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Shoegaze/noise rock trio from Austin, Texas. Elliott Frazier (guitar/vocals) started the band as a solo project in 2005, and they became a trio when Alex Gehring (bass/vocals) and Dan Coborn (drums) joined in 2008. They quickly became a very big name, and one of the darlings of the genre. Although it’s clear where they got some of their influence, people don’t say “they’re America’s answer to MBV”. They’ve etched their own name very firmly, and they’re the ones who new bands get compared to. They tour a lot, and it seems like they’ve been around longer than they have. Their 2013 EP God’s Dream  would have been in my top five played of that year. The song in this video is really Lush-like, but it’s still got their distinct Ringo sound. This Texan shoegaze pioneers Ringo Deathstarr return with their fifth studio album. containing the same cathartic droning that has been previously celebrated by genre forefathers, like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Elliott Frazer’s vocals accentuate the eruption of noise behind his anthemic lyrics, dipping in and out of brief moments of clarity before bursting back into the manic grit of the sound .Ringo Deathstarr are not just reliving a scene, they’re re-inventing it with their shattering use of chaotic guitars and haunting voices.
Ringo Deathstarr are the torch-bearers of the movement and continue to contort and mutate into something beautiful.