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Valley Maker is the contemplative psych folk project of songwriter Austin Crane. Crane uses billowing, revelatory metaphors to narrate his own journey through cosmic mystery and the essential search for meaning. Check out the vital full band performance by Valley Maker live at Audiotree. Recorded on May 1st, 2019 in Chicago, IL.

Setlist : Be Born Today
 04:44, A Couple Days 03:48, Supernatural 03:39, Beautiful Birds Flying 04:06, Seven Signs 02:55, Baby, In Your Kingdom 04:03

Band Members 
Austin Crane – Vocals and Guitar
Amber Joyner – Vocals and Keys
Jared Price – Bass and Guitar
Nic Jenkins – Drums and Percussion

Tancred is the pop-centered, grungy guitar project of Now, Now member Jess Abbott. It’s been Abbott’s solo outlet since 2011 and has slowly separated itself sonically from the indie rock stylings of the Minnesota trio. Abbott herself is a reserved but energetic performer; her expressive face adds distinct emotion to the confessional lyrical content. Watch the band perform a few tracks here on Audiotree Live. 

Jess Abbott formerly from Now, Now (Children) possesses one of the more haunting voices in Indie Pop.
Tancred is a perfect fit for this amazing talent.
Her Voice is a little reminiscent of Juliana Hatfield.
Audiotree gives these tracks the power that sometimes is hard to get on studio albums.

Band Members 
Jess Abbott – Vocals and Guitar
Kevin Medina – Drums
Terrence Vitali – Bass

Tancred perform on Audiotree Live, March 8th, 2016.

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Hovvdy is a slow-moving, minimal indie band co-fronted by Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo writes rhythmic, spacious tunes with hazy keyboard tones and sparse, patterned guitar movement. Their strength as a band lies in the ability to turn toward pop melodies; Hovvdy know the precise time to make that shift and sustain it just long enough to remain fresh.

Austin, TX

Band Members
Charlie Martin – Keys, Guitar, and Vocals
Will Taylor – Guitar and Vocals
Grady Bell – Bass
Ray Micarelli – Drums

Hovvdy perform on Audiotree Live, September 29, 2017.

Session Tracklist
1. Better
2. Problem
3. Meg
4. Can’t Wait
5. Friend
6. In My Head
7. Thru
8. Pretend

Ellen Kempner of Palehound.

Palehound is the songwriting project of Ellen Kempner, who began releasing solo material under the name in 2013. She formed a touring band in the fall of that year, and released a 7″ through Exploding in Sound Records a few months later. Kempner has been lauded for clever, introspective lyricism which sits at the forefront of the band’s official debut, “Dry Food.” Nearly every note on the release was played by Kempner herself, and her personal touch lives in all eight tracks. “Dry Food” is barely half an hour, which is not for lack of material, but is a reflection of Kempner’s skillful songwriting. She doesn’t waste a single measure, dishing out somber, poignant declarations with a simple clarity of thought.

Kempner studied jazz and classical guitar at Sarah Lawrence and the influence finds its way into the core of Palehound’s style. Kempner’s guitar work is colorful, tactile, and frenetic. She noodles over hazy melodies, climbs scales, and bounces between expressive chord progressions with so much ease that it exists as an extension of herself. The way in which Kempner delivers powerful guitar work as a complement to her dark, flowering voice is where Palehound truly shines. At times she’s all-out shredding, showing her command over the fretboard while adding an uplifting edge to the track. She combines this with a booming rhythm section and creative song construction to create bedroom pop in its most refined form.

Watch the three-piece perform tracks from their debut on Audiotree Live.


Healthier Folk, Molly, Psycho Speak, Dry Food, Seekonk, Dixie,

Palehound perform on Audiotree Live, November 20, 2015.

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Crying began as a chiptune/power pop band who embraced their love for stadium rock to write infectiously melodic tunes on a massive scale. The new incarnation retains Elaiza Santos‘ personal, conversational vocal delivery put over progressive guitar riffs, spaced out synths and gargantuan, energizing production. Put your fear of change aside and enter into the new era of Crying.
Band Members
Elaiza Santos – Vocals
Ryan Galloway – Guitar and Synth
Kynwyn Sterling – Drums

Crying perform on Audiotree Live, March 2, 2017.


Lazyeyes is band from Brooklyn, NY that wasformed in the summer of 2012. The band self-released their sophomore EP, New Year on January 6th, 2015, which was quickly picked up and reissued by Burger Records cassette imprint, Wiener Records.

Lazyeyes was a featured artist in the November 2014 issue of NME described their sound as “a muscular, riff-happy brand of guitar-based dream-pop,” going on to proclaim, “their songs burst with angular hooks and polished melodies.” Their single, “Adaptation” also received high praise from Interview Magazine, who wrote, “‘Adaptation’s’ fast-paced, garage-tinged guitar riff draws the listener in, propelling you through chorus and verse. It is both urgent and reassuringly familiar.”

Lazyeyes perform on Audiotree Live, March 24, 2016.

Lucy Dacus is a witty Singer Songwriter whose solo tunes have evolved into twangy indie rock slow-burners with help from the rest of her talented quintet. She began writing mostly for herself, but met up with like-minded players in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia who helped flesh out and grow her skeletal demos. Dacus is a soft-spoken, in-the-moment kind of player whose lyrics are open-ended but biographical. She possesses an acute observational focus, one that gifts her with the ability to tell stories that resonate with thoughtful universal truth.

Watch the full band performance of the session and fall into her poignant tales here on Audiotree Live.


Band Members
Lucy Dacus – Vocals and Guitar
Noma Illmensee – Bass and Backing Vocals
Jacob Blizzard – Guitar
Tristan Fisher – Guitar and Backing Vocal
Miles Huffman – Drums

Lucy Dacus performs on Audiotree Live, March 28, 2016.


Hodera began as an outlet for Matthew Smith’s poetry to be put to folk music. At its core, the songwriter sentiment remains, but the final product contains tinges of 2000’s alternative, emo, and indie rock. Smith’s voice is deep, conversational, and kind, but communicates internal pain through teeth-gritting yells that match the explosive energy of a breaking crescendo. listen to Hodera perform their crunchy alt-rock tunes, and sing along with heartbreaking choruses boosted by a powerful low-end presence.

Band Members
Matthew Smith – Electric Guitar and Vocals
Doug Gallo – Electric Guitar and Backup Vocals
Alek Mager – Bass
Scott Tilley – Drums