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Fuzz is fun. There’s not enough fuzz around in 2019, it’s all reverb this, flanger that. Remember the good old days, when you couldn’t move for fuzz? Everywhere you looked it was fuzz, fuzz, fuzz. Remember that? because False Advertising do.

Their second album ‘Brainfreeze’ is rammed full of frantic grunge pop that’ll have you digging out your plaids and Fender Jaguars in no time. Still, while ‘90s rock is definitely the trio’s main point of reference, there are few moments where they jump out of their comfort zone. ‘You Weren’t In My Dream’ breaks through the fuzz into surreal, almost Lynchian chamber pop, while ‘At The Top’ has more than a hint of early Radiohead, suggesting that, in time, the group could evolve into something quite special.

With ‘Brainfreeze’, False Advertising have started something interesting. It’s not perfect, but then grunge never was about perfection, was it?

Rammed full of frantic grunge pop that’ll have you digging out your plaids and Fender Jaguars in no time.

Band Members
Jen Hingley, Christopher Warr and Josh Sellers

The new album ‘Brainfreeze’ by False Advertising Released on 8th November 2019 via Alcopop!

False Advertising present ‘Belligerent’, a new album collating tracks the band has recorded over the last two years. Due for exclusive release this April  via 2670records.


Band Members
Jen Hingley, Chris Warr, Josh Sellers

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In a year when the influence of 1990’s alt-rock was all the rage, few injected the sometimes stale genre with as much fresh energy and excitement as the Manchester/Oxford-trio False Advertising. The band’s excellent EP, I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring, was partly recorded at Abbey Road, before the band were forced to leave because they were, “too loud”The EP collects a number of stand-alone singles that False Advertising  put out over the last year, but is none the less a remarkably coherent affair. The sound of the ’90s is alive and well with Manchester-based fuzz lovers False Advertising. Guitarist Jen Hingley lays down thick octave riffs and chiming chords with the best of them, catalogued on EP I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring.

The five tracks that make up the EP, are a winning blend of angst, anger and grunge. For the most part, singer Jen Hingley’s guttural vocal howl is accompanied by fuzzy walls of guitars, clattering cymbal heavy drum beats and propulsive, strutting bass-lines. Lyrically these tracks are a dissection of growing up in a world where monotony and stupidity still seem to run the planet; Hey You is a rallying call for gender equality, Not My Fault asked whether it is okay to attempt to detach yourself from the political landscape, while the excellent Honest, dealt with the toxic nature of media bias. 2017 is a year where politics and music became reacquainted, and few people have sound tracked it better than False Advertising.



False Advertising release the limited edition 7″ Single ‘Give It Your Worst’ on Too Pure Singles Club. Featuring the as-yet unheard B-Side and future new-grunge-anthem ‘Scars’ on medicinal-green vinyl. Recorded by Chris Warr in fellow band member Jen Hingley’s dad’s garage in Oxfordshire and produced by the band themselves. ‘Give It Your Worst’ is fuzz-laden and gritty, shedding light on a tumultuous time that the band experienced last year.

Both sides of the release showcase the band’s knack for instrument-swapping, with ‘Give It Your Worst‘ featuring Chris on guitar up front, and ‘Scars’ seeing them switch with Jen coming forward from behind the drum-kit and taking the lead. Backed up and unified by Josh Sellers‘ characterful bass parts all the way through. With artwork by band-member Jen Hingley, a graphic designer by day (who has worked with the likes of Royal Blood, The Charlatans and Franz Ferdinand). The release showcases the full extent of the band’s DIY-chops.

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There are very few EPs whose titles we agree with more than the latest effort from UK fuzz-rockers False Advertising – I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring.EP , Yet the Manchester-based three-piece provide a host of reasons to pay attention, not least the guitar work of Tele-wielding Jen Hingley – the niece of Inspiral Carpets frontman Tom Hingley, no less – who delivers the kind of riffs that will have fans of ’90s alt-rock digging plaid shirts back out of wardrobes.

Ahead of the band’s upcoming UK tour, we caught up with Jen to hear all about her priceless guitars, Big Muff love and the dangers of swapping instruments mid-gig…“If you know anything about False Advertising, you’ll probably know that Chris [Warr] and I switch places between drums and guitar. I was drumming my part of the set this weekend at a festival in Hull, and mid-song, hit the end of my left index finger against a drum. The pain and amount of blood was so bad that when we switched back to me being on guitar I actually couldn’t play, then had to return to finish the set back on the drums. Not before being escorted to the first aid tent. Not my finest moment – I still can’t bend my finger, actually.”

Not My Fault is the new single from False Advertising.

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The 1990’s revival is so popular right now that it’s probably already over, but one act channeling the actually good bits of that damned decade are Manchester via Oxford DIY trio, False Advertising. The band are set to release a new EP, I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring, next month, and have this week share their riotous new single, Hey You.


Hey You, described by the band as, “a rallying cry against gender stereotyping”, is built around ferocious, almost Pavement like guitar work, and pounding drums, but it’s singer Jen’s howling, visceral vocal that’s the star. There’s a touch of Shirley Manson, with the attitude and noise of early PJ Harvey, and as she repeats the tracks key line, “I am no figurine”, we’d dare anyone to suggest she’s anything but a rock star. Raucous, accessible and with plenty to say, False Advertising are more than worthy of their hype.

The track is taken from the forthcoming EP ‘I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring’, released 27/10 and available to pre-order on Bandcamp.

Here’s a new track ‘It’s Been A While (So Sick)’ alongside a video pieced together from our time in America at SXSW (which was indeed ‘So Sick’). The song is part of the Three Minute Heroes #HearMeOut album, a compilation released by The Warren Youth Project which saw artists put young people’s lyrics to music.

‘Hey You’ the new single from False Advertising is out now.

Band Members
Jen Hingley, Chris Warr, Josh Sellers