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The Joe Strummer Foundation gives opportunities to aspiring musicians and support to projects around the world that create social mobility through music.  A terrific compilation going to a great cause. Some terrific artists here and the 001 promises more good stuff to come.

Strummerville A Go-Go #001 is a fundraising album for The Joe Strummer Foundation. You’ll be able to download all 17 tracks for just £1, or you can pay any amount you want. Each download is a donation that will go directly to the Foundation and will allow us to continue our work.
We are truly thankful to all the artists who have kindly donated their music for use on this fundraising album & your donation is truly appreciated. Now, let’s turn it up, support the bands by checking out their links, buy their music & go see ’em live! .As Joe says: “without people, you’re nothing”

For more information on the bands and the Strummerville A Go-Go campaign please visit:
released 17 August 2015

The official video for Nature Nurture by Dinosaur Pile-Up. Featured on the album Nature Nurture, available now

If not the saviours of grunge, this Leeds three-piece are quite possibly the nearest thing. We’re talking Cobain vocals, minor key changes and lyrics like “When I look around outside, I realise I’ve died indie” (that’s what living in the North does to you). Fresh off supporting the unequalled Brand New in London, Dinosaur Pile Up are ready to soundtrack your summer.


Michigan band Pity Sex have established themselves as a potent force on their native live scene in recent months. Their explosive performances at this year’s SXSW didn’t go unnoticed either, and later this month they’ll be visiting the UK for the first time in support of debut long player “Feast Of Love”. Expect riffs J Mascis and Thurston Moore would be proud of fused with effects-driven melodies and the occasional wall of noise to boot. This is ‘Acid Reflex’ off the album, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a worthy listen.

STORMS – ” Swell “

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Video directed, produced, and edited by Storms. Storms are a London post grunge band consisting of Felix Howes (guitar), George Runciman (vocals/guitar), Yacob Andersen (bass/ vocals) and Gary Lee (drums). The band are currently in the studio with legendary producer Steve Osborne (Placebo, Young Guns, New Order, U2) where they are putting the final touches to their debut album.

Storms have been building a stunning live reputation touring the UK solidly in 2014. The band ended the year with rip-roaring performances headlining a nationwide tour with LIFE and playing This Feeling as a tip for 2015.

Recent coverage includes NME radar, Loaded Magazine and a feature in national daily newspaper. Storms have also been tipped for 2015 by XFM and have had several plays including Dave Rowntree and Propaganda.

The band has just headlined The X-Ray Artist Showcase Top Tips for 2015 as part of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) in London. A monthly residence has been announced at St Moritz Club in Soho over the summer, and a support slot with The Rifles at the Electric Ballroom, London in June.


Mikal Cronin and Ty Segall – Reverse Shark Attack available on cassette ,  “I Wear Black” by Mikal Cronin/Ty Segall originally released in 2009, QTY: 250 cassettes originally pressed
Originally pressed on LP by Kill Shaman Records, this amazing record was a joint collaboration between two extremely talented  musicians, Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin These thick garage punk jams were later reissued by In The Red Recordings and we re-issued the tape for that but this is still a very hard Burger Records item to find!


For Toronto band Dilly Dally, the story isn’t all that different. Formed by high school friends Katie Monks (sister of Tokyo Police Clubs David Monks) and Liz Ball back in 2009, the pair got together with little more in their pockets than a semester each of post-secondary, blind faith, and youthful wonder.

“Liz and I are a couple of weirdos,” says Monks jokingly over the phone. “Right from the start, we’ve always had the attitude that our band could take over the fucking world [laughs]! Even if we didn’t know how it was going to happen, we believed blindly in the project and have been playing shows every month in this city for the last four years.” Although it took them nearly that long to secure the right line up, their motivation hasn’t as of yet wavered. In fact, the recent addition of bassist Jimmy Tony Billy Rowlinson (Mexican Slang) and drummer Benjamin Reinhartz (Beliefs) has served the band well. With a mutual appreciation for slurred poetry, pop ballads, and grunge-heavy guitars, the newfound collaborative energy has ignited Dilly Dally’s live show and injected a whole new level of aggression into their sound.

SLOTHRUST – ” Crockpot “

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This three-piece grunge revivalist group are often compared to Sonic Youth and Nirvana, but lead singer Leah Wellbaum’s charismatic lyrics and on-stage ferocity make them a band of their own. Also in the same vein as fellow Brooklyn risers Sharkmuffin, Wellbaum sings on universal themes (alienation and awkwardness, for example), but she does in a way that brings harder punk lovers together with guitar rock (and indie rock) fiends. We fit into the latter category, but we love their 2014 release “Feels Your Pain” nonetheless. They gear up for a month long tour supporting fellow alt-punk rockers Cymbals Eat Guitars later this month .
For fans of: Speedy Ortiz, The Breeders, Pavement

Drenge are an English two-piece grunge / post grunge band based in Castleton in Derbyshire. The band is made up of Eoin Loveless, on guitar and vocals, and his younger brother Rory, on drums  the band Drenge on David Letterman show earlier this week,

In many ways, it’s the same old Drenge. ‘We Can Do What We Want’ is still the sound of two cool-ass brothers making ridiculously grimy riffs that snake every-which-way like a punk viper. There’s even the obligatory war cry for a ridiculously dangerous/fun moshpit where most bands would slip in a middle-eight. But there’s something different this time round. it’s all centred around a demonically addictive stomping groove.

‘We Can Do What We Want’ all pivots on elephantine dirty hooks, and lyrics that tell the #haters to fuck right off, along with a newfound swagger that envelopes the whole track in lashings of confidence and boldness. It’s made the prospect of an upcoming new album ludicrously exciting,


Darlia the Blackpool grunge troupe with grand plans, are normally a pretty noisy bunch, shredding riffs here, drawling like Courtney Love after nap there. On this exclusive premiere of their big number Pandemonium“, they scale that abrasiveness back to the bare minimum.

Instead, the raw essence of the track – and some tinkled ivories – are given the chance to shine. It’s arguably a harder-hitting version, with singer/guitarist Nathan Day gruffly yearning throughout. The track will feature on Darlia‘s upcoming mini-album “Petals”,  It’s out 23rd February, and you can see the band coming to Nottingham the Bodega Social.


From start to finish, Solids’ Blame Confusion is just one lo-fi indie rock gem after another. It seems unlikely that I’ll ever tire of the album. Formed by Xavier Germain-Poitras (guitar) and Louis Guillemette (drums), the lo-fi rock duo that is Montreal’s Solids don’t hide their grunge influences. They also understand, as Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, or early Silver Jews and the mirage of predecessors to their sound did, that sometimes a melody is sweeter and sometimes it really does have to fight hard (really hard – like a Balboa punching pork montage hard). But if you’re willing to put your ears to the test, “Blame Confusion” never fails to reward.

The layers of distortion and feedback effects of their particular take on grunge-hued rock that makes it so great.

Kicking off this orgy of decibels, “Blame Confusion” starts with “Over The Sirens”, which begins with a growing crescendo of feedback and distortion until a fuzzed out bluesy guitar lick and drum cacophony ensues. The track also includes indecipherable yelps from Germain-Poitras and an incinerating, “Off White” offers much the same and holds yet more similarities to Dinosaur Jr – screeching solos, whining, despondent vocals and the ever present fuzz of lo-fi recording. Lead track “Haze Away” throws up one of the many contagious choruses to the record, with howls of “Take my haze away!” inherent through its mid-section. “Laisser Faire” shows a more sombre hue to the band’s complexion, and contains the only visible reference to their French-Canadian background. At the record’s close, “Terminal” again shows a slower, more melancholic counterpoint to the previous squall of high octane grunge.

Solids do not know any other way of making music apart from going all out – and I am so glad that they do. Although they bring precious little new to the table, they have mastered the art of hiding beautiful melody under layers of glorious distortion.