SURF CITY – ” Its A Common Life “

Posted: March 6, 2015 in MUSIC
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The album enjoyed critical acclaim from a host of bloggers, who praised their “impressively assured sound” and “perfect 2-minute pop storm.” with their punky psychedelic pop is impressive  and admitted Surf City’s pleasure for pleasure’s sake approach already has me pining for more.”

The band toured the US and NZ/Australia before taking a brief hiatus while Davin Stoddard did a good amount of traveling. Josh became a father and left the band and Davin moved to New York, where he found a basement studio in Chinatown and began to work on the new album. He soon realized that the Big Apple wasn’t really for him (revealed in the song “NYC”). He returned to New Zealand and continued recording. He soon found himself in South Korea, teaching English, and far removed from everyone he knew. Filling so many of his late nights and early mornings with recording additional vocals and guitar parts in his apartment, the paper-thin walls would eventually cause the tenants who lived upstairs to move out as a result.

During this time Davin was listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, Scott Walker and Leonard Cohen, who all coloured the lyrical style that appears on the album. In many ways it’s a sad record, reflecting the loneliness and introspection that can occur whilst traveling and spending a vast amount of time alone on buses or trains or in airports with these legendary songwriters on repeat.

Musically, the band have developed their signature reverb-heavy fuzz rock in to something more gutsy but whilst retaining a keen ear for melody to create some unforgettable tunes.

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