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I have some great news for you that I’ve been excited to share with you for some time. I am able to re-release The Author on ALL streaming sites for you to finally be able to listen to. I’ve finally got it back! To celebrate this I would love to invite you all to The Author party on 18th Dec. The Author will come out again on 25th December 2020. I wanted this to be a Christmas gift to you all.

Originally from Blackpool, Singer Songwriter Karima Francis burst onto the scene over a decade ago with her acclaimed debut album, “The Author“. Since then Karima has gone on to release a further two albums, perform with the likes of Paul Simon and Amy Winehouse and work with acclaimed producer Flood. Some four years on since her last album, 2016’s Black, Karima has been inspired by a somewhat different coastal city, Los Angeles, where she worked with Tim Carr on a series of recording sessions. This week Karima has shared the latest offering from those sessions, in the shape of new single, “Carelessness Causes Fire”.

Like much of Karima’s latest material, the track seems to deal with the difficulties of pressure and expectation, as she explains, “when the pressure is too much an explosive eruption can happen, which can be dangerous and destructive“. The track seems to take aim at the industry that put so much expectation on her and offered so little support to go with it, “in the smoke of the industry, I’m building a home around all my dreams”. Musically, the track pairs Karima’s distinctive husky vocals, to a lush, wide-screen backing that wouldn’t sound out of place in the back catalogue of Horse Thief or The War On Drugs. This feels like something of a redemption for Karima, a songwriter who has seen both sides of life as a musician, and now is coming out the other side with her best material to date.

Show will be screening via Zoom as always! Link to the event 👉🏼

It’s been a long time coming and physical release will be available in 2021 also! Released on: 2020-11-24

Karima xx

Boston Manor tickets

Blackpool based pop punks Boston Manor have been threatening to become something truly great and by taking a harder edge on third album ‘Glue’, they might just breakthrough and achieve the huge success they have been on the cusp of achieving. Boston Manor’s third full-length Glue is the sound of a band questioning the state of the world around them. Inevitably, in a critical examination of the modern world, it comes from a dark place, but one that fuelled the five-piece to create a body of work that elevates their craft further than ever before. Its 13 highly charged songs came out of a process that singer Henry Cox describes as “very chaotic”, but the result is a truly ferocious album – one that both draws and moves on from what they’ve done in the past, incorporating the gloomy atmospherics of 2018’s Welcome To The Neighbourhood with the highly charged yet melodic punk of 2016’s debut Be Nothing.

“It’s a lot more abrasive and a weirder record… It’s just new territory for us. The whole point was to throw away any preconceived notions of what the band is and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.”

This is the start of our band finally becoming the band that we want to be. It’s taken us so long to get here, but I’m really proud of us for becoming our own thing. Not once did we think about what people wanted to hear – we just went entirely down the rabbit hole with it. Our only rule was to do what we wanted to do. And I’m really happy that we did that.” – Henry Cox

Tapping into the anger and frustrations of a generation that can see past the problems of late stage capitalism and yet are continued to kept down, ‘Glue’ tackles issues of toxic masculinity, mental trauma, class war and sets its sights on the powers that be, determined to see them come unstuck

“I want people to listen to it and feel something and think about things. The aim of the whole record is to make people angry. It’s to make them go ‘Well, this pisses me off, how can I change it? What is one thing that I can personally do – that I can start doing today – to make a difference?’ Because we can do better than this. We just need to start.” – Henry Cox

‘Glue’ is released on CD and limited spatter 12” vinyl, plus an additional 12” vinyl splatter design only available at independent record stores.

Boston Manor will be on the road this summer, playing SWX at Bristol, Electric Brixton in London, O2 Institute2 Birmingham, Newcastle Riverside, Rescue Rooms at Nottingham and Manchester Academy 2 during August 2020.

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Blackpool’s Strange Bones have been making quite a mark on the Manchester music scene recently. The three brothers Will, Bobby and Jack Bentham and friend Spud Newborn deliver “disaffection in a bleak neo political-climate, their lyrics cry anger and frustration towards the manufacture of narrative and public opinion through state-run toxic media outlets and the crocodile tears cried by an elitist government.”

We caught them supporting The Blinders and described the sound as ‘Obliterating Punk’. Seeing Bobby Bentham leading this band, diving into the crowd and stalking the audience is something you have to witness. Their nihilistic approach and sound extends to new track “Blind Faith No Future”. Released in the lead up to their UK tour this May after a shortlist nomination for ‘Best Live Act’ at the 2018 Unsigned Music Awards. It’s three-minute aural onslaught with the claustrophobic video is in stark contrast with their ferocious and chaotic live shows. See for yourself below after a few words from lead man Bobby Bentham:

“Blind Faith in a twisted system of plutocracy and venomous media, allows people to be manipulated like soft clay. The constant barrage of fear, hatred and justifications that litter the all mighty stream of information that we as
humans consume daily, offers no future, only oppression, conformity and the illusion of independent thinking.” 

‘Blind Faith No Future’ is out now,

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Darlia’s Nathan Day uses music as a means of expressing himself, of unearthing emotions,  It’s a cathartic experience, one that comes out in their intense live shows for sure, shows that almost literally refuse to let go of the imagination.

New cut ‘Beam Me Up’ is a direct example of this, with Nathan conjuring something remarkably personal.

“It amazes me how brutally open you can be in songs and not even wince when it gets put out into the world. It’s like walking around with a sign on your head telling everyone what you’re secretly thinking but never actually saying the words in conversation.”

I wrote this song because I can’t afford a therapist. I’m lucky that writing songs is a legitimate coping mechanism cos I don’t know what the fuck I’d do if I couldn’t get it out. It deffo can’t stay in here though. I wrote it on piano, during a debilitating battle with my body and mind – felt like they were both failing me and literally falling apart before my eyes and I couldn’t afford the £ to fix myself. Like a ‘broken doll’. That’ll make more sense later.”

“I think no one wants to talk about how they feel cos they’re scared people will judge them. Sadly, that’s part of the fucking problem. I’m scared too, but this is what that songs about .


Released by:Ignition Records Ltd

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The Blackpool trio’s feral live show feeds distorted blues riffs through a mangler, a distorted mesh of sound that recalls everything from The Cramps to those early Arctic Monkeys demos.

Scabrous Northern wit allied to undaunted confidence, Strange Bones could well be set to dominate 2017.

This Feeling have thrown their weight behind the trio, and will be there every step of the way on an upcoming tour.

Taken from the ‘We The Rats EP’

A lot has happened in Karima’s life since she first ensnared listeners in 2009, with her debut ‘The Author’, and live shows so emotionally charged and laid-bare, you could hear a pin drop. Anyone who has ever seen Francis live will speak of the emotive and spellbinding performance she delivers with her immaculate, but raw vocals 


Singer Songwriter , vocalist Rae Morris has been inescapable already this year and it’s only going to continue after finally releasing her debut album. Kicking things off as one of our Artists To Watch for 2015, Rae Morris is about to head out on tour with Tom Odell. The Track “Love Again” is another perfect example of what this young lady can do and is the latest single to come from her debut album Unguarded. 

This elegant but thumping portion of sophisticated modern pop is one of literally thirteen songs on Rae’s excellent debut album, ‘Unguarded’, which came out early February.

Rae’s debut album ‘Unguarded’ is out 26.01.2015, This Blackpool singer songwriter and pianist has been attracting listeners for over a year and a half with her singles and guest appearances with Bombay Bicycle Club and Clean Bandit and now with producer Ariel Rechtshald, Morris has fashioned a lush sounding debut, with songs of  yearning and intimacy, her songs of lust and heartache make for an amazing debut


More melodic grunge comes along from Darlia ‘I’ve never been to Ohio’ Darlia has moved on to their latest release from ‘Candyman’ EP and its another crowd pleasing song, I really love this band and frontman Nathan Day is so charasmatic