Posted: December 31, 2015 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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This is the fourth album by the melodic shoegaze trio from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. The album came out in May, but I didn’t get it until a few months later. I liked their earlier stuff, but this one really hit me hard. It was all I could listen to for about a month. It’s worth pointing out that they also released an EP of Ride covers this year, and it’s quite good. In a connected way, this album reminds me so much of that period of time when Ride was riding the wave of Nowhere and things were going really well for them. Before Britpop forced them and other UK shoegazers to adapt their sound to whatever it was that NME and Melody Maker would write favorable things about. Before even the label bosses made their shoegaze bands write Britpop stuff.


93mmfts have created an album of deeply saturated textural assaults that hynotically welcome you with fuzzed melodies and indistinct vocals. If droning feedback and emotive songs of mystery are your thing, then these guys really do have the goods.


In Honor of the Reunion Tour for Ride in 2015 on American Shores
93MillionMiles covered these songs with great justice with their renditions here.
Absoulutely magnificent for Fans of either Band and the Genre itself.
Vapour Trail weaves its mesmerizing trance like tapestry in this extended phased out crushing version.

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