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W.H. Lung jump in the pool for ‘Nothing Is’

Manchester’s W.H Lung who take their name from a local supermarket, don’t pay much heed to convention. They might have just two songs out there – ‘Nothing Is’ and flip-side ‘Inspiration!’ – but their output to date still clocks in at the length of an average EP.

As you’d perhaps expect, then, their new video isn’t any old montage of brick walls and shaky gig footage; instead, W.H. Lung have set up in a (thankfully empty) swimming pool in Manchester to run through ‘Nothing Is’ live. Hazy and meandering, with a bit of fist-clenching euphoria in the mix, too, the performance’s ‘Really Something!’ title is an apt summary.

W.H. Lung are set to play at The Green Man Festival this weekend.


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Already picked out by the annual BBC Sound Of poll for a coveted spot on its longlist  and also picked out for the Band of 2017 by the Sun newspaper this week – Cabbage actually began their big explosion in late 2016, but it certainly looks like 2017 will be the year they cement their national reputation.

Five lads from Mossley, Ashton, they’re a riotous take on garage punk, and for a gratuitous slice of what they’re all about start with the explicit video for “Dinner Lady” which – as well as featuring footage of the town they live in – lays out their brutal, sense of surrealism and lyrical passion for the banal in a song about a vitriolic dinner lady who secretes unspeakable bodily fluids into the lunches of people who irritate her.

The quintet are energising to watch – much the same sensation their music has, its erudite political point of view married to killer tunes.

Uber Capitalist Death Trade EP Out Now on Skeleton Key Records 2016 –

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After stumbling across last month’s brilliant single, “Pretend”, we were ready to declare Manchester’s Elle Mary & The Bad Men the new future of music. This week Elle and Co. have returned with the video for another stunning single, “Undead!”.

The video, featuring a collection of hauntingly atmospheric shots of the Peak District, was, in Elle’s own words, “a video that reflected the atmosphere and space of the song”Musically, “Pretend” is a subtly evolving piece, there’s an almost absent-minded quality to the gently plucked acoustic, as Elle’s voice seems to drift away in a world of its own, effortlessly picking gorgeous melodies out of the ether. As Elle sings, “you pray out loud when you want to be heard, search for me in your deepest sleep”, there’s gentle nods to the quiet intensity of acts like Mothers or Globelamp, ultimately though it’s a sound entirely her own. It might be very early days for this most intriguing of songwriters, but it’s a mightily impressive beginning so far.

Undead is out now via Sideways Saloon/Kartel Music Group

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“DEREVAUN SERAUN” is a piece I wrote a couple years back in five movements for voice, piano and string trio. Each movement is written about a different piece of literature, exploring the value I see in each work and the impression it has made on me, and there is nothing more to it than that. The pleasure of books – of good verse and stories and ideas – is a very simple thing, and I felt that some lofty unifying theme for the entire piece would be a betrayal of that belief. I think that when a work resonates with you it is an instinctive response to something. You can be taught to understand a challenging book, but not to feel affection for it; I think a lot of conversation around art, especially around literature, sometimes forgets this. In my experience, the art I like the most, irrespective of its ‘difficulty’, is the art I can advocate most directly and plainly, and about which I can say: “I read this piece and now I do not read or think in the same way that I did before”, or: “This is a story that I could not explain to someone; I do not understand it word-for-word, yet I feel like innately I understand the whole, and that the whole spoke to me”. This is a piece about five books that I like and why I like them.” – Kiran Leonard



Transformer 2 is super excited to return with Godspeed You! Black Emperor headlining our Halloween event on Saturday October 28th 2017 at Victoria Warehouse!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Liars – Ben Frost – Powell – Omar Souleyman
Bardo Pond – Valgeir Sigurdsson – The Field
Demdike Stare – Sculpture – Camilla Fuchs – Civil Civic

On sale Tuesday 6th June at 10AM to pre reg customers
On general sale Tuesday 6th June at noon.

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