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On October 30th, 2002,Warren  Zevon was featured on the Late Show with David Letterman as the only guest for the entire hour. The band played “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” as his introduction. Zevon performed several songs and spoke at length about his illness. Zevon had been a frequent guest and occasional substitute bandleader on Letterman’s television shows since Late Night was first broadcast in 1982. He noted, “I might have made a tactical error in not going to a physician for 20 years.” It was during this broadcast that, when asked by Letterman if he knew something more about life and death now, he first offered his oft-quoted insight on dying: “Enjoy every sandwich.”  .

Letterman was a huge Zevon fan and he’d featured the singer on his show dozens of times, often subbing him in for Paul Shaffer when the bandleader was busy with other projects.

He also thanked Letterman for his years of support, calling him “the best friend my music’s ever had”. For his final song of the evening, and his final public performance, Zevon performed “Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner” at Letterman’s request. In the green room after the show, Zevon presented Letterman with the guitar that he always used on the show, with a single request: “Here, I want you to have this, take good care of it.”  The day after Zevon’s death, Letterman paid tribute to Zevon by replaying his performance of “Mutineer” from his last appearance. The Late Show band played Zevon’s songs throughout the night.

The show on October 30th, 2002 was one of the most emotional Letterman broadcasts ever, but Zevon did his best to keep things light. he said. “I have a form of lung cancer that spread. It means you better get your dry cleaning done on special.” He also talked about his in-progress album The Wind, which came out the following August. “They certainly don’t discourage you from doing whatever you want,” he said. “It’s not like bed rest and a lot of water will straighten you out.” .

Warren Zevon had no plans to tour at this point, so he knew that his live renditions of “Mutineer,” “Genius” and “Roland the Headless Gunner” would probably be his final public performances. Many in the audience probably had trouble maintaining their composure, but Zevon never wavered. He was absolutely brilliant.

“After the show, it was heartbreaking he was in his dressing room,” Letterman told Rolling Stone in an interview in 2008. “We were talking and this and that. Here’s a guy who had months to live and we’re making small talk. And as we’re talking, he’s taking his guitar strap and hooking it, wrapping it around, then he puts the guitar into the case and he flips the snaps on the case and says,

‘Here, I want you to have this, take good care of it.’ And I just started sobbing. He was giving me the guitar that he always used on the show. I felt like, ‘I can’t be in this movie, I didn’t get my lines.’ That was very tough.”

Contrary to the predictions of many doctors, Zevon lived another 11 months after his Letterman appearance, Zevon stated previously that his illness was expected to be terminal within months after the diagnosis in the fall of 2002; however, he lived to see the birth of twin grandsons in June 2003 and the release of The Wind on August 26th, 2003

More so than any other musical guest Letterman has had on his two late-night TV shows over the past 33 years, Zevon was a perennial favorite, appearing more than a dozen times. Not just because he wrote and sang some great songs, but because he was funny, self-deprecating and a cynical bastard — just like LettermanZevon played two songs on his first Letterman appearance “Excitable Boy‘s” title track and “The Overdraft” from the new LP — and he sat down to talk with the host, and he proved to be a charming, witty and biting guest, unlike most musicians (which is why they mostly just perform their hit song and get out of there). No doubt Letterman saw something of himself in Zevon,


Dawes with a special performance of the Warren Zevon song for David Letterman. What A special band Dawes are surely one of the best American bands around. Warren Zevon Cover. This performance never aired. It was a web exclusive.

Warren Zevon was one of the most underappreciated artists in his time, at least by the general public. Sure, “Werewolves of London” gets heavy rotation between “The Monster Mash” and “Ghostbusters” on radio stations at Halloween time in October, but the rest of his catalog goes mostly unnoticed.

David Letterman did his best to make Zevon a household name though.  Warren filled in for Paul Shaffer over 20 times, plus made numerous visits to the show to promote his albums.  In fact, he referred to Dave as “the best friend my music has ever had”.

Zevon passed away from cancer in 2003, but that hasn’t stopped Dave from promoting his music on The Late Show. Recently, the L.A. band Dawes was asked to perform Zevon’s song, “Desperados Under the Eaves”.  The following video contains an intro from Letterman explaining the reasoning behind this request.  If you’re not already a fan of Dawes  or Zevon – you probably should after this.

David Letterman is just a week away from retirement from The Late Show and brought Ryan Adams back to perform “Starting To Hurt” – the same song he performed on The Late show 13 years ago! Last night Ryan came back for his 11th and final performance on the Late Show with David Letterman, celebrating Dave’s incredible 22 year run. Watch a performance of “Starting To Hurt”, the same song which Ryan played during his second appearance on Letterman back in 2002.Check them both out below…Adams recently released a new 7-inch three-track EP called I Do Not Feel Like Being Good. He’s currently on the road performing a string of dates before he hits a handful of festivals, including Governors Ball, Glastonbury, and Sasquatch! 

Though it’s difficult to find a hard count, it’s quite possible that Ryan Adams has appeared on Late Show more than nearly any other musical guest during David Letterman’s nearly 22 year tenure. The alt-country singer made his tenth stop at the Ed Sullivan Theater just this past September, with the host noting, “We can’t have him on the show too often, he’s a delightfully talented gentleman.” Last night, Ryan Adams came back for his 11th and final ride, and what a final ride it was.

Adams and his band performed “Starting To Hurt”, the same song which he played during his second appearance on Letterman back in 2002.  The three-minute performance wasn’t enough for Letterman, however, who pleaded for a “little more.” Adams quickly obliged, leading his band into another rendition, this time with the backing of Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra

First Aid Kit perform the title track to their new EP, “America,” on the David letterman Show. As the final episodes of ” The Late Show ” winds down  David Letterman has asked some of his musical guests to cover some of his favorite songs, with Tracy Chapman covering the late  Ben E King “Stand By Me” and John Mayer  offering his rendition of Don McLean’s classic song “American Pie” Thursday night, he welcomed Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit to play the Simon and Garfunkel classic “America” a song they had covered previously and released on a special Record Store Day Black Friday 10″ EP. last year.

Before the duo performed the song, backed by a pianist and (an unpaid, according to Letterman) string section, Letterman explained the reason why he asked them to play that particular song. According to the host, “America” was one of two songs, along with the aforementioned “Stand By Me,” that he used to sing to his son as a part of their bed time rituals when the child was young. After the performance, an emotional Letterman thanked the duo and noted that their performance meant a great deal to him.

Watch the performance,  including Letterman’s introduction.


Talented English singer-songwriter Ben Howard paid a visit to the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ recently to perform the moving title track from his new album, ‘I Forget Where We Were,’ which was released this past October. You can watch the full recap in the video above.

The heartfelt indie-folk tune seems to flow out of Howard with ease, and he certainly makes the one-handed tapping technique look easy. Even Letterman was impressed, and when asked why he plays like that, Howard answered, “Because I have small thumbs.” ‘I Forget Where We Were’ is out now via Republic Records, both digitally and on vinyl —  Ben Howard is currently on an extensive U.S. Tour in support of the record which will wrap up on February 15th in Portland before he heads to Australia, and then back to Europe for more dates.

Drenge are an English two-piece grunge / post grunge band based in Castleton in Derbyshire. The band is made up of Eoin Loveless, on guitar and vocals, and his younger brother Rory, on drums  the band Drenge on David Letterman show earlier this week,

In many ways, it’s the same old Drenge. ‘We Can Do What We Want’ is still the sound of two cool-ass brothers making ridiculously grimy riffs that snake every-which-way like a punk viper. There’s even the obligatory war cry for a ridiculously dangerous/fun moshpit where most bands would slip in a middle-eight. But there’s something different this time round. it’s all centred around a demonically addictive stomping groove.

‘We Can Do What We Want’ all pivots on elephantine dirty hooks, and lyrics that tell the #haters to fuck right off, along with a newfound swagger that envelopes the whole track in lashings of confidence and boldness. It’s made the prospect of an upcoming new album ludicrously exciting,

Parquet Courts took the stage on the Late Show with David LettermanTuesday to play Sunbathing Animal’s lead track, “Bodies Made Of.” By the time the Brooklyn band finished they, like Future Islands before them, had completely won David Letterman over. “No kidding! How about these guys?” he said as he joined them onstage. “Paul and I have talked it over, and we would like to manage the band!” he said. “We’re going to the moon, boys!” While it was almost certainly just a very complimentary joke, Letterman is stepping down from the Late Show soon.

REM perform “Radio Free Europe” on David Letterman. REM’s first ever television appearance. 10-06-1983 the band also played “South Central Rain” was it really that long ago I was working at Virgin Records on the singles counter and the album Murmer came in and it was the beginning of the love for this band from Athens, thanks to Martin Silvers

Two nights ago, St Vincent performed a blistering one hour set on the Letterman webcast , and two songs on the Letterman TV show St Vinvent is to headline the End Of The Road Festival on friday evening on the Woods Stage,

check out St Vincent Annie Clark talking about her guitars, het tutor and her guitar style

From the new album by Swedish Duo FIRST AID KIT, performing on the David letterman Late Show, perfect harmonies great meoldies