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HAIRBAND – ” Flying “

Posted: October 12, 2018 in MUSIC
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Featuring members of Breakfast Muff, Spinning Coin, Lush Purr and Kaputt, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Glasgow quintet, Hairband are really rather brilliant. The band are set to release their debut EP next month and have this week shared the latest offering from it, “Flying”. Featured new song from the excellent charity fundraiser album “Glasgow Nights”, released as a fundraiser for anti-poverty charity Money Advice Scotland. Hairband are new on the Glasgow music scene and “Flying” is a delightful gravity-defying slice of loping melodic guitar pop.

Flying is an ode to the power of gravity, about the world’s ability to pull us back to the ground even as it spins and sometimes leaves us utterly bewildered by what’s going on around us: “Everytime I leave the ground, I wonder will it be my last time, so I say goodbye to the feeling of my feet with the earth beneath and take to the sky. Thank you gravity for all you’ve done for me, but don’t let me go”. There’s an innocence and a poetry to the words, a moment where clarity of thought allows the noise of the world to fade out. Paired with intricate swaggering guitar lines and understated rhythms, before the whole thing fades to a moment of lucid vocal isolation.

Hairband are five songwriters, each bringing ideas to the table and making them work as something rooted in music’s history but equally carving its own niche, a thrilling ode to friendship and the creativity that can come with it.

Hairband’s debut EP is out October 19th via Monorail Music.


Patience AKA Roxanne Clifford, formerly of Veronica Falls. found time to direct this lo-fi new video from Sacred Paws. Sacred Paws are the duo of Rachel Aggs (also a member of Shopping/Trash Kit) and Eilidh Rodgers, who are based in London and Glasgow, although some 400 miles apart from one another. The pair are releasing a new single next week via Mogwai’s Rock Action Records, and have celebrated it by sharing their new video for their new single release “Everyday”.

Everyday is the first new material from Sacred Paws since last year’s excellent and accurately titled EP, Six Songs. Everyday is built around an infectious afro-beat guitar riff with complex rhythms and clever vocal harmonies . It would have made an excellent soundtrack to long summer evenings, I hope to hear a lot more from this talented twosome in the coming months.

The lo-fi video for ‘Everyday’ where you can often see the duo having a great time laughing – is an infectious addendum to an already catchy song.

Everyday/Rest is out October 21st via Rock Action Records.

Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers formed Sacred Paws while they were playing together in the indie pop band Golden Grrrls, then kept going after that band split. Despite living in London and Glasgow, respectively, the thrill they felt playing together was enough to make the distance traveled to play and record worth every boring minute on a train or bus. That thrill comes through loud and clear on their first album, the Afro-pop-inspired Strike a Match. Aggs’ jangling, spiraling guitar playing, her pulsing bass, and Rodgers‘ athletic drumming form the core of their sound, with the duo’s vocals floating over the top in unison, trading lines or in rich harmony.

They are clearly in deep debt to masters like Fela and off-kilter dance punks like Delta 5, and there’s plenty of indie pop sweetness in their vocal interplay, but none of that matters unless the listener is the grumpiest kind of stickler. The bubbling rhythms, sharp-as-a-punch hooks, and ace guitar playing and drumming help push the record past nostalgia to a very happy place; the absolute joy in the singing and playing makes musical trainspotting feel like a crime; and the songs are bright enough to fill even the gloomiest bedsit with an overpowering warmth. The occasional fuzzy synths and shimmering horns add even more sunshine to their already blazing core, making songs like “Nothing” and “Everyday” sound like the most peacefully happy music on earth. Even when Sacred Paws dial it back some and bring in a little melancholy, like on “Wet Graffiti,” they do it with gentle care and bouncy energy that fit perfectly with the uptempo, dancefloor-friendly tracks making up the bulk of the album. Aggs and Rodgers went through a lot of hard work to make Strike a Match, but the end result sounds effortless and feels as breezy and light as any pop music around. Strike a Match is a brilliant debut album with a solid emotional core that gives the instantly memorable songs gravity and keeps them from lifting off and floating away, instead anchoring them deep in listeners’ hearts and minds.

The title track of the debut album, out now on Rock Action Records.

Clear your calendar for the rest of the day, because you’ll want to spend it with Michael Timmons. If you aren’t already familiar with this Scottish talent, he is of the finest emerging singer-songwriters around. And somehow, despite his remarkable talent, his debut LP, Bone Coloured, escaped our notice when it arrived earlier this year. Fortunately the single “Two Suns” is so captivating you’ll forget about time and space altogether.

Timmons is poised to become the next Jeff Buckley. The simplicity of “Two Suns” reminds you how powerful just a voice and a guitar can be. Tender and yearning one moment and soaring the next, Timmons’ vocals dazzle throughout. The final crescendo swell prompts a slow inhale of breath you’ll hold until the final notes. You won’t want to break the magical spell this song creates until the final notes fade. Only then you can emit a satisfied sigh before hitting play again and again.


A solo musician from Glasgow. Michael’s creates fragile music sustained by reverb laden finger-plucked electric guitar. Michael’s narrative drivenmusic has been described as ‘ethereal’ and ’emotional’.

Bone Coloured is out now from Gargleblast Records.

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Scottish Fiction Records are proud to present ‘a talent for being unreasonable’ – the debut album from Glasgow indie pop four piece Wojtek the Bear.

Following on from the success of their maiden EP, Wojtek the Bear tucked themselves away to work with in-demand producer Chris McCrory (Catholic Action) to record ‘a talent for being unreasonable’ at Shady Lane Studios in late 2017. The album opens with the pointedly percussive ‘oil & water’; a delicate introductory track. Second track, ‘the navies of landlocked nations’, metaphorically depicts close-to-home struggles against a gentle indie-pop backdrop. After the traditionalist tendencies of ‘postcode’ and the American Football-esque guitar/snare coupling of ‘kindness doesn’t cost’, the album crests at ‘waves’, a beautifully unassuming track. This kind of engaging simplicity is a skill normally found in bands far older then Wojtek the Bear, yet they deliver in spades.


The midriff of the album boasts the energetic injection of lead single ‘made out of maps’, before we are happily dragged back to the stripped-down ‘call this a war’; perhaps the record’s purest form of simplicity. effort contrasts a slacker-pop surface with a lyrical performance which questions the laid-back vibes the music

Releases May 25th, 2018

The Spook School is a queer and trans indie pop punk band from Glasgow who seek to inform and uplift others in their community. The quartet’s outspoken music and identities are deeply intertwined, so they use the platform to converse about non-binary sexual identity, harassment, and discrimination with an upbeat, plucky style. The Spook School is a welcome change in the sea of indie rock sameness; the kind of band that challenges convention by blending new lyrical topics with a nostalgic sonic palette.

Band Members
Nye Todd – Guitar and Vocals
Adam Todd – Guitar and Vocals
Anna Cory – Bass and Vocals
Niall McCamley – Drums and Vocals

Released February 20, 2018


Among the top tip’s for this year is some classic sounding, feisty garage-rock from Glasgow courtesy of Lucia – think along the lines of The Ronettes, Pixies & Bikini Kill and you’re nearly there. Lucia was discovered busking and since then her and her band have quickly built up a reputation as one of the most exciting bands around. Their brand new single ‘Melted Ice Cream’ is an instant great tune.


Image result

The Spook School have released the video for new single ‘Body’.

The track is the third single taken from their excellent third album ‘Could It Be Different?‘, due for release on January 26th.

Speaking of the track and video, vocalist Nye Todd explained:“With ‘Body’ specifically, I wrote it from a kind of positive place, in that I’d been exercising lots and was proud of what I’d achieved and how much more capable I felt in my own body, but I was also aware of how much shame, dysphoria and internalised transphobia that I still felt towards myself. I got to wondering if everyone felt that to a certain extent, and that’s where the song lyrics kind of came from.”

Body’ is distinguishable as a Spook School single within seconds, with their unique Scottish indie punk blend taking a timely topic and turning it into a single flowing with relatable lyrics. ‘Could It Be Different?’ out January 26th on Alcopop! Records (UK) and Slumberland Records.

After a handful of singles, Glasgow’s Spinning Coin finally deliver the goods in their debut long player. As you might expect it’s a combination of ramshackle Pastels like pop and good natured Teenage Fanclub guitar pop.

I highly recommend you all check out Spinning Coin. Sean Armstrong is one of the most prolific and creative songwriters I know – I recorded an early EP of theirs and they just finished their debut album with Edwyn Collins. It’s out soon on Geographic RecordsSpinning Coin have determinedly, and with single-minded purpose, made their music heard: beautifully rough-hewn guitar pop that takes in frustration, escapism, but also gracefulness and splendour, in equal measure.
The five-piece now announce that their debut album “Permo” will be released on November 10th via The Pastels’ Domino imprint, Geographic Music.
The fourteen songs on Permo trace all kinds of terrain, though the overarching story might be that of a group looking for escapism, somehow and anyhow, in the midst of a social and cultural climate that’s closing down possibilities for difference and community.

Following on from her critically lauded 2013 album, “Crystal World,” Ladytron’s Marnie continues to develop her very own take on a modern pop sound through the release of “Strange Words And Weird Wars.” Comprised of ten pulsating tracks, “Strange Words And Weird Wars “showcases the most impressive elements of Marnie’s incarnation as a solo artist along with those that made her band, Ladytron, one of the most respected pioneers in electronic music; soul crushing synths are wonderfully accented by hook-laden choruses as Marnie boldly explores up-tempo electro dream-pop.

Marnie’s ability to effortlessly play with genres becomes more and more apparent as you work your way through what is such a sonically impressive record. Tracks such as ‘Girls’ expertly creates the immediacy of Ladyhawke’s best work, with ‘Electric Youth’ channeling 80’s mall pop; a glorious guilty pleasure and one of the stand-out tracks on the album. Introspection comes in the form of the shoegaze-inspired ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’, giving the air of an unreleased b-side from a cult vampire movie, while forthcoming single “Lost Maps” is a pop classic in the making; a single that should be heard on dance floors all over the world.


After moving back to Glasgow in September 2012, after many years living in London, Marnie continued to write music following the success of her solo project and subsequent album release in 2013. Influenced by life, love, loss, politics and all things 80’s pop, Marnie has created an album that has an intelligence and a depth behind what, on the surface, is a melodic contemporary pop record. With support having already come from tastemakers like Pitchfork, Pop Matters and Under The Radar, Marnie will be looking to build upon this through the release of her second solo record; an album that will rightly be deemed one of the most anticipated of 2017