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KELORA – ” Boy ” EP

Posted: November 16, 2017 in MUSIC
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Check out Kelora. Like Herbert Powell, they hardly have anything online yet, but their new EP which is just finished recording is going to break hearts. Their live shows are more like art installations and the music is genuinely hard to describe – it’s truly unique. I think it’s the future. Can you imagine The Cocteau Twins, Portishead or Beach House playing medieval folk? .” Filmed on their phones, the video collates footage taken walking or riding the bus around Glasgow at night interspersed with eerie shots of them standing on a dark, blustery beach in hi vis jackets like two fisherman having an existential crisis. It brings a surreal and lingering sense of urgency to a climate where the general reaction to discomfort or disaster is to close one app and open another. “BOY” sticks with you – as well it should.

“BOY” will be released through Kelora’s own label CALX as a 4 track EP. It’s physical form will be a limited edition glow in the dark screen print containing a scratch off strip with a download code on the back. Catch them at their launch party on November 18th at the Pipe Factory in Glasgow




Posted: November 13, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Spinning Coin – Permo

Spinning Coin are the latest in a long line of top-notch Glasgow guitar bands. On their debut full-length, the five-piece pull together elements from a host of their forebears into a new and exciting whole. Given all the “legendary” names attached to Spinning Coin’s debut album, Permo – a reference to being on a permanent drug trip as made famous by Glasgow comic Limmy – one might be surprised that they’re not superstars already. In their three years as a band, though their story as Glasgow art-school musicians goes much further back, they have toured with Teenage Fanclub, signed to The Pastels’ Domino imprint Geographic Music and recorded with Edwyn Collins, with upcoming shows with Girl Ray and Dinosaur Jr. to come.

There’s a playfulness between songwriters Sean Armstrong and Jack Mellin that keep things fresh and exciting even when the band are at their most reminiscent of 90s jangly indie-rock. New single Sleepless for instance has a Pavement-esque slacker quality to it, showing their ambitions lay far beyond just Glasgow, while Sides, which precedes it, is a post-punk song of Wedding Present distraction. However, for every stirring pop song, there are also the more intentionally awkward songs like Metronome River, or the mysterious Starry Eyes which shows an inventiveness that goes beyond pure pop.

On top of working with those aforementioned highly notable names, Spinning Coin manage, across the 14 songs of their first full length, to sound like a cross between all of them. The quintet may wear their influences on their sleeve, and pretty broadly at times, but there is such a fascinating range of them for such a young band that Permo can only be seen as a success, both as a record but also within a long line of great Glasgow bands. Long may it continue – Spinning Coin are clearly destined for far bigger stages.


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The Van Thompson twins Hannah and Chloe are joined by bassist Joanne Forbes and drummer Shaun Hood to create their grunge/surf-rock sound. They recently played a sold-out headline gig at King Tut’s and were overwhelmed by the love they felt from the crowd, who knew every word and were more than ready for a good dance. With two EPs and a whole host of brilliant gigs under their belts, as well as their singles being featured on TV shows like Tattoo Fixers and Made in Chelsea, they’re one of the hottest bands on the scene right now, and are clearly going places.

Bittersweet’, the latest single from Glasgow’s The Van T’s, now accompanied by a video . The clip, features the four live on stage at Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle, hanging out back stage, and out on the street having fun.
Catch The Van T’s live at the following dates:

11 North Britain Festival, Stockton
21 The End Festival – The Social, London
22 Jimmys, Manchester

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The demise of the label Fortuna Pop, which we’re still not okay about by the way – has left a number of superb bands, musically homeless. At the top of the list of bands we didn’t think would have to rough it outside for long were The Spook School, and this week they’ve announced they’ve found a new home on Alcopop Records. The band’s third album, Could It Be Different?, is out early next year, and the Glasgow-based quartet have this week shared their new single, Still Alive.

A live favourite, with a chorus so catchy it’s been in our head almost constantly since The Spook School’s set at End Of The Road, Still Alive, is a fuzzy and furiously energetic slice of hook-laden pop. Discussing the track, Nye Todd has suggested it is, “about no longer being in an abusive relationship”It’s a track that’s laced with anger at abusers, but also pride, as Nye explains, “I think there’s a kind of pride in it as well though, recognition that you had the strength to get through a shitty situation and to do what you needed to do, and that you don’t need to feel shame”. Confident, inspiring and as catchy as ever, The Spook School sound more alive than ever.

‘Could It Be Different?‘ out January 26th on Alcopop! Records

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Glasgow’s sassiest and brightest band Catholic Action release their long-awaited debut album. A record that’s been years in the making for a band that has prolifically produced great material since their inception, the album was produced by their frontman Chris McCrory alongside Margo Broom (Fat White Family, Goat Girl, Dead Pretties, Phobophobes). The album is a a vibrant collection of guitar-pop anthems. Opening track L.U.V. is an example of Catholic Action’s angular approach to pop. The Shallows is one In Memory Of’s biggest moments, with it’s festival ready, sing-along chorus while New Year and Doing Well battle each other to be the album’s most catchy tune. Album closer Stars and Stripes brings together all of the album’s different elements, uniting the threads for a satisfying conclusion.


The single Propaganda released on limited 7’ Vinyl, taken from their debut album In Memory Of. It includes B Side Sunday Driver (Divide and Conquer Edit). A breakneck paced slab of punked up art-rock, Propaganda typifies Catholic Action’s penchant for penning instantly memorable pop nuggets, with a sardonic and knowing sense of self. Propaganda is a snappy piece of morning after regret, with frontman Chris McCrory explaining that the track “is a bad reaction to a hellish night. Spent up to my neck in landfill indie and cheap pints. A drunken epiphany on the dance floor, when you realise you’re very, very lost.”

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Get on your raggiest shoes, scruffiest jacket and head down to the dirtiest bar you know. Then plug your headphones in and stroll out right into the middle of the room and put this rocking gem from Sweaty Palms in your ears and let the music take your body wherever it needs to go.‘Queer Fatwa’, is the debut single from Glaswegian upstarts Sweaty Palms, named after a phrase lifted from author Jon Ronson’s investigative novel on extremist organisations, ‘Them’. In the section, an Islamist Militant leader attempts to put a ‘queer fatwa’ on Ronson. “The phrase is hysterical, it’s just not two words you imagine to see together,” say Sweaty Palms. “The rest of the song is loosely based around extremism, from Islamist militants to the dirty gringos of the western world.” It is to be released through RIP Records Introduces Volume 1:7

Here you’ve got music that’s primal, honest and one hell of a mess. And it’s brilliant. It smashes more violently than a rampaging bull ,more powerfully than the swirling hurricanes hitting the Virgin Isles a cacophony  of sound .

Hold on to your hats because things are about to get pretty vicious up in here and there are sure to be boots flying at all kinds of unreasonable heights until well into the early hours. Utter, utter chaos.


Released September 15th as part of the RIP Records Introduces Series

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Catholic Action are a product of Glasgow’s famously fertile music scene but have won fans across the UK thanks to their peerless pop masterpieces. After a run of rapturously received gigs in their hometown the group released their long-awaited debut release for Luv Luv Luv Records (Spector, Only Real, Splashh, The Garden) earlier this year.

The four-piece band are centered around the singular talents of vocalist and guitarist Chris McCrory – already known among key taste-makers as the drummer in Casual Sex, another of Glasgow’s leading musical lights.
McCrory, still only 24, became a full-time producer and recording engineer straight from school after establishing his own studio. While helping many of the artists in Glasgow’s burgeoning DIY scene, McCrory is also an exceptional songwriter in his own right and his group quickly became the most talked about in town.


Catholic Action were formed in 2014 by McCrory alongside Jamie Dubber on bass and Ryan Clark on drums. Andrew Macpherson later joined as lead guitarist to add extra sparkle to the group’s own brand of glam noise rock. The Glasgow band performed at a slew of this year’s’ tastemaker festivals including Live At Leeds, The Great Escape and Radio 1 Big Weekend and have announced a UK tour to coincide with a new single on Luv Luv Luv Records.


Just added this track cause I love it so much,


Band Members
Chris McCrory
Ryan Clark
Jamie Dubber
Andrew Macpherson

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It’s already been a fantastic year for Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist Siobhan Wilson. As well as releasing There Are No Saints, one of the year’s finest albums, and appearing live in a session on 6Music, the Elgin-raised songwriter also cleaned up at the recent Green Man Rising competition earning herself a slot at the festival. Celebrating that triumph, Siobhan has announced a slue of new tour dates for September, as well as sharing a video to one of her debut album’s stand-out moments, Dark Matter.

Set to a stripped backing of electric guitar and minimal percussion, Dark Matter is a contemplative musing on the trials and tribulations of everyday living, as she contrasts life’s huge and minor mysteries noting: “nobody really know what dark is made of, or what goes on behind your eyes”. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Siobhan suggests it is, “about all of the things you can never understand about life, time, space and people”. You shouldn’t need us, or for that matter Green Man Festival, to tell you that Siobhan Wilson is a talent undeniably on the rise.

There Are No Saints is out now via Song, By Toad.

​Catholic Action announce debut album ‘In Memory Of,’ share ‘Propaganda’

Glasgow legends Catholic Action have announced their debut album!

Titled ‘In Memory Of,’ the band’s first full length is set to come out later this year on Modern Sky Records, with an exact release date yet to be firmed up. We do know a few more spicy details, however; ‘In Memory Of’ is co-produced by Margo Broom (who also manned the production desk for Goat Girl and Dead Pretties) and the band’s very own Chris McCrory.

Along with lifting the lid on news of their long-awaited debut, Catholic Action have also shared a brand tune called ‘Propaganda,’ and we’ve got the first spin here.


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BooHooHoo are a Glasgow-based three-piece comprising of founding members and multi-instrumentalists Richard Richardson and Reggie House. Along with singer Liz Kiyoko, who they claim to have found in the ‘free to a good home’ category on Gumtree, the electro-pop trio are complete.

With the help of previous full time member and now session drummer Ewan Laing, BooHooHoo recorded their debut DebutHooHoo EP at the end of last year released via the Last Night From Glasgow label. The trio have since been working on their debut album with the help of producer Stephen Watkins,

The video for Fire was directed by Drew John Barnes in Glasgow’s Berkeley Suite featuring Kiyoko and a “mystery dancer” who the band claim to have “found in the fruit and veg aisle in Lidl.” Of the song, Kiyoko tells us: “Fire is inspired by an unrequited love interest. The video is a visual representation of exactly that.”

Fire is the new single by BooHooHoo! it is available 7th April 2017. Glaswegian trio BooHooHoo’s latest track possesses such a phat bass-line .