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Hull’s artistic renaissance continues apace. Last year saw it taking on the mantle of UK City of Culture and drawing three-and-a-half million visitors in the process; Now, they can add Night Flowers to the admittedly humble list of Humber hometown heroes, albeit ones that have done something that most provincial bands can’t afford to these days and moved to the capital. If they hadn’t, though, there would be no Night Flowers, or certainly not the iteration that’s made this charming debut record; it was in London that the group recruited their singer, Sophia Pettit, who hails from Boston (not the one in Lincolnshire, whilst we’re on the topic of the regional United Kingdom).

This transatlantic lineup of the band toured the country with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart last May and it’s not difficult to understand why somebody thought the two groups would complement each other; Pettit’s vocals are as clear as a bell and very much in the same vein as The Pains’ revolving lineup of female singers, A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s Jen Goma and Fear of Men’s Jess Weiss among them.

Pettit’s warm tones are front and centre on Wild Notion and provide the record with its primary sonic and emotional throughlines, although that isn’t to say that you get the impression that the rest of the band were waiting for the right vocalist to come along to act as an anchor for their instrumental impulses. Night Flowers nod to dream-pop and psych at points on Wild Notion but they never get lost in them; the soundscapes are carefully controlled, with handsome, chiming guitars ringing out over undulating beds of synth.

There’s nothing musically or thematically ground-breaking about this collection of songs and it leaves a slightly sour taste in the mouth that, in the album’s press release, somebody felt it necessary to note that the Hackney studio that the record was cut at is about to be bulldozed ‘to make way for luxury apartments as the gentrification of London continues’. Wild Notion does a good line in endearing melancholy but it’s of the timeless variety; this isn’t a political record and it’s all the better for it.

“Wild Notion” is at the soft end of the collection, but really nice. The female fronted indie rock reminds me on Rough Trade bands from the 90s,


Released April 13th, 2018

Written and performed by Night Flowers 


Four-piece Teleman are something of a strange proposition in 2018: an English art-pop band, formed in their early thirties, who have built up a keen fanbase and substantial critical acclaim across their last two albums without any gimmicks, just great songs and excellent live gigs.

After rising from the ashes of Reading’s underrated Pete & The Pirates in 2012, the quartet of vocalist Thomas Sanders, bassist Pete Cattermoul, synth/keys player Jonny Sanders and drummer Hiro Amamiya added metronomic Krautrock rhythms and cosmic synths to the indie-garage of their former work. Bernard Butler produced their debut, Breakfast, so it was naturally a glossy, sleek thing – yet Family Of Aliens, this their third album, produced by Boxed In’s Oli Bayston, is, if anything, even more electronic. Submarine Life is driven by aquatic Vocodered vocals, while the synth-pop of Cactus sounds like prime Ladytron or Hot Chip at their most relaxed. Starlight, conversely, is a loping six-minute ballad driven by woozy synths, like something from Gorillaz’s debut album, while Sea Of Wine springs from rippling piano and a vocal melody that recalls Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci or Robert Wyatt.

The band’s musical progression works throughout, though, highlighting Thomas Sanders’ wry, subdued vocals and enigmatic lyrics. “Use your imagination,” he mutters in the opening title track, and it’s almost a key to understanding his bookish lyrics. Family Of Aliens itself is a propulsive delight with an almost motorik beat, but this isn’t the Autobahn – instead Sanders is “driving along the M1… I saw the lights calling me onwards…”

Somebody’s Island looks at love and support: “I could have just left you dancing on your own/I could have just run but I didn’t know where to go…” Teleman clearly have no such problem – for those who haven’t heard them yet, it may be time to turn on and tune in.

Armed with a freer, more collaborative approach to both writing and recording, Teleman’s new 11-track album “Family of Aliens”, is a fluid collection of glorious pop-songs fluent with new electronic textures and united by the sharp lyricism, buoyant guitars and instantaneous melodies that are synonymous with Teleman.

“We want to keep evolving and keep discovering. This band is one long journey for us, and we never want to stop developing and finding new ways of creating music. I’m always wanting to better what we’ve done before. To go deeper, to find something more beautiful, more catchy, more challenging, more interesting … just more.”


It’s evident the much-loved quartet have evolved, cultivating and honing their sound as a very-welcome and anticipated proposition for 2018.

Released September 7th, 2018

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All Art Brut’s frontman Eddie Argos wants is to reassure you. He wants you to know that no matter how bleak things look, no matter how bereft your life appears, whether you’ve been through a bad break-up or you’re on bedrest, everything’s going to be alright. He even says so on “Hooray!”, the opening song from the band’s first album in seven years, Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!, a title that promises nothing but pure, unadulterated good times and delivers on that promise. “Everything’s gonna be alright!” Argos hollers over the crack of Charlie Layton’s snare drum, the buzz of Toby MacFarlaine’s and Ian Catskilkin’s guitars, the thick hum of Freddy Feedback’s bass. If Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! is a ramble, it’s an infectious ramble, too much fun not to rock out to; you’ll pick out bits and pieces of The Mr. T Experience, Descendents and Ted Leo in the record’s texture, but then again, you may be too busy bobbing your head along to care about such paltry things as influence. The very title is a goddamn invitation. Don’t hold Art Brut’s joie de vivre against them; we need it as much as they live it.

Band Members
Eddie Argos,
Ian Catskilkin,
Freddy Feedback,
Stephen Gilchrist,
Toby Macfarlaine,

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Here’s your new favourite band: The Wild Things. They’re a London big-guitar big-voice four-piece, and listening to the storming banger ‘You’re Really Something’, the title single from their upcoming debut album, we suspect they’re going to do big and exciting things in 2019.

Rob Kendrick (guitar, vocals), who directed and edited the video says:

“The story of the song is so vivid that to copy it would detract from both pieces, so instead we chose to focus on a different kind of love story. We were toying with ideas when we found our amazing location, an old flat hidden in the centre of London that hadn’t been touched since the 70’s. The story came immediately – we wanted to tell the story of a girl in the 70’s and the battles in love that exist through time.”

The vintage-inspired video was styled by The Wild Things front-woman and local-fashionista, Sydney Rae White, star of the hit Netflix/BBC show ‘Uncle’ & blockbuster movie ‘American Assassin’.

‘You’re Really Something’ is the second single from the upcoming 12-track album of the same name, which will be released on 23rd November via AWAL. The album was recorded in the basement of a castle in West London, produced by the band’s very own Cam White (bass, vocals), and engineered / mixed by Adrian Hall at London’s Metropolis Studios.

Band Members
Syd, Cam, Rob, Pete

Find The Wild Things:
Website –

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The Wild Things are a British rock band fronted by lead singer Sydney Rae White, star of the hit Netflix/BBC show ‘Uncle’ & blockbuster movie ‘American Assassin‘. The band do everything themselves because they have a clear, definitive idea of who they are. They’ve sold out venues such as the Lexington and Islington Academy, are Kerrang! Magazine’s ‘Ones To Watch’, were featured artists on BBC Introducing/Radio 1 and have been premiered in the music bible Clash Magazine.

Band Members
Syd, Cam, Rob, Pete

upcoming debut album, ‘You’re Really Something’.

London-based alt-rock four-piece, The Wild Things have released a stripped-back music video for ‘Better Off Alone’, the fourth track to be released from their upcoming debut album.

The song, which was released last week, is an acoustic heart-breaker about falling madly in love with the man of your dreams… And then losing him to the woman of his dreams.

The video shows siblings Sydney Rae White (vocals, guitar) and Cam White (bass, vocals) performing a stripped-back version of the track outside the studio where they recorded their debut album earlier this year.

The 12-track record ‘You’re Really Something’ will be released on 23 November via AWAL. The album was recorded in the basement of a castle in West London, produced by the band’s very own Cam White (bass, vocals), and engineered / mixed by Adrian Hall at London’s Metropolis Studios.

Sydney Rae White – vocals, guitar
Cam White – bass, vocals
Rob Kendrick – guitar, vocals
Pete Wheeler – drums

‘Better Off Alone’ by The Wild Things. out November 23rd.

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London Indie-pop quintet Night Flowers have released a new video for the track ‘Head On’, taken from their widely praised spring album Wild Notion. Further reinforcing the band’s creeping move into a moodier sonic territory, the video is a swirling jolt to the system with a heavy heartbeat, with vocalist Sophia Pettit’s remarkable control building and building as the song climbs to an epic crescendo, complete with bittersweet, triumphant brass. Directed by the band themselves and shot by film maker Daisy Dickinson, (Benny Page, Adrena Adrena), the wandering camera finds singers Sophia Pettit and Greg Ullyart lost in London twilight, in a short cinematic story that echoes the song’s themes of communication breakdown, isolation and reconciliation.

It’s been a pretty special year for London indie-pop quintet Night Flowers. Their debut album, Wild Notion, drew near universal acclaim, they’ve toured up and down the country (and up and down and up and down again probably) and played a series of stellar festivals. The band also played what might just be their biggest headline show in London to date at the Moth Club,

“Head On” was one of Wild Notion’s stand-out moments; a brooding and intense number, propelled by swaggering bass and swirling synths. Singer, Sophia Pettit’s vocal is pretty much faultless throughout, wringing every drop of emotion from the tale of communication break-down, isolation and fighting to make things work, before the intense burst of brass brings things to a thrilling close. The cinematic video, which to our mind looks like Singing In The Rain filmed in the style of House Of Cards, mirrors the song’s themes, as Sophie and Greg walk the London streets, searching for a connection that so nearly comes to pass. A triumphant sign off to a year where Night Flowers have moved up a gear, and sit poised and ready for a giant leap forward.

Wild Notion is out now via Dirty Bingo Records.

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Something of a lo-fi underground super-group, Cheerbleederz have this week put out their debut EP, Faceplant, on the ever reliable Alcopop! Records. The London-based trio, comprising members of Fresh, Happy Accidents and Finish Flag,  bonded over a shared experience of being, “the only women in our main bands”, and formed Cheerbleederz, “to make a band that explores being women together”.

Ahead of the EP’s release the band shared the first single from it, Cabin Fever. A reflection on, “being unable to tell someone how you feel, and in turn feeling trapped by that situation”, Cabin Fever is an emotive blast of harmonies, pulsating bass and clattering guitars. The whole things builds to a wonderfully melancholic outro as the members chime in unison, “I think that we’re all doomed”, in disarmingly harmonic unison. On their debut EP, Cheerbleederz seem to have hit on something hugely promising; at once reminiscent of their other projects, yet different enough to sound fresh and exciting, it’s a hugely promising place to start.


Faceplant is out now via Alcopop! Records.

Folk/alt-country duo Ferris & Sylvester are a London-based band preparing to release their debut EP The Yellow Line. Ferris & Sylvester are songwriters – With clear references in their catchy setup to the mid-60s sounds of Greenwich Village combined with their meatier blues tones, Ferris & Sylvester sit somewhere between Jack White and First Aid Kit. Their clever combination of blues, folk and rock n roll has created a distinctive genre of their own.

The London-based pair met two and a half years ago and have since won over the capital with their ever-growing live presence and songwriting. This year, the duo released their highly anticipated EP ‘Made In Streatham’ which they self-produced in their South London flat. Released through their own label ‘Archtop Records’, the EP has clocked up over 2 million Spotify streams, rose to No.1 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter chart and received widespread praise across the board.

They’re the first signing to legendary producer Youth [Killing Joke, Crowded House, Paul McCartney, The Verve]’s new publishing company Painted Word Music, and recorded their EP at his Space Mountain Studios in Spain.

The Video featurs a stunning animation of ‘Sometimes’ by Neil Pymer & Shinyeye

We’re also premiering the beautiful video for their new single ‘Berlin’ which was filmed at Battersea Arts Centre in London

Band Members
Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester

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London based singer songwriter Laurel is releasing her new album ‘DOGVIOLET’ on Friday (24th August), and we’re sharing the preview of the record – the brilliantly emotional track, cutting ‘Adored’.

Set around crunchy guitars and gorgeously echoed vocals, the track is incessant in its energy and intensity, impossible to not be enveloped in. It’s a largely one-dimensional track, but instead of becoming negatively repetitive, it slowly starts to show its colours via the addition of swirling backing vocals and woozy extra layers of guitar, becoming a whirlwind of noise by its conclusion.

‘DOGVIOLET’ comes out on 24th August via Counter Records. It’ll be supported on a UK tour in September and October.


The new album ‘DOGVIOLET’, comes out on 24th August via Counter Records. It’ll be supported on a UK tour in September and October.