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Bruce Springsteen played a three-song set Monday night outside Philadelphia’s Independence Hall at a rally in support of Hillary ClintonSpringsteen performed “Thunder Road“, “Dancing In The Dark” and “Long Walk Home“.

“The choice tomorrow couldn’t be any clearer. Hillary’s candidacy is based on intelligence, experience, preparation and of an actual vision of America where everyone counts,” Springsteen told the crowd,  “Men and women, white and black, Hispanic and native. Where folks of all faiths and backgrounds can come together to address our problems in a reasonable and thoughtful way. That vision of America is essential to sustain, no matter how difficult its realization.”

Bruce Springsteen took the stage at a star-studded Hillary Clinton rally in Philadelphia the night before Election Day. Watch Springsteen perform “Thunder Road” acoustic similar to the version played at the end of his shows this past year.

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This stripped back live version of “Our Eyes” appears on Lucy Rose’s forthcoming album ‘Live At Urchin Studios’ released on 9th December 2016:Live at Urchin Studios’ is Lucy Rose’s latest record, recorded in just one hour in front of a live audience at Urchin Studios. Rose has spent the last year touring mostly acoustically, not just in the UK and Europe but India, Turkey and for 8 weeks in Latin America where she lived with fans and played gigs every night for free.

It was during this experience that she decided to record an acoustic live record with fellow bandmate Alex Eichenberger as many fans wanted to be able to listen to the songs again in this stripped down fashion but they didn’t exist.

The record consists of six songs from Rose’s first LP and four from her second. The album is stripped back, raw, real, full of emotion and made entirely for the fans.

Simple Minds Acoustic

On the 11th of November Simple Minds will release SIMPLE MINDS ACOUSTIC, a one-off album release of stripped down and re-imagined songs spanning their eclectic and illustrious career.

On SIMPLE MINDS ACOUSTIC the band have found a way of doing the acoustic thing without losing their essence, and a dozen Simple Minds songs loved by millions now sound more organic and even more likely to leave a lasting imprint. The synths are no more – but the Celtic soul remains.On the lead single Promised You A Miracle, the band are joined by fellow Scot KT Tunstall, whose distinctive vocals, acoustic strumming and rolling bass groove transform a piece of music that was the band’s first ‘pure pop song’ when it arrived in 1982.

Simple Minds“Promised You A Miracle”. Taken from the new album SIMPLE MINDS ACOUSTIC. Featuring KT Tunstall.

Recorded in December 2014, includes performances of ‘Honest Town’, ‘Alive & Kicking’, ‘Let The Day Begin’, ‘Don’t You’ and Bowie cover ‘The Man Who Sold The World’.


The music of British songwriter Novo Amor, AKA Ali Lacey, has always felt mystical. His whispery voice and dreamy production give his work an otherworldly quality, creating lush and immerse atmospheres with every track. It doesn’t matter if he’s performing solo material or covering Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle”, a supernatural sense of peace permeates every track he touches.

His latest song, “Anchor”, is the epitome of this delicateness and craft. The strings on his acoustic guitar buzz sorrowfully as he fingerpicks, singing above it all at a hushed volume. Soft electric guitar tones float in the background, drifting like slow waves crashing on a shore. The track feels enchanting, so much so that it only makes sense that the music video would take on the mythical.
“The inspiration for the video comes from Gaelic folklore of the Selkie,” Lacey says “Selkies live as Seals in the sea but shed their skin to live as human on land. If a man steals a Selkie’s skin she is to live in his power and become his wife, but because her true home will always be the sea, she will always be longing for the ocean and often caught gazing at the horizon. The underlying concept of the song is about wanting and waiting for something/someone to return, so this video was naturally a perfect fit.”

Lacey’s version of the legend isn’t as gruesome as shedding skin or overtly concerned with domination. Instead, it features a lonesome fisherman finding a woman in the ocean and bringing her back home. Things seem okay at first until her distance from the water starts to take a physical a toll. The video aptly captures the feeling of longing, both in the legend and within the song.

Just a few days before performing at the just-fallen Berlin Wall, Crosby, Stills & Nash gave a benefit concert at an equally unlikely venue, the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York City. Sticking exclusively to pared-down arrangements, the trio presented highlights from their albums alongside more obscure selections from their outside projects and solo work, as well as a cover of the Beatles Blackbird. Broadcast on WXRK Radio NYC, it s presented here as a double Cd with comprehensive liner notes and rare images. As a trio in the late eighties and early nineties, Crosby,Stills and Nash were on sparkling form performing as an acoustic trio.They toured america,asia and europe to rave reviews bringing new life to a wide catalogue of songs.The audience were literally mesmerized by the skill of threesome and their harmonies and Stephen Stills virtuoso guitar playing.The only official evidence we have had of these performances is the “Acoustic” concert.
This is a quasi-legit recording now legal in Europe.I wish it had been released officially,so that CSN and/or the charity they were playing for could have benefited from the sales.The songs,both old and new,sound fresh, relevant,vital and full of life.The harmonies are astounding,as is the playing by all members.This recording is an essential document of a group on a performing high.For CSN fans it is an absolute must have. Now available from Amazon on a 2cd set.

Wasted On The Way , Change Partners, Blackbird , The Lee Shore, Just A Song Before I Go, Helplessly Hoping,4:20 ,
Wind On The Water, House Of Broken Dreams, Tracks In The Dust , Almost Cut My Hair, Guinnevere, Midnight Rider ,
Got It Made, Southern Cross, Wooden Ships, Our House, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Teach Your Children, Daylight Again / Find The Cost Of Freedom.


Acoustic duo, Jack Sedman and Harry Draper making songs for your ears.  Our new EP ‘Oceans’ is out now:


Chelsea Wolfe and her spectral, stygian brand of ambient-doom-folk-pop sounds even more divine crackling off my turntable . my Favorite track is Kings. This is a far more polished album than “Apokalypsis” and does not have the raw feel of that album. That’s not being critical though it just reflects the progress Chelsea Wolfe has made. It still has the energy, catchy beats and original vocals with a wider range of instruments on show. Don’t think there’s a boring bone in her body Chelsea…love it!. This is Chelsea Wolfe’s fourth studio album, Pain Is Beauty, was released September 3, 2013. An album trailer was released alongside this announcement, as well as a North American headlining tour in the fall. The song “Feral Love” was featured in the trailers for Game of Thrones season 4 and the television adaption of 12 Monkeys.



By early 1972, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were enjoying huge success, both as a group with tremendous album sales, and as a touring band in high demand. Individually, each member had recently recorded career-defining solo albums, but had not toured together in well over a year, which heightened the frenzy for any public appearance. This Sheriff’s Benefit Concert, arranged to help raise awareness of prisoner issues, featured local groups Earth Rise and Stoneground and  Elvin Bishop  headliners Crosby and Nash with a guest appearance from Neil Young a surprise during the duo’s set. He too had also been off the road, recording the now legendary Harvest album; Crosby & Nash, had also recently recorded their first, self-titled, album together.  To say the three of them together was a momentous occasion in March of 1972 is not overstating the case, as these guys were at the peak of their popularity. They were international superstars and the press was touting them as everything from the new Beatles to The Second Coming ,this is a very relaxed, totally acoustic affair. A few CSNY favourites, such as the set opener, “Wooden Ships,” and two tracks from Deja Vu, Nash’s “Teach Your Children” and Crosby’s “Almost Cut My Hair” (a rarity in acoustic form) are featured, but the set primarily focuses on newer material from solo albums by all three. This was a particularly prolific era for Graham Nash, who had released some of his most memorable songs over the previous two years. From his excellent Songs for Beginners album the politically charged “Military Madness” and “Chicago,” in addition to “I Used to Be a King,” one of his most beautiful songs Three of his best songs from the debut Crosby-Nash album are also included; “Southbound Train,” “And So It Goes” and “Immigration Man.” Crosby’s acoustic guitar playing and harmony vocals greatly enhance much of Nash’s material. In addition to the aforementioned numbers, the pair perform a lovely acoustic rendition of “The Lee Shore” and Crosby debuts “Page 43.” As one might expect, the crowd is very appreciative when Neil Young is invited to the stage, and he begins with the title track from Harvest, followed by a lovely version of “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” When he returns later during the evening, he performs one more classic “The Needle and the Damage Done,” and then remains for the rest of the killer set.

available from Amazon £7.99

Florence + The Machine played her first US show in nearly a year last night (26 October), as part of Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit Concert. Florence and the Machine was an absolute revelation to many in the crowd, delivering arguably the best set of the day. But if some fans weren’t all familiar with the material, they couldn’t deny the voice — so big, so moving, so powerful. Band leader Florence Welch’s vocals were every bit as stunning as the red velvet suit she wore onstage.
The British singer, who has stayed relatively quiet in both the UK and the US over the past couple of years, confirmed earlier this year that she’s working on her third album. Her second, Ceremonials, was released back in 2011.

At Neil Young’s annual fundraising gig, which also included Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Young himself amongst the line-up, the singer performed an acoustic set which drew from studio albums


gorgeous track with references to Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow for sure,NOVO AMOR  is the musical moniker of Ali Lacey a multi Instrumentalist, Haunting beautifuland melancholy songs