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Excellent tribute album with some great versions of classic Ride tracks,

The Blog That Celebrates Itself has released a fantastic tribute album to the band. You should definitely listen to this. Brazil’s Renato Malizia (of The Blog That Celebrates Itself) continually works his butt off interviewing all manner of fantastic noise makers for his site (most recently Dråpe). But he’s also posted a fun filled tribute to Ride featuring 24 bands covering the classics! ‘Leave Them All Behind’ kicks off with a collaboration between Oliver Ackermann (of A Place To Bury Strangers) and Ceremony! Plus tunes from Rev Rev Rev, Jaguwar, The Sorry Shop, Stella Diana, Lunaire and more

‘Leave Them All Behind – A Tribute to Ride’ features 24 tracks that will definitely appeal to Ride fans who liked the bands earlier recordings, there’s plenty of guitars and distortion.



Released in January for Mr Bowie’s Birthday