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Ali John Meredith-Lacey, better known under the moniker Novo Amor, is a Welsh multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, sound designer and producer. The past three years have been a burst of creativity from Aberystwyth-born singer/songwriter Novo Amor (AKA Ali Lacey). In 2017, he dropped debut album ‘Heiress’ which first introduced us to his unique pop/folk infusion followed a year late by second record ‘Birthplace’ – and now he drops stunning third instalment ‘Cannot Be, Whatsoever’.  

Bright yet contemplative, Lacey describes his latest LP as “a shift towards the light” across the ten tracks which he self-produced. The optimism shines through as he deeply reflects upon the most important moments in his life and their meaning. When Ali Lacey was 20 years old, he had his heart broken. “As clichéd as it sounds, I wrote love songs about the whole situation,” he recalls. “You’re in those formative years when everything just feels more emotionally charged. But looking back, I kind of cringe about the way I acted.” He grimaces. “I was writing the songs as soon as things happened and then I would send them to her. Argh, I wish I didn’t. The lyrics are just so obvious.

Novo Amor will be playing headline dates during Spring 2021 to show off his new material, Official video for ‘I Feel Better’ by Novo Amor Lifted from the album ‘Cannot Be, Whatsoever’, out now.

“Whether it’s the reminder that aloneness isn’t singular or a simplistic jolt of motivation that is far from cheesy, Novo Amor delivers an album with complexity and subtlety all at once. At a time when chaos and pain seem next to impossible to look away from, Novo Amor gently reminds us of all the possibilities and ways of being true.” – Clash

Released: 6th November

“Cannot Be, Whatsoever” is Aberystwyth-born Ali Laceys second self-produced studio album as Novo Amor. With its beautifully crafted 10 tracks, it continues his fascinating story where his debut of 2018 , Birthplace, left off.
The process began with the albums second track I Feel Better the writing of which set Lacey on an optimistic path. Although not an album devoid of solemn moments, Cannot Be, Whatsoever is loaded with thoughtful reflection and re-discovery, and as a result its both poignant and uplifting. In Laceys own words, this new music is a shift towards the light which is perfectly introduced by Opaline today containing its own fulfilling lyric Now I feel like I’m finally me.

Yesterday saw the release of Novo Amor’s second single ‘Opaline’, which is taken from his upcoming second album ‘Cannot Be, Whatsoever’. Not only did we get a beautiful new single, but we got the first video of the campaign so far too – a cinematic stunner that was shot in the Australian outback, directed by Stefan Hunt and will have all you oldies longing for one more shot at youth.

My new single ‘I Feel Better’ is out now. I felt an incredible rush of joy and direction when I initially wrote the piano and chorus melody. At the time it felt like this song would define the album, which hadn’t been written yet. I thought it would set the tone for a more positive and joyous step forward, but months down the line the record grew this backbone of indecision, jumping from feelings of self-affirmation to self-pity, from joy and celebration to feelings of boredom and anxiety. It’s not something I really wanted, but those feelings naturally manifested themselves within what I was creating. I think that spectrum of emotion appropriately mirrors how it feels to make an album, at least for me anyway. It’s a mess and can cause a lot of grief. It gives you life, then drags it back out of you. It gives you happiness, the best days, the worst days, and makes you question your purpose and abilities. These words feel unnecessarily dramatic when describing nine months of just making music, but hey, that’s how it feels.

By the end of the album recording, the song felt like an outlier, another one of these ideas that didn’t really need to be heard. I’d worked on it too much. It felt like I was making it worse with every day of recording. It felt like the album had shifted too far away from this uplifting piano line that I’d gotten excited about months before. So, I was ready to throw it away until my friend and collaborator Ed Tullett stopped me. He gave me encouragement to at least see it though and try to make something we could be happy with. I think he (thankfully) saw more importance in this song being on the album than I did. Like most of the other tracks on the record, we worked on it together and it’s a much better record because of it. The song, while still feeling like a bit of an outlier, actually came to represent so much of what this record is for me, this range of emotion and indecision, the building up and tearing down of ideas, this clash of happiness and sadness and affirmation from others. As the song sings – “just tell me that it’s alright and I’ll be fine”.

From the album ‘Cannot Be, Whatsoever’, released November 6th 2020

Novo will be performing at SXSW 2019

Novo Amor, a.k.a. singer-songwriter Ali Lacey, pieces together his songs using only the finest and most fragile organic ingredients: lightly plucked acoustic guitars and banjos, tender bits of piano, subtle string sweeps. But most exquisite of all is Lacey’s own falsetto — imagine Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, but more straightforwardly angelic — Novo Amor sends the whole arrangement hurtling heavenward.


The Welsh multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter whose 2018 album “Birthplace” is packed full of cinematic soundscapes undercut with more than a little melancholy.

Lifted from the ‘Bathing Beach’ EP out May 26th on vinyl and digital

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Welsh multi-instrumentalist Novo Amor returns with his new track “Colourway” off his forthcoming EP, Bathing Beach. The beautifully chilling track begins with a simple acoustic guitar, and the track comes to life as the soundscape slowly builds.

Novo Amor, aka Ali Lacey, described “Colourway” as “an expression of nostalgia, a wistful nod to a certain period of time.”

He continues, “The idea to title the EP Bathing Beach comes from an illustrated postcard of a shore in New York State, a pace that was my home for a summer back in 2011. For me, Bathing Beach exerts a calmness that was present during my time there; the idea of it being a place where the land meets the water almost feels like the perfect place to let something go, or set something free.”


Lifted from the ‘Bathing Beach EP‘ out now via AllPoints


The music of British songwriter Novo Amor, AKA Ali Lacey, has always felt mystical. His whispery voice and dreamy production give his work an otherworldly quality, creating lush and immerse atmospheres with every track. It doesn’t matter if he’s performing solo material or covering Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle”, a supernatural sense of peace permeates every track he touches.

His latest song, “Anchor”, is the epitome of this delicateness and craft. The strings on his acoustic guitar buzz sorrowfully as he fingerpicks, singing above it all at a hushed volume. Soft electric guitar tones float in the background, drifting like slow waves crashing on a shore. The track feels enchanting, so much so that it only makes sense that the music video would take on the mythical.
“The inspiration for the video comes from Gaelic folklore of the Selkie,” Lacey says “Selkies live as Seals in the sea but shed their skin to live as human on land. If a man steals a Selkie’s skin she is to live in his power and become his wife, but because her true home will always be the sea, she will always be longing for the ocean and often caught gazing at the horizon. The underlying concept of the song is about wanting and waiting for something/someone to return, so this video was naturally a perfect fit.”

Lacey’s version of the legend isn’t as gruesome as shedding skin or overtly concerned with domination. Instead, it features a lonesome fisherman finding a woman in the ocean and bringing her back home. Things seem okay at first until her distance from the water starts to take a physical a toll. The video aptly captures the feeling of longing, both in the legend and within the song.

Picture rural Wales. Somewhere about an hour or two from the nearest town. Somewhere on the edge of a deep, dark forest or somewhere that’s perched just next to a vast expanse of the Atlantic. Find that place and you’ll come close to finding the landscape that shapes Novo Amor’s music.

The Cardiff based multi-instrumentalist, better known to family and friends as Ali Lacey, brilliantly capture vast, melancholic scenes with his latest EP Woodgate NY. Blending his gentle vocals with guitars, banjos and the odd suspended bathtub (he also happens to be an experimental sound designer) Lacey recently signed to Brilliance Records, a small indie-folk label based on the west coast of Norway. in “Holland” for example you can hear the sound of an old garden hose being hit with a hammer. Whatever I think will give an added bit of interest or texture. Once you get the hang of it it’s quite a straight forward process. Each object makes a certain sound so once you’ve worked out what that sound is you can then pitch on a keyboard, and from those collections of sounds you can begin to construct a melody.