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Here to remind us of our insatiable, adolescent appetite for music, Art Brut are back together. What started as a break-up album and turned into an ‘in-love record’, Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! is a collection of post-punk, poppy bangers that recall the distinctive sound that burst out of the Berlin-based band back in 2005. It’s been seven years since the group’s last LP and sees Argos’ self-referential, sincere narrative shape into poignant reflections of encompassing a youthful heart in a world that perpetually forces us to grow up.

Argos was careful to “live a life” before attempting a new album. “I moved to Berlin, I nearly died with Peritonitis. I was in hospital for a bit. I had a son, I had a relationship that broke up. I wrote a comic, a memoir, a musical and had a one man show,” he says. “I don’t want to be that band who writes the sort of songs like “I don’t like touring, touring is really boring”. I think we needed a rest so some stuff could happen to me, to fill me up.”

Produced by award-winning folk musician Jim Moray, Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! is Art Brut at their pop band best. Argos recorded his vocals in one or two takes, channeling the sporadic nature of his live performances while hand claps and ad-libbed jokes and howls produce a raw and authentic work. Morphing almost any mundane experience into a hilariously candid anecdote – whether it’s watching hipsters eat falafel on ‘Good Morning Berlin’, planning a better diet after a health scare on ‘Hospital!’ or dodging a train ticket inspector on ‘Schwarzfahrer’– Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! is testament to the frontman’s unconventional approach to finding inspiration in just about anything.

“It’s not a game over, I got an extra life, I was born again, in a pure white light,” Argos trills on album opener, ‘Hooray!’, sparking an exuberant return to an industry where, if we’re honest, Art Brut never really fit in. On Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!, Art Brut are creating anthems for outcasts.

With the departure of Jasper Future and Mikey Breyer, Art Brut are now made up of founding members Argos, Ian Catskilkin and Freddy Feedback while Toby Macfarlaine joins on guitar and Charlie Layton joins on drums. “I’ve known Charlie forever,” Argos explains. “He’s also the drummer for The Wedding Present but we always wanted to be in a band together since we were kids. Now it’s been about 25 years of knowing each other, he’s finally in our group. Toby plays bass for Graham Coxon normally, he’s in the band cos he’s an amazing guitar player and I love him. Ian found him and I looked at his twitter feed to see what he was about and he had posted ‘A Day in the Life of Vivian Stanshall” from the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band. I was like “yeah perfect! he’s in!’’

Argos describes Art Brut as a democracy, with the new line-up adding new ideas to the pot. “Toby and Charlie both rock the fuck out which is what I like,” he adds. “Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! is a bit more back to basics Art Brut. It’s sort of the record I was trying to make after the first record and we didn’t quite succeed. I think I’m more confident now and I know what I want. Not being mean about our other records but it’s a poppy punk record which is what I wanted to do. I think speaking is a more honest way of getting what I want across. And I can’t sing too.”

While he wrestles with the realisation that Art Brut are now, as he describes, a “heritage band”, Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! sees the band producing their most accomplished and innovative work to date. “I think it’s because we love it,” Argos says of the band’s longevity in the face of an ever-changing scene. “I’ve always been quite gregarious about being in a band. I thought it would fix everything. I can’t imagine ever leaving Art Brut. It’s quite addicting really, we’re a fun band when we play live. There’s a nice mix of that and heart, we’re not ironic or anything. I think it’s fun to be in Art Brut. Maybe that’s why we can’t stop?”


released February 7th, 2020

Fuzz is fun. There’s not enough fuzz around in 2019, it’s all reverb this, flanger that. Remember the good old days, when you couldn’t move for fuzz? Everywhere you looked it was fuzz, fuzz, fuzz. Remember that? because False Advertising do.

Their second album ‘Brainfreeze’ is rammed full of frantic grunge pop that’ll have you digging out your plaids and Fender Jaguars in no time. Still, while ‘90s rock is definitely the trio’s main point of reference, there are few moments where they jump out of their comfort zone. ‘You Weren’t In My Dream’ breaks through the fuzz into surreal, almost Lynchian chamber pop, while ‘At The Top’ has more than a hint of early Radiohead, suggesting that, in time, the group could evolve into something quite special.

With ‘Brainfreeze’, False Advertising have started something interesting. It’s not perfect, but then grunge never was about perfection, was it?

Rammed full of frantic grunge pop that’ll have you digging out your plaids and Fender Jaguars in no time.

Band Members
Jen Hingley, Christopher Warr and Josh Sellers

The new album ‘Brainfreeze’ by False Advertising Released on 8th November 2019 via Alcopop!

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All Art Brut’s frontman Eddie Argos wants is to reassure you. He wants you to know that no matter how bleak things look, no matter how bereft your life appears, whether you’ve been through a bad break-up or you’re on bedrest, everything’s going to be alright. He even says so on “Hooray!”, the opening song from the band’s first album in seven years, Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!, a title that promises nothing but pure, unadulterated good times and delivers on that promise. “Everything’s gonna be alright!” Argos hollers over the crack of Charlie Layton’s snare drum, the buzz of Toby MacFarlaine’s and Ian Catskilkin’s guitars, the thick hum of Freddy Feedback’s bass. If Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! is a ramble, it’s an infectious ramble, too much fun not to rock out to; you’ll pick out bits and pieces of The Mr. T Experience, Descendents and Ted Leo in the record’s texture, but then again, you may be too busy bobbing your head along to care about such paltry things as influence. The very title is a goddamn invitation. Don’t hold Art Brut’s joie de vivre against them; we need it as much as they live it.

Band Members
Eddie Argos,
Ian Catskilkin,
Freddy Feedback,
Stephen Gilchrist,
Toby Macfarlaine,

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The band recently linked with Alcopop! Records to launch their new album, with ‘Strange Entertainment’ set to be unleashed on October 26th. With a huge UK tour planned, Kagoule aren’t holding back – confident in themselves, and their new material, they want to pursue every opportunity, every chance placed in front of them.

New single ‘It’s Not My Day’ is online now, and it actually owes a debt to the heavy period of touring that surrounded their debut album ‘Urth’.

A biting return, it pits the seismic force of the Nottingham trio’s live attack against incisive lyricism that engages at every turn. With ‘Strange Entertainment’ incoming we decided to link with Kagoule, to find out more about their single, the new album, and their upcoming tour.

So ‘It’s Not My Day’ was the beginning of ‘Strange Entertainment’. It’s hard to remember the exact moments that inspired a song but I think this song is about keeping it together in front of people or situations that intimidate you. There was lots of changes happening at that time and I needed to remind myself to face up to them.

Check out ‘It’s Not My Day’ below,


It’s Not My Day – taken from the forthcoming album, Strange Entertainment, on Alcopop! Records

Something of a lo-fi underground super-group, Cheerbleederz have this week put out their debut EP, Faceplant, on the ever reliable Alcopop! Records. The London-based trio, comprising members of Fresh, Happy Accidents and Finish Flag,  bonded over a shared experience of being, “the only women in our main bands”, and formed Cheerbleederz, “to make a band that explores being women together”.

Ahead of the EP’s release the band shared the first single from it, Cabin Fever. A reflection on, “being unable to tell someone how you feel, and in turn feeling trapped by that situation”, Cabin Fever is an emotive blast of harmonies, pulsating bass and clattering guitars. The whole things builds to a wonderfully melancholic outro as the members chime in unison, “I think that we’re all doomed”, in disarmingly harmonic unison. On their debut EP, Cheerbleederz seem to have hit on something hugely promising; at once reminiscent of their other projects, yet different enough to sound fresh and exciting, it’s a hugely promising place to start.


Faceplant is out now via Alcopop! Records.

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Phoebe, Sophie and I all play in other bands, but we run in the same circlesPhoebe and I have toured together as Happy Accidents and Fresh, and Sophie is in a band called Finish Flag too, but we played in a band together briefly that was called Don’t Die (Dean from Doe’s project). Because we’re all the only women in our main bands, we decided to make a band that explores being women together.
“All our writing has been collaborative and quite spontaneous, and because we’re friends first and foremost, it all feels very natural and easy. We just want to have fun—that’s why we’re doing it! Our songs are vulnerable, sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. We’re writing and making music together without any expectations and it feels very freeing.”

Just signed to Alcopop! Records London indie-punk trio Cheerbleederz and will release their debut EP ‘Faceplant’ on 24th September 2018,


Cheerbleederz are:
Kathryn Woods – Guitar
Sophie MacKenzie – Bass/vocals
Phoebe Cross – Drums

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Nottingham trio Kagoule announce their signing to Alcopop! Records with the lead single from their forthcoming album unveiled today.
‘Bad Saliva’ will feature on the MJ (Hookworms) produced, Tarek Musa (Spring King) mixed ‘Strange Entertainment’ full-length, out later this year.

Currently on tour with Drenge, the band say of the track that it is “a track about turning off the path you find yourself on; the temptation to make a change and the anxieties of then making it.”


First cut from the new album ‘Strange Entertainment’

Welcome to the artists of Alcopop! Records, a UK based independent label born from – and dedicated to – the finest indie pop the world has to offer! Have a listen to our wares, If life gives you lemons… Make Alcopop! Founded in Oxford with strong faces and hearts to match, Alcopop! is the record label home to some of the finest independent music there is. Forged with heart, soul and melody and purveyors of countless talented humans with songs to die for, come join us for hits


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The Spook School have released the video for new single ‘Body’.

The track is the third single taken from their excellent third album ‘Could It Be Different?‘, due for release on January 26th.

Speaking of the track and video, vocalist Nye Todd explained:“With ‘Body’ specifically, I wrote it from a kind of positive place, in that I’d been exercising lots and was proud of what I’d achieved and how much more capable I felt in my own body, but I was also aware of how much shame, dysphoria and internalised transphobia that I still felt towards myself. I got to wondering if everyone felt that to a certain extent, and that’s where the song lyrics kind of came from.”

Body’ is distinguishable as a Spook School single within seconds, with their unique Scottish indie punk blend taking a timely topic and turning it into a single flowing with relatable lyrics. ‘Could It Be Different?’ out January 26th on Alcopop! Records (UK) and Slumberland Records.

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Happy Accidents have been around the UK indie-punk scene for a while now, releasing their debut album, “You Might Be Right”, back in 2016. This year promises to ramp things up for the London-trio, with the upcoming release of their second album, “Everything But The Here And Now”, on the always excellent Alcopop! Records. The album, which was recorded with Hookworm’s front-man turned underground uber-producer MJ, is something of a departure for the band, not least because of the debut of drummer Phoebe’s nonchalant vocal, adding a stunning counter-point to regular front-man Rich’s more emotive, urgent delivery.

Taken from our new album Everything But The Here And Now on Alcopop! Records

The vocal changes aren’t the only progress here though, everything about Happy Accidents now seems more ambitious. The addition of washes of keys, synths and atmospheric studio trickery, creates a more rounded sound without losing their energetic charm, recalling acts like Los Campesinos! or former touring-mates Doe. As well as a more ambitious record, Everything But The Here And Now is also a more versatile one; recent single Text Me When You’re Home is an anti Cat-Calling anthem full of beefy Kamikaze Girls-like guitar lines and contrastingly ethereal vocals, while Wait It Out is a straight forward thrashy punk song, and A Better Plan has a distinct 90’s alt-rock feel to it. Happy Accidents sound better than ever, taking giant strides forward without ever forgetting where it all began.