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The Felines are a Doo-Wop Surf Pop Rock band From Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2010 they Sound Like The Cramps doing a Beach Boys tribute with an extra aloof Francoise Hardy on vocals.
Recent and deserving inductees to the Copenhagen chapter of the League of Extraordinarily Cool Girl Bands, the Felines are like a fully fueled hair flip. Seriously, don’t let the doo-wop descriptor so many blogs and magazines are using fool you. More often than not, the trio dials it down to an eerie, bare-bones saunter — before suddenly amping up and layering in for a thicker sound before they smoothly fade out. If the long buildups weren’t so nonchalantly catchy, the quickness of those great heights would seem pretty tragic.


Four years and two EPs in, bassist Asta Louisa Bjerre, guitarist Ditte Melgaard and drummer Mei Long Bao have finally wrapped up their first proper full-length release “Want”, released through German imprint Soundflat Records, same as its predecessors. This debut LP, however, is also being issued on tape through the US of A’s Burger Records basically, considering that imprint’s current representation and prestige, they’re about to be everyone’s new favorite band.
Even if that’s a bit presumptuous, it’s probable that even rock ‘n’ rollers who aren’t part of the Burger cult will succumb to the allure of The Felines’ spooky, coyly snarling vibe. The blasé badass feel is totally unrelenting throughout the album’s entirety. the band transforms familiar surf and ’60s girl group motifs into a sound that’s fresh, yet magnificently rotten. The lethargic pace and withdrawn sounding vocals make a near mockery of the easy melodies. It’s like that standoffish and mean but undeniably cool acquaintance you should hate, but you just can’t. They’re just too damn cool.


The group’s fourth LP, “Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave”, more than justifies this ascension. Where there were youthful, wayward meanderings, So after exorcising the sorrows of lessons learnt along the way. The new sound with the synths more comfortable in their supporting role, plus new orchestral sounds emerge, The guitars return to the forefront and Graham’s rich vocal is more assured, with a newly matured verve for heart-melting melodies that elevates this record to a place where the band had only earlier dabbled. This record soars with an evolved clarity and punchy guitar hooks, addictive refrains and vocal melodies to weep over.

Singer/songwriter J. Tillman‘s music paints, sadly beautiful portraits of love and life of Nick Drake and the country-influenced  of Ryan Adams.Tillman first made a name for himself playing drums in a pair of indie rock bands, Saxon Shore and Stately, while attending college in New York City. In his spare time, however, he began writing material of his own, citing the music of Nick Drake and Pete Seeger, and the writings of Flannery O’Connor, influences. Some of Tillman‘s demos found their way to Damien Jurado, who invited Tillman to join his band for a tour. Tillman played solo sets during several dates on the tour and began distributing CD-R copies of an early collection of tunes called I Will Return. During the tour, he also struck up a friendship with Eric Fisher, who produced another CD-R album,

In 2006, the independent Fargo Records label released Tillman‘s first properly distributed solo album, Minor Works, and Keep Records reissued I Will Return/Long May You Runas a two-disc set the same year. In 2007, Yer Bird Records released Tillman‘s fourth, more elaborately arranged album,Cancer and Delirium. Although his solo work continued to garner critical acclaim, he briefly shifted focus in 2008 by joining Fleet Foxes. The group toured heavily in support of its debut album; meanwhile, Tillman continued working on his own material, releasing Year in the Kingdom in 2009. In 2011, Tillman left Fleet Foxes to concentrate on his many solo projects, adopting the pseudonym Father John Misty for 2012’s Fear Fun, a 12-track collection of new material that infused the harmony-laden hymns of his former band with a patina of Gram Parsonsand Harry Nilsson-informed, Laurel Canyon-inspired neo-psychedelia.


A band with a twisted and dry sense of humour their classic song “Montreal Rock Band Somewhere” talks about scalping Win Butler and wearing his hair,Happyness are a band like no other in tone rhythm and the degrees of sadness and appropriately Happyness too.


Emily Beanblossom has a menacing and powerful voice from a darker sound that is a hint somewhere between Stevie Nicks and Victoria Legrand there is a new album “Crackle” a dreamy eerie step in the right direction

STORMS – ” Undress “

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Its hard not to fall for the band Storms who are London based their  debut single “Swell” a slacker gem in the vein of Mac DeMarco quickly turns into a Nirvana style thrash.presently they are recording and aiming to release more singles throughout the year.

A band with already two excellent songs featured from their soundcloud site, this London band have a new EP titled “Blood” they have a great vocalist with wonderful harmonies from the rest of the band these are a young band to watch for the winter months

FUFANU – ” Circus life “

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with sounds like Disclosure covering Joy Division on a Bela Lugosi soundtrack with performances at Roskilde Festival and all Tomorrows Parties in their homeland of Iceland they are going to open for Damon Albarn at the Royal Albert Hall.


With Shimmering guitars former WU LYF member launches his new single on Dazed Digital Records,





London based guitar scuzzy pop with sweet sounding 60’s style pop vocals, ahead of a UK tour with the band Slowcoaches and a shared EP “The Tourist” including a cover of the WIRE song “Mannequin”.