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Cerf Volant is a shoegaze/dream pop duo from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Its members are Andrea Perdue (synths/vocals), Jérémie Rüest (guitars/loops). They also get contribution from Zaied Ali (beats/samples).

I don’t know when this band got started, but they have some tracks on compilations and tribute albums dating back to 2013. A different version of tonight’s song appears on a 2013 compilation called Whatever Forever, which featured bands from Lawrence, Kansas. Perdue is, I think, originally from Kansas. She speaks French, and another one of their songs –“Foal”– features her bilingual French and English lyrics. Rüest is, I think, of French extraction. he was in a different band with Perdue in Paris in 2009.

It’s also worth noting that the band’s name is French for Kite. Literally, it means “flying deer”, but that’s how they describe a kite.

The band has a self-titled debut EP coming out very soon via Beko, but details are sketchy at best.


93MillionMilesFromTheSun are a melodic shoegaze trio from Doncaster, South Yorkshire,  I’ve posted about the band before, and I put spaces between the words, but it’s my understanding that the official way to do it is without spaces. . They’ve been making records since 2008, but the only constant member has been Nick Noble (aka “Nick Mainline”). It’s hard to get an accurate count, but since 2009, they’ve released four proper albums, a bunch of EPs and a bunch of singles and special releases. This year alone, they’ve released the four-song Watch Her Fall EP, a three-song EP of Ride covers entitled Ride, the four-song Nothing Left Inside EP, and then the new album Fall Into Nothing, which has 15 songs and clocks in a chunky 72 minutes. They also, apparently, reissued the 2012 album Towards The Light. This is a band that I knew about for a long time, but I only started listening to them at the end of last year.



The Bristol-based four-piece are the loudest, most abrasive band on Sonic Cathedral to date, and one who make a mockery of those articles that crop up every now and again asking if guitar music is dead. If guitars are supposed to be dead, wrote Drowned In Sound in their review of 2013’s Hunger EP, it’s probably because Spectres have killed them.
They certainly find influences in all the best places: first album My Bloody Valentine, Sister era Sonic Youth, the Loop of Heaven’s End, Swervedriver’s Creation-days desert-gaze, A Place To Bury Strangers total sonic annihilation and Royal Trux’s squalid noise on Twin Infinitives to name just a few. The album opens with the ominous and unsettling white noise and dark found sounds of Drag takes in first single ‘Where Flies Sleep’ and is unrelenting for the next 50 minutes.
Produced and mixed by Dominic Mitchison (Velcro Hooks). Featuring Oliver Wilde on backing vocals.



33 Tracks
24 Previously unreleased

The forth annual compilation release by the sonically-driven label Saint Marie Records. Specializing in Shoegaze, Dreampop, Indie Pop and Electronica. Featuring tracks exclusively from the Saint Marie roster, it includes tracks from past releases, future releases, remixes, and exclusives. Specially priced!

The forth annual compilation release by the sonically-driven label Saint Marie Records. Specializing in Shoegaze, Dreampop, Indie Pop and Electronica. Featuring tracks exclusively from the Saint Marie roster, it includes tracks from past releases, future releases, remixes, and exclusives. Specially priced!

* Previously Unreleased


WHEN THE SUN HITS / immersed within your eyes *
BLINDNESS / last one dies
THE CAPSULES / moving on *
STRATA FLORIDA / caroline *
THE CHERRY WAVE / blissbomb
SEA SURFER / the roads we take *
THE EMERALD DOWN / turn away *
MARK VAN HOEN / i love to fly


BLOODY KNIVES / reflection lies *
ELIKA / closer
SPOTLIGHT KID / the train down *
SNOW IN MEXICO / juno beach
JEFF RUNNINGS / outside oslo (vista mix) *
SECRET SHINE / spellbound
KEITH CANISIUS / we gotta get going (static waves remix) *
WE NEED SECRETS / fiesta red (demo) *
CRASH CITY SAINTS / the unsolemn vow *


ORANGE / starwheel
SPC ECO / sling me down *
ECHODRONE / a straining anthem *
CLOUD FROM THE SEA / peaking *
WHIMSICAL / surreal *
THE HIGH VIOLETS / sublime haze *
ASAKS / wax copy of herself *
DEARDARKHEAD / juxta mare *
PRESENTS FOR SALLY / there’s no other place *
STATIC DAYDREAM / the night closes in *

MOLLY – ” Sun Sun Sun “

Posted: November 23, 2015 in MUSIC
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First single and video by the Austrian Shoegaze-Duo “MOLLY”. Something of a pretty darned epic first single just unveiled this weekend by this Austrian shoe/dream-gaze duo .
The pair, Lars Andersson (vocals, guitar) and Phillip Dornauer (drums, bass, synth), who are based in Innsbruck, have spent nine months working on this six-and-a-half minute lushly textured debut, so show some appreciation as it washes over you with its Alpine airiness!


podcast 284 is up and running and ready for you! Featuring The Electric Lazarus, The Accord and The Icarus Line!

1. Joan Jett-Bad Reputation-Bad Reputation-Blackheart Records
2. Electric Sound of Joy-Total Turn-single-Earworm

4. The Accord-Box Of Paints-Cinematics-self release
5. The Icarus Line-Ride Or Die- All Things Under Heaven-Agitated Records
6. The Sandmen-Hate Your Ways-Western Blood-Garden Records
7. J.M.K.E.-Tere Perestroika- Külmale maale-Stupido Twins
8. New Order-Plastic-Music Complete-Mute
9. Kelis-Jerk Ribs-Food-Ninja Tunes
10. Los Yaki-Nadie Como Yo- Los Nuggetz- 60’s Garage and Psych From Latin America Disc 3-Rockbeat Records
11. The Temptations-I Can’t Get Next To You-Puzzle People-Gordy
12. Destroyer -Dream Lover-Poison Season-Merge Records

Second Skin · Shana Falana, released 2015 Team Love Records , Experimental dream-pop band emerging from New York’s vast shoegaze scene. Combining live-looping of reverb-drenched vocals and guitar , Shana Falana is an American shoegazing band from Brooklyn, New York, currently based in Kingston, New York. They are currently signed to Team Love Records. The band consists of musicians Shana Falana and Michael Amari, who has been writing and recording songs for nearly two decades, and the easy confidence of a veteran comes through, even if this is technically her debut record. “I would have two or three bands at one time,” she admits, and they ranged from “a sludge rock band, a Bulgarian women’s choir, and a pretty, dreamy organ and guitar duo.” On this record, she’s combining all of those influences and adding one more: The addition of Mike Amari to her life as both a percussionist and a boyfriend fans Lightning Fire into a roaring, crackling blaze. There’s hints of new wave here as well, which can probably be credited to producer Dan Goodwin (Devo). On “Know UR Mine” Falana assumes various robotic vocal effects to chuckle through power plays, but during ’80s-leaning power ballad “Shine Thru” her voice is closer to Dido, or even Enya, in tissue-paper delicacy. This is an album that pivots on a resistance to any sort of central tenet, constantly moving forward, shedding skin as it goes


another episode of the lovely and wonderful Ola’s Kool Kitchen,

Ola’ Kool Kitchen is a show on Rock XS Radio, Magic Monster Radio, KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, DCRC Radio 1, 107.5 andhow.FM, Primal Radio and The Indie Authority hear more shows

Show 280
1. Saloon-Girls Are The New Boys-(This Is) What We Call Progress-Darla
2. Beirut-No No No-No No No-4AD
3. Kissing Party-Justine- Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time I Was Suffocating-Fleeting Youth Records
4. Spiral Electric-Upon Your Shore-Upon Your Shore-Spiral Electric
5. Pond-Man It Feels Like Space Again-Man It Feels Like Space Again-Caroline Records
6. Alice Donut-My Boyfriend’s Back-Mule-Alternative Tentacles
7. Westworld-Sonic Boom Boy-Rockulator-RCA
8. Radio 4-Start A Fire-Gotham-City Slang
9. Frokedal-First Friend-I See You-Propeller Recordings
10. Quotations-Cool It-single-Rollin
11. Rajah Ahmad & Dengan Dendang Irama – Oh Ya Ya- Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock From Singapore and Malaysia 1964-1970 Volume 1-Sublime Frequencies
12. John Paul White- What A Way To Go- True Detective Season 2 Soundtrack-Harvest Records
13. Josef K-It’s Kinda Funny- The Only Fun in Town –Postcard Records


podcast 279 has rolled on in like a hurricane of sonic boom bliss. Featuring SEXTILE, Showstar, and Lions of Dissent! Shout out to Christophe Danthinne and Tim Baker

The Latest Radio Show from our favourite

Show Tracklist 279
1. Fuzzy-Flashlight-single-Seed
2. East River Pipe-Helmut On-single-Sarah
3. Sextile-Can’t Take It-A Thousand Hands-self release
4. Showstar-Adults-Showstar-Vespasonic
5. Lions Of Dissent-Dust-single-self release
6. Chris Bell- I am The Cosmos-I am The Cosmos-Rykodisc
7. Durutti Column and Debi Diamond-White Rabbit-The City Of Our Lady-Factory
8. Hundred Water-Me and Anodyne-Hundred Waters-Owsla
9. Pretty Lights-Finally Moving-Take Up Your Precious Time-Pretty Lights Music
10. King Floyd-Groove Me-King Floyd-Chimneyville
11. Los Ovnis-Voy Para Loco-Hippies-Peerless
12. The Squires-Funky Bayswater-single-Vega
13. Beach House-PPP-Depression Cherry-Sub Pop
14. Dean Martin- Cha Cha De Amore- Ultra-Lounge 9- Capitol Records


Show Tracklist 278
1. Heavy Stereo-Chinese Burn-single-Creation
2. Helium-Baby Vampire Made Me-Pirate Prude-Matador
3. Go!Zilla- Melting-Sinking In Your Sea-Black Candy Records
4. LoveyDove-Luka Fischer -ShowStopper- RecordsAdNauseam
5. Novella- Land Gone-single- Sinderlyn
6. Railway Children-A Gentle Sound-Reunion Wilderness-Factory
7. The Photos-Irene-The Photos-Epic
8. The Chemical Brothers-Born In The Echoes (Featuring Cate Le Bon)-Born In The Echoes-Astralwerks
9. New Life-God Will Never Come For Us-single-self release
10. Los Sirex-Fire- Los Nuggetz- 60’s Garage and Psych From Latin America Disc 3-Rockbeat Records
11. The Velvets- I Got To Find Me Somebody-single-Out Of The Past
12. Connie Christmas-Big Chief-single-Checker
13. Elephant Micah-By The Canal- Where in Our Woods-Western Vinyl
14. Coast-Now That You Know Me-Big Jet Rising-Sugar Records

Ola’s Kool Kitchen article for Artrocker is out and as the sun sets on summer in the capitol some great gigs from The Franklys, The Pandoras Official and Ancient River to check out and nifty man babe band MASS DATURA too!…/