HOVVDY – ” Heavy Lifter “

Posted: October 14, 2019 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Third album from Austin, Texas indie pop duo Hovvdy! Following their excellent previous albums Taster and Cranberry on Double Double Whammy. Hovvdy’s music is the sonic equivalent of a hug. Austin-based Charlie Martin and Will Taylor have been enveloping listeners in their soft, cozy, slow rock since 2014, when they released their debut EP on Bandcamp. Now, after five years, two split releases, and two albums they’re announcing their third album.  It arrives after Hovvdy’s tour with Lomelda, with whom the band recently released a split EP of covers.


Hovvdy have always had an uncanny ability to create a comforting effect with their songs, even when those songs are about fear, anxiety and their own personal shortcomings. Fans of their zoned-out, slowed-down indie-pop have come to rely on the duo for their consistently soothing music, and it’s a mantle they’ve gladly taken up. “I was really trying to make something that would make people feel better,” Martin says of Heavy Lifter, on the phone from his bandmate Taylor’s house in Austin. “And I think they have served that purpose for me too, just from making them.”

While Heavy Lifter does come off as familiar, the record also expands their sound. Working in close collaboration with engineer and producer Ben Littlejohn in various makeshift studios around Texas, they’ve refined their languid melodies and expanded on their previously muted production. It’s still cozy, but it also veers toward the cinematic, with brief forays into Auto-Tune, distorted drum machines,


Heavy Lifter was one of my favourite albums of 2019. This is one of those lovely near-perfect records where I’m truly taken with every song—each is a vignette for a feeling I’ve had before or wish I had. The lyrics are so heartfelt and direct and the melodies they are set to and surrounded in are lush yet organic. A gorgeous must buy.

releases October 18th, 2019

all songs written by Hovvdy
produced by Ben Littlejohn and Hovvdy

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