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Friends, I have some announcements! First of all, I’d like to share my video for “It Changes”: three and a half minutes of illustrated colourful madness, courtesy of Ben Clarkson. Hope you enjoy! Second of all, I have a whole EP named “Cannonball EP” which I would love you to listen too and a few european select dates. Alongside “It Changes” it will feature my reworking of Nick Drake’s “Which Will” and also 3 more as of yet unreleased tracks. .

It Changes is written by Annelotte De Graaf
Produced and recorded by Ben Greenberg
Mixed by Jez Williams


Guitars by Manuel van den Berg and Annelotte de Graaf
Bass by Ronald Straetemans
Drums by Jaap Bontekoe
Keys by Ella van der Woude


Having reached the age of retirement this weekend, I’ve decided not to retire and instead play even more shows. I had a great birthday at home in Nashville with my friends and felines. We capped off the celebrations with an epic karaoke groove.
Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes, I love you all. I’m a dismal Brit in many ways, but I’m also I’m a chronic sentimentalist. Go Pisces! Wait ’til you see the silk fish shirt I bought to celebrate my 65th.

In May I’ll be playing solo and band dates in the UK. In June you’ll find me in Ireland and France. Full details on my website.
In other news, in 1982 I went to Norway and I never came back. The place has an empty ghostliness that entered my soul for life. My 2011 album “Tromsø, Kaptein” was released in Norway only as a loving tribute. I’m happy to say the album is now available in the US, UK and other countries by request. CDs are ready to be shipped and vinyl pre-orders will be sent out in April. I’ve been playing these songs live for quite a while, so you may have already heard “The Abyss”, “Old Man Weather” and “Light Blue Afternoon”.
By the by, my occasional collaborator and harmony singer Emma Swift has recorded a gorgeous version of Neil Young’s ‘Mellow My Mind”.

If you’re looking for something new to watch on tv, I can recommend “Electric Dreams”. I contributed a cover of Syd Barrett’s “Octopus” featuring Graham Coxon from Blur on lead guitar and harmonies. I was delighted to watch the episode it appears in and see Steve Buscemi apparently listening to it on repeat. Good on you, Steve! Good on you, Syd! . 

It’s a nice rainy night here in Tennessee, so I am going to curl up with the cats and a new book. Don’t worry, I’m still addicted to social media and if you want to keep in touch, Peace, love, polka dots.
Robyn H x

From the new self titled record from Robyn Hitchcock – out now on Yep Roc Records

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Snapped Ankles take on The Fugs’ counterculture anthem, updated for the Edward Snowden generation.
From the forest floor:”Having unearthed The Fugs CIA man some years before, we were shocked to discover a newer more sinister agency had taken over from the diatribe’s protagonist so we updated Tuli Kupferberg’s list of ills…

“Of course every time the song is now mentioned online, a blip of data triggers a filter that enters a file that rings a bell in a bunker deep under a mountain in Pennsylvania. So now the forest is full of agents looking for us, and we are taping up our microphones and cameras and walking backwards through our own footprints to shake them off…

Released March 2nd, 2018


CIA Man originally performed by The Fugs. Written by Kupferberg (Warner Chappell)

Fri 23 March Tremor Festival, Azores, PORTUGAL
Wed 4 April Ghost Notes, London, UK
Fri 6 April Le Vecteur, Charleroi, BELGIUM
Sat 7 April This Is Psychedelia, Folkestone, UK
Tue 10 April Night & Day, Manchester, UK
Fri 4 May Desertfest, London, UK
Sun 27 May Raw Power Festival, London, UK
Sat 26 May London Calling Festival, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Sun 22 July Bluedot Festival, Cheshire, UK
Sat 18 August Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, UK
Sat 25 August Sea Change Festival, Devon, UK
Sat 1 September End Of The Road Festival, Dorset, UK

Nashville label and small press, Cosmic Thug Records, will release a digital split single from Emma Swift and Pony Boy next week featuring two reinterpretations of classic Neil Young songs.

Emma Swift performs a wonderfully poignant version of Mellow My Mind maintains the melancholy of Young’s version but trades the melodrama for her unique voice and a delightfully warbly guitar. and Pony Boy (Marchelle Bradanini)  offers up a slow-as-molasses, haunting take on Like A Hurricane turns the somewhat anthemic original into a mournful lamentation, expressing the underlying sadness of the song.


Both are great versions and well worth a listen. There is also a rather nice video for Mellow My Mind too. Released by: Cosmic Thug Records

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Last week something beautiful came to fruition. Following a certain kind of bromance, the two bands connected after Smash Mouth proclaimed their love for Car Seat Headrest on twitter. The bands were then later egged on to collaborate. And they did.

Last week, Car Seat Headrest and Smash Mouth premiered their respective covers of each other’s work on SiriusXMU. Smash Mouth did a rendition of the “Teens of Style” track ‘Something Soon,’ while Car Seat Headrest took on Smash Mouth’s ‘Fallen Horses’ from the album 1999’s “Astro Lounge”.

Now CSH have shared their version for you all to enjoy in your own time. The brilliant version is what covers should be, an interpretation of a classic track by a different artist and Toledo and Co. really make the song their own.


Take a listen and enjoy this burgeoning bromance.

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We’re pleased to release our Tame Impala cover of “Eventually”. It comes from our new album Nudes out March 2nd.

We wanted to include something special with the NUDES vinyl packaging, something that felt nostalgic and immersive in the same way that the recordings did. Having had them as a kid, zoetropes came to mind; those paper cylinders you spin to watch a moving image through the slits. Turning to the online art community, we figured it was worth a look to see if anyone else was on this wavelength. A few hashtag searches later, with one leading to another, phenakistoscope brought us to our new and incredibly talented friend Drew Tetz. He created this insert for our vinyl that combines old technology (your record player) with new (your smartphone camera) to create this trippy moving image. Check out his incredible work. He has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and we can’t wait for you to try these at home! . Available in the Deluxe Vinyl Edition of NUDES

Lucius “Eventually” is a Tame Impala cover from the Lucius acoustic album, NUDES, out March 2nd.

Parquet Courts have a new album on the way this year, but the band’s Andrew Savage has been keeping plenty occupied with his own solo material. He released a full-length solo album last fall and recently wrapped up a solo tour, where he performed covers from the Cranberries and the Fall. We’ve heard his version of “Linger” and today he’s sharing his take on “Frightened” from the late Mark E. Smith. .


A. Savage in Session at BBC Radio 6

A. Savage – Guitar, Vocals
Jack Cooper – Keys
Jarvis Taveniere – Bass, Vocals
Aaron Neveu – Drums


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Power trio Screaming Females are just ahead of their new album, All At Once, but today they’ve got something else to offer: their contribution to Amazon Music’s Valentine surprisingly fruitful series of original playlists.

For Valentine’s Day, Amazon is updating its twin “Love Me” and “Love Me Not” playlists. We’ve recently heard contributions to “Love Me” from Jay Som and Common Holly plus of Montreal’s entry into “Love Me Not.” For the latter, Screaming Females reimagined “No More I Love You’s,” originally recorded by the Lover Speaks and popularized by Annie Lennox. Their cover is a raw, lo-fi rock rendition of the theatrical pop song, bolstered by Marissa Paternoster’s impassioned vocals  a fitting substitute for Lennox’s signature croon.


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To celebrate his birthday, Dustin Payseur of Beach Fossils released a cover of Yung Lean’s “Agony,” and shot an impromptu video while “walking around in a haze,” as he phrases on Twitter, early this morning. The group transforms Lean’s version, adding layered instruments to the otherwise naked track. Payseur’s swoony arrangement basically transforms “Agony” into a really good Beach Fossils song and, oh no, suddenly we have all these feelings.

“Agony” originally appears on Yung Lean’s Stranger, with Lean stretching his voice over somber piano keys, conjuring up Beauty and the Beast imagery of dancing with candlesticks. For a group with roots the DIY scene, the cover might seem kind of weird on its face, but Payseur and his pals have always been voracious listeners. In addition to his robust collection of 80s UK hardcore, he and the band spent a fair amount of time around the release of their last album Somersault talking about how its patchwork construction was inspired by 90s rap and its production’s sample collagework. Also, for what its worth, sometime in the months since the release of Somersault they’ve apparently become friends with Post Malone after repeatedly @-ing him on twitter

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we love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and we love this song. here’s our cover of “Soft Shock!” , this California punk rock band is more than force to be reckoned with. Frontwoman, Lydia Night, is everything you want in a lead singer: talented, dedicated and charismatic. It’s hard to imagine her and her über talented band anywhere but on a stage, playing their hearts out. Take the Spice Girls, the Ramones, and Bikini Kill and put them all in a blender. Take a sip of that mix and enjoy all that The Regrettes have to offer.