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“Never Give Up” marks the debut LP for international garage-rockers, Abjects. Formed in 2013 by Noemi (Guitar/Vox- Spain), Yuki (Bass/Vox- Japan) and Alice (Drums/Vox – Italy), the band grew a following from their home base of London with tours across the UK, Japan, EU, and US earning spots alongside the the’s, Mikal Cronin, Shannon & the Clams, and La Luz with their quick, loud, edgy, and melodious garage-punk numbers. Their 11 new tracks explore both personal challenges and those they’ve observed with the rise of populist movements in post-Brexit London. As Noemi describes it, “The album is an amalgamation of tracks that illustrate our life journey in the last 5 years. Feelings of frustration and failure are shook off and translated into new challenges to overcome whilst having a lot of fun at it. We want people to have fun listening to our music, and to infuse others with energy, drive, and self¬-determination.”


Their sound is bold, guitar-heavy and so edgy, you’d be afraid to reach out and touch it for fear of getting cut. Abjects are the kind of band that can restore faith in the future of exciting, authentic-feeling music”

Abjects, an all-girl London trio who have been recording for Pins’ own Haus of Pins label and they appear to be in their element as they run through an impressive set of edgy garage tunes, perky basslines washed over with lashings of blurry guitar.


Candy Says were asked to cover the song by director Vicky Jewson, who wanted a new version that fit the mood of the film. The lead character Sam (Rapace) is a badass bodyguard who tries to keep her humanity and emotional fragility out of sight. The band collaborated with the film’s composer Marc Canham to create a cinematic track that prefigures the brooding menace of the brutal score but also gives the audience a taste of the intense emotion that Sam will eventually reveal. The new version had to be approved by Kate Bush herself, and the band were thrilled that after a nail-biting few days she gave it her blessing.
Released January 18th, 2019
Words and music by Kate Bush
Recorded by Candy Says & Marc Canham

“It’s not about what happened in the past, or what you think might happen in the future. It’s about the ride, for Christ’s sake. Irving Feffer said that. We like to think he was right.”

Born from friendship, Heavy Lungs formed in the Spring of 2017 and set sights for loud, agile performance. If you book them, they will come. The EP your mother told you to worry about. Forget your fears and open your ears.
‘Straight to CD’ was recorded throughout 2018 at the mystical Nave studio in Leeds, UK and the mighty Malthouse in Bristol, Earth.
A mix of aggressive caring for each other, this new ep is a collection of golden oldies and true blue tracks from HL, to you.

releases February 7th, 2019


Lead Vocals – Danny Nedelko
Drums / Backing Vocals / Screams – George Garratt
Bass (4 & 6 Stringers) – James Minchall
Guitars / Synths / Mellotron / SFX / Screams – Oliver Southgate

The Proper Ornaments have been through a lot together. Essentially hinging on the friendship between James Hoare (also of Ultimate Painting/Veronica Falls) and Max Claps (Toy), the pair’s second album was largely an escape from drug issues and mental health problems.

Emerging from this, subsequent sessions took on a brighter, more upbeat hue, with a gentle, uplifting energy permeating their music. New album ‘6 Lenins’ is the result. Out on April 5th via Tapete Records, it was recorded at James‘ flat on a newly installed 16 track Studer machine.

“We started writing new songs in the summer. I was in bed recovering from hepatitis and very broken and tired so couldn’t do anything else apart from playing guitar,” says Max, “and the songs slowly started to appear. In August we realised we had five new songs each and free time, so we decided to record them. The actual recording only took two weeks and it was considerably easier than our previous recordings.”

Stripped from the LP, ‘Song For John Lennon’ is a curious return, with its warm tones seeming to envelope you from every side. A tip of the cap to the titular Beatle, ‘Song For John Lennon’ oozes out of the speakers like aural honey; completely addictive.


releases April 5th, 2019

2019 Tapete Records

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Lovestruck diary scribbles shot through a psych-pop lens, This ridiculously talented 15-year-old musician squeezes in bedroom recording sessions between chemistry classes and homework. He used to feign headaches in order to skive off singing lessons, but after some firm encouragement he bit the bullet and handed his demo’s around the classroom. He’s never looked back since.
Teenage infatuation makes growing up an especially turbulent time, and though 20-somethings might say otherwise, that lusty chaos never really subsides: just look at the way people conduct themselves on Tinder. Fittingly the pains and tribulations of young love are all over Alfie Templemen’s music, shot through a kaleidoscopic haze that recalls Kevin Parker if he was into lounge-jazz.

‘Like An Animal’ EP limited edition 10″ vinyl:

This London band just missed our list of the best EPs of 2018 with their 7” on Nervous Energy, but they’re working on a 2019 release (maybe an EP, maybe an LP) for Thrilling Living that’s at the top of my list of stuff to buy this new year. They’ve shown fantastic taste and craft on songs like “Feral” and “CCMMD,” demanding comparisons to stalwarts of the post punk canon, but with the bonus of their stuff being fresh and current and not 40-year-old records made by 60-year-old men. On that EP you can hear the economy of Wire, the directness of Kleenex / LiLiPuT, the tunefulness and fury of early Iceage (yes, we know New Brigade is from this decade and not the ’70s), and all kinds of other properties from all kinds of other rad bands that rad record collectors are into.


Child’s Pose are bridge-builders, helping to close the gap between the hungry kids of today and their weirdo aunts and uncles.

released March 28th, 2018, Nervous Energy Records .

Two years after delivering the astonishing “Some Things Last Longer than You,” London based trio Doe returns with “Grow Into It,” in which Nicola Leel, Jake Popyura and Dean Smithers drop another set of Breeders/Weezer-influenced rock. They still don’t have a bassist and don’t seem to need one, as their double-guitar attack really does the job. The surprising sonic explosions and fits of chaos suggest that they may be taking cues from “Pinkerton,” and yet songs like the bouncy “Labour Like I Do,” the pensive “Team Spirit,” and single-ready fuzz-ballad, “Cathy” rank among their best work.


Band Members
Nicola // vocals, guitar
Jake // drums, vocals
Dean // guitar

released September 28th, 2018


Chorusgirl’s second album Shimmer And Spin, is a record that emerged from the darkness of insecurity to become an anchor in the gloom. The record was written at a time when, at almost every turn, things seemed to get worse for the band; from family illness, through anxiety and the end of their previous record label, somehow Chorusgirl managed to scramble and create a record that not only managed to exist, but to thrive and push their music into new and fascinating directions.

As opening lines go, “there’s always someone else who looks more popular or clever it’s true, more confident than anyone, but certainly not better than you”, is an undeniably intriguing place to begin, and that’s where Chorusgirl began on the sublime, In Dreams. Much of Shimmer And Spin continues in a similar vein, laced with self-doubt and insecurity, yet fighting against them, battling to believe in yourself, to believe your dreams are worthy of pursuit. It’s not a battle always won, sometimes life overwhelms; there’s moments of resignation, as on Stuck, when Silvi sings, “the future, turned past now, well it was never ours”, and moments where self-doubt takes control, as they sing on Not Yours, “my brain keeps broadcasting clips of doom, my introversion is strong”. If lyrically it was a record of personal reflection, musically it was a bold step into new musical territory, the glistening guitars more sharp and shimmering, the rhythm section more solid and creative, the newly discovered vocal harmonies, a subtly perfect.  There’s one particular moment on Shimmer And Spin, we find we just keep coming back to, a brief perfect collection of just a few seconds, it comes just short of three minutes into Stuck, as Silvi sings, “stuck in my mind, stuck for all time”, and for just maybe 20 seconds all sense of control is lost; the guitars become an overwhelming rush of feedback, the drums a clattering chaos, and beneath it all, the perfect bass-line pins it together, carrying on as if nothing had even changed, then as quickly as it arrived it is all gone. You almost have to rewind to check it actually happened, yet it did and it has the same effect listen after listen after listen. Shimmer And Spin is a record that emerged from the darkest of places to glisten and sheen, a triumphant celebration of just about getting through, a record even better than we ever thought it could be.


Released November 16th, 2018

Demon Baby and Love is Like written by Faith Taylor
Other songs written by Silvia Wersing


Following her debut album ‘Penelope One’ for Optimo Music, antipodean vocalist, musician and soundscaper Penelope Trappes presents sophomore longplayer ‘Penelope Two’, for Houndstooth.

Elements from multiple sources are subsumed by Trappes’ sonic presence; one hears Badalamenti and Julee Cruise’s work for ‘Blue Velvet’ and ‘Twin Peaks’, Slowdive’s dreampop, the scorched comedowns of early Primal Scream, Colin Newman’s dark melancholia, plus contemporaries like Tropic Of Cancer and Sky H1.

These distilled, rarefied creations take echoes as their starting point, with Trappes summoning swathes of tones, textures and emotions into something ethereal but also powerful, like an evocation of spirits. It’s also deeply melodic, with her intimate, maternally-tender voice floating in the middle of each three dimensional, womb-like sonic space. Originally from the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia before moving to New York and developing experimental electronic projects Locke and Priscilla Sharp, plus her best-known incarnation with partner Stephen –The Golden Filter. 


Referencing Scott Walker and This Mortal Coil, Trappes uses a minimal palette to frame her spellbinding, spectral songs in a starkly beautiful sound, suggesting a collaboration between Mazzy Star and Leyland Kirby, or Felicia Atkinson writing for Lynch.  

Released October 26th, 2018

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Optimo Music presented the debut solo album from The Golden Filter’s Penelope Trappes “One” in early June.

We like to let our artists speak for themselves about their music whenever possible so asked Penelope to tell us about her album –

“In 2016. I rented out a small piano studio in East London for nearly the whole year and set out to write an introspective, trendless, and mostly beatless album. Inspired by albums from This Mortal Coil and Scott Walker, who also sought freedom to work outside of the expectations of their previous work, I limited the instrumentation to mostly an acoustic piano and effects, which left space to expose a lot of emotional vulnerabilities about myself and people close to me. Writing lullabies about being a mother in a dystopian world, with pensive words about swimming against the current as a female artist, I felt free enough to tell untold truths that I’ve never felt comfortable talking about within music. Free, liberated, empowered. naked.”

Released June 16th, 2017