone attempt sounding like that, let alone pull it off as masterfully as Sarah Mary Chadwick does. I’d like to think that comparison is at least enough to make you curious enough to listen (if you haven’t already), but this is not really the kind of album you can compare to other artists anyway. Like Amanda and Bjork, Sarah Mary Chadwick is a true original on The Queen Who Stole The Sky. Not only did she have the technical skills to pull off this task, she was able to come out with a personal, emotional album in the process. The pipe organ is a grand, majestic instrument, but The Queen Who Stole The Sky still sounds intimate.

A ‘companion collection’ of live, whole takes recorded to 2” tape.

“I was very lucky to have 3 afternoons alone at Roundhead studios, in late 2017 and early 2018, when as a band we were just about finished mixing the full band versions I’m so proud of. Those had taken a long time to realise; it was a fun, beautiful, big project. So much happened during the process… I felt a need to get a snapshot of the songs at the end of it, with all that learning, reflecting on where they’d begun, and where they’d ended up.”

Released September 27, 2019

Written, performed and produced by Hollie Fullbrook

From his earliest days as a member of the legendary New Zealand band “The Clean” onward, singer/songwriter, David Kilgour has come to be known as one of the most respected & admired songwriters of his generation & certainly one of the greatest rock musicians to come out of New Zealand. His signature guitar twang & languid, carefree melodies are readily identifiable. Kilgour is a guitar god for guitar atheists. 

Releases September 20th, 2019

The Band:
Thomas Bell: bass, keyboards, hand chimes and percussion.
Tony de Raad: guitar.
Taane Tokona: drums and percussion.
David Kilgour: guitar, vibes, keyboards and piano.

Piano on “Swan loop” played by Matt Swanson.

From the album “Bobbie’s a girl” out September 20th, 2019 on Merge Records.

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From his earliest days as a member of the legendary The Clean onward, singer/songwriter, David Kilgour has come to be known as one of the most respected and admired songwriters of his generation and certainly one of the greatest rock musicians to come out of New Zealand. His signature guitar twang and languid, carefree melodies are readily identifiable. Kilgour is a guitar god for guitar atheists. He’s worthy of worship, but his style neither demands nor expects it, all of which only serves to increase his otherworldly cool.

“It’s moody—as in low, subdued,” says David Kilgour of his new album. The atmosphere of “Bobbie’s a girl” does feel a bit mysterious. Largely missing the jangly distortion of Kilgour’s other work, the album’s ten songs exude a hazy warmth, with a light psychedelia that recalls ’60s outfits like The Byrds and The Velvet Underground.

Four decades into his career, Kilgour remains as creatively restless as ever. Wherever that drive takes him next, you’ll want to follow.

Releases September 20th, 2019
The Band
Thomas Bell: bass, keyboards, hand chimes and percussion.
Tony de Raad: guitar.
Taane Tokona: drums and percussion.
David Kilgour: guitar, vibes, keyboards and piano.

From the album “Bobbie’s a Girl” out September 20th, 2019 on Merge Records

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Heavy psychedelic / fuzz band who formed in 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand.  A male/female two-piece who play loud, energetic, disorientating songs, often with space and/or occult themes.  What do you get if you cross Black Sabbath with Stereolab?  Fuck knows, but listen to this Primitive Prog -it’s crazy cosmic jack!

This could well end up being a lot of peoples favourite album of the year – people whose twin loves are heavy fuzz and fantasy sci-fi…Sometimes music is supposed to feel weird and indescribable. It’s the moments of clarity within the dense, sonic mess that often feels the most satisfying. That’s the space that Earth Tongue occupy. At times, their songs are shrill and disorientating, other times their reverb-washed textures and instantly-familiar hooks can wrap you in a warm, loving embrace.

Now that is a good description, from the bands press release.  Another two piece band -drums and guitar, re-writing the rules and making Prog-influenced music sound simultaneously pop and primitive.

Named after a glutinous fungus (Glutinoglossum glutinosum) Earth Tongue consists of two earthlings:- Gussie Larkin (guitar – a master of the fuzz-smothered riff) and Ezra Simons (stunning, off-kilter drums). Both sing.  Their debut Portable Shrine EP was self-released in New Zealand but Floating Being is released this via Bristol (UK)  based independent label Stolen Body Records – home of a load of cool international bands.

Taken from the album Floating Being out on Stolen Body Records.

Earth Tongue embrace the imperfections in their playing and recording – drawing influence from early 70s psych and prog rock. The last thing they wanted was to create a shiny, over-produced record – with that in mind, they recorded the drums to an old 8-track Tascam reel-to-reel in a friend’s garage in Melbourne. The result is a punchy, raw and fuzzy journey into psych-rock with songs that weave between melodic and jarring. Unexpected twists and turns leave the listener in a disorientated yet satisfying haze.

Having come together in 2013 after frontwoman Annabel Liddel recruited a group of musicians to support her solo performance, Auckland band Miss June have not wasted any time in establishing their unapologetic sound.

It’s raw and raucous; a hard-hitting explosion of fuzzed out punk riffs and wailing vocal melodies. With a string of consistently blistering singles under their collective belt, the four-piece belt through an energetic brand of 90’s garage that’ll kick you straight in the nose. On their most recent single Twitch”, the band showcase their penchant for vitriolic delivery. “I wrote Twitch in my first year of clinical placement for Medical School,” Liddel says about the track.

“The song is about the first time I operated on a living human being and how different this was to operating on a cadaver. I brought the lyrics and music to the boys and a year later it became the beautiful specimen it is today.”


released May 29th, 2019

Annabel Liddell – vocals, guitar
Jun Cheul Park – guitar
Chris Marshall – bass
Tom Leggett – drums

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New Zealand indie-pop band Yumi Zouma released a new EP, EP III, last September via Cascine Records. This week they shared a brand new song, “Bruise,” that’s a standalone single and is a little bit more electronic and club-ready than their usual fare. And yet it still works gloriously.

The band has this to say about the song in a press release: “On EP III, we were literally finishing tracks the day before they had to be turned in and uploaded. This helped us to realize that we could release our next songs in a more direct way, and put ‘Bruise’ out independently. The origins of ‘Bruise’ were steeped in loss, but the track has become a beacon of optimism for us. We started writing the instrumental after our great friend Sam told us he was leaving the band and moving to Serbia. We were all distraught until Josh said, ‘Cheer me up guys – let’s write a song for Nelly Furtado.’ Nelly never replied but we came up with a smash.”

EP III was the follow-up to Yumi Zouma’s sophomore album, Willowbank,

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Aldous Harding release her third album, “Designer”, on 4AD Records. Designer finds the New Zealander hitting her creative stride. After the sleeper success of the internationally lauded Party, Harding came off a 100-date tour last summer and went straight into the studio with a collection of songs written on the road. Reuniting with John Parish, producer of Party, Harding spent 15 days recording and 10 days mixing at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth and Bristol’s J&J Studio and Playpen.

The New Zealand songwriter Aldous Harding with her third studio album “Designer”. At first glance it’s another album of her signature soft-spoken folk sound, but this time around there’s more meat on the bones. It’s her first record with drums on almost every song, and a broader instrumental palate lends the album a newfound sense of gravity. The emotional lows are lower and the highs are even higher than before.

From the bold strokes of opening track “Fixture Picture”, there is an overriding sense of an artist confident in their work, with contributions from Huw Evans (H. Hawkline), Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo), drummer Gwion Llewelyn and violinist Clare Mactaggart broadening and complimenting Harding’s rich and timeless songwriting.

The amazing new album from Aldous Harding is out today on 4AD Records/Flying Nun Records, on limited gold vinyl pressing.