LE PAIN – ” Obvious To You “

Posted: October 26, 2021 in MUSIC
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Los Angeles band Le Pain, which includes onetime Beverly and Public Practice member Scott Rosenthal, are back with their second single, a frothy, Frenchy confection titled “Obvious to You.”

Obvious to You“, which is the new single from Los Angeles based Le Pain, is a jangling indie pop affair that not only has its paws in the 1980s influences pot but also greedily feeds off the sound of 1960s girl bands too. I am sure you would agree that it’s a fine mix and the song’s charms belie the feeling of angst expressed in the song. Sisters Madeline and Olivia Black linked with producer/multi-instrumentalist Scott Rosenthal and bassist Alan Everhart to craft a sunny melange of art pop, dream pop, and ‘60s psych. They debuted earlier this year with their first single, “Troisième Groupe” and today they’re back with this effort,

As the band describes, “‘Obvious to You’ is a jangly 80’s homage about struggling to keep it together through a frustrating episode, while a smug onlooker offers unhelpful criticism. It’s a celebration of Johnny Marr guitar riffs and danceable UK dream pop bands like Strawberry Switchblade. Synths start out bright and optimistic, but morph into a sinister flock of psychedelic dive-bombing seagulls.”

The band consist of sisters Madeline and Olivia Black, Scott Rosenthal and Alan Everhart. Members have previously been in Public Practice and Yucky Duster. A new single titled “Grump” , dating from 2017, has also appeared on the latter’s Bandcamp page in the past week.

‘Obvious to You’ is out now on Lucky Buckeye Records. Independent record label based in the LA (CA), Oxford (MS), and Oslo (NO). Releasing charmed music since 2021

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