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Elvis Costello / Hey Clockface

Elvis Costello returns with a new album, Hey Clockface, in October.

It was recorded in Helsinki, Paris and New York and mixed in Los Angeles. The album features the songs ‘No Flag’, ‘Hetty O’Hara Confidential’ and ‘We Are All Cowards Now’. Following the solo recording of those three tracks at Suomenlinnan Studio, Helsinki in February 2020, Costello immediately travelled to Paris for a weekend session at Les Studios Saint Germain. Costello says: “I sang live on the studio floor, directing from the vocal booth. We cut nine songs in two days. We spoke very little. Almost everything the musicians played was a spontaneous response to the song I was singing. I’d had a dream of recording in Paris like this, one day.”

Like 2018’s Look Now, the album is produced by Elvis Costello and Sebastian Krys. It’s available as a 2LP vinyl set and on CD. The official (US-based) store has an enormous array of bundles, with some signed options.

Elvis Costello is also working with Universal Music on a major reissue campaign which will start with a six-record set based on his 1979 album “Armed Forces”.

Speaking to promote the forthcoming album Hey Clockface, Costello said that his “catalogue has been in some disarray for a number of years” and that he recently “went to a meeting at a record company for the first time since the ’90s” to discuss reissue plans”.

He added: “who better than the person who wrote the songs to tell you what else is there [in the archive] – things that I never released, live recordings”.

He tells  us that Armed Forces will be “the first” thing to come out and that “the package will include three live recordings ranging from the summer of ’78 to the summer of ’79, so it traces the development of the Attractions as a live act, from a club combo to a successful pop group – it’s quite interesting to hear. I had expert help in photographing my handwritten notebooks. So you’re getting something”

Curiously, Elvis also says: “We’ve done a new version of one of my albums from my  back catalogue, and that’s going to come out next April. And we’re making a compilation based on [1998 album with Burt Bachararch] Painted From Memory in the hope that we’ll complete the picture with some other songs we’ve written that people still haven’t heard”.

When asked if he was going to do this with all his albums, the response was “If we can”.

Interesting stuff. Elvis Costello and Demon Records were early pioneers of the expanded CD reissue’s Of Costello Albums with a series of excellent releases in early-to-mid 1990s. The same albums were reissued about 10 years later with even more material – an extra CD’s worth. Despite these seemingly exhaustive reissues, Universal Music still managed to release new 2CD deluxe editions of My Aim Is True and This Year’s Model in 2008.

Elvis Costello’s new album, Hey Clockface will be released on 30th October 2020.

Glen Frey (1948-2016)  Hailing from the Motor City, Frey kicked around the Detroit Rock scene from the mid-1960s playing in bands such as the Subterraneans, The Four of Us, the Mushrooms, and the Heavy Metal Kids. He nearly joined Bob Seger’s band, but Frey’s mother objected because she considered Seger a bad influence owing to his marijuana use. However, he did contribute acoustic guitar and backup vocals to Seger’s first hit in 1968 “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.” His association with the Detroit rocker continued with Frey singing harmonies on “Fire Lake,’ and “Against the Wind.” in 1980. Through a girlfriend whose band moved to California, Frey relocated there meeting J. D. Souther and forming a duo named Longbranch Pennywhistle. During this period Frey also met Jackson Browne, a convergence if there ever was one.

Then in 1970, Frey met Don Henley and there was a tour with Linda Ronstadt, which included, for a spell, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon. it was during this time that Frey and Henley decided to form a band, and soon the Eagles were hatched with Frey (guitar, keyboards) Meisner (bass), Leadon (guitar, banjo, mandolin, and dobro) and Henley on drums. No one knew at the time that the Eagles would evolve into one of the biggest supergroups of all time. Frey was the front man and lead singer writing or co-writing the lion’s share of the band’s hits including “Take It Easy,” (co-written with Browne), “New Kid in Town,” “Tequila Sunrise,” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” among others. When the Eagles disbanded in 1980, Frey launched a successful solo career and was a consistent hit maker throughout the 1980s, scoring two Top 10 hits “The Heat is On,” (1984), and “You Belong to the City,” (1985) as well as “Smuggler’s Blues,’ (1985) and several lesser hits.

The Eagles had vowed that they wouldn’t reunite until “Hell Freezes Over,” which it miraculously did in 1994. The “Hell Freezes Over,” album followed with the hit single “Get over It.” Frey played on the Eagles’ “Long Road out of Eden in 2007 and joined the band on the tour that accompanied the album. Frey recorded five solo albums and one live long player in all, including “After Hours,’ in 2012. With the Eagles, he collected Six Grammy awards, five American Music Awards, and his band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. Frey’s final appearance with the band was at the completion of the two-year History of the Eagles World Tour, which ended in Louisiana on July 29, 2015. Sadly, Glen Frey passed away on January 18th, 2016 from complications surrounding rheumatoid arthritis. The music world had lost another icon, but Frey will be remembered for his song writing and as the lead singer of the Eagles, with many classic hit records under his belt.

Universal Music will issue Above The Clouds: The Collection, a new four-disc deluxe box set that focuses on the solo career of Glenn Frey.

The 3CD+DVD set starts with a 15-track ‘best of’ disc which includes singles like The Heat Is On (from Beverly Hills Cop), Smuggler’s Blues and You Belong To The City. The second CD digs deeper into Frey’s back catalogue and includes tracks from his last studio album, 2012’s After Hours, 1985’s Allnighter, new tracks from 1995’s Solo Collection and more.

The one and only album (self-titled) by Frey’s and JD Souther’s Longbranch / Pennywhistle is officially released on CD for the first time on disc three. This was recorded in 1969 in California (after the pair had moved from Detroit to California) and issued on the Amos label. While the country rock/folk outfit were short-lived, JD Souther would go on to co-write loads of great Eagles songs, such as Best of My Love, New Kid in Town and Heartache Tonight.

The fourth and final disc is a DVD of a live show from Dublin in 1992 from the Strange Weather tour.

I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the creation of Above The Clouds, a beautiful and exceptional collection of Glenn Frey’s unique voice in music, here expressed in his solo career. It is an imposing body of work and just as rich and genuine as you would expect. It is also a fitting tribute to the man who flew front seat in that exceptional songwriting and harmony phenomenon called Eagles, the biggest band in American history. Glenn was my first songwriting partner in Los Angeles when we were pups and I’m a far better song writer for knowing him. He brought a spark to every thing he touched, lit up every room he entered, and brought a rock solid integrity to every song he worked on. Check out “Run Boy, Run” from Longbranch/Pennywhistle, our virgin album as singer/songwriters. It’s a good song, rock solid and a first look of what was to follow. I could go on and on about Glenn but there are simply too many good things to say and besides, you could be listening to him sing instead of reading about him. As Linda Ronstadt put it the day after Glenn left us; “What to say? It’s a little bit different world now”. Perfectly said, so here is a big box of his beautiful music to give life after Glenn some more groove, a few more tears, and a whole lot more light. Cheers Glenn, and thank you. JD Souther


Run, Boy, Run…You Gotta Move. The iconic track from Longbranch Pennywhistle is now available to download from Above The Clouds: The Collection.

Above The Clouds: The Collection was released on 11th May 2018.

Elizabeth’s debut solo album, “The Wonderful World Of Nature”, is everything. It. Is. Everything. She sings of desire, infatuation, and heartache with unnerving honesty and openness. The language Elizabeth uses is straight-forward and unembellished, and it’s exactly this which makes her songs so poetic and affecting.

The first time I heard Elizabeth sing “I want you in every way. You don’t treat me nicely and I’m scared I’m gonna stay,” on “I Want You,” I doubled over, both physically and emotionally. In 2018, the frontwoman of Australian rock outlet Totally Mild released Her, an album that brilliantly unpacks the bittersweet, socially convoluted journey of domesticity and the lack of a blueprint for it within the context of queerness.

Her debut solo album, The Wonderful World of Nature, is its crushingly honest divorce counterpart. In a world that’s lacking many queer divorce albums at all, to hear one as honest and mind-bogglingly raw as this is a transformative treasure everyone should experience.

The Wonderful World Of Nature plays like a 11-stage gauntlet of post-breakup emotional grief; the path to moving on isn’t a straight line and might never end. Song-to-song, and often verse to verse, the winding line of grief makes its presence felt. “If not with you, then with who?” Elizabeth nearly howls on “Beautiful Baby,” the gently rocking first track, which gives way to “Parties,” a song about how distracting yourself with partying leads you to wondering if your ex is out doing the same, which, in turn, makes you miss them more. “Death Toll” is a slow march about the ways a break-up can leave you devastated, but also finds Elizabeth lamenting, “I will never be the same happy” after saying “It’s over baby, there’s nothing more to say.” The next track, “I Want You,” has Elizabeth softly singing over a piano, “You don’t treat me nicely, and I’m scared I’m gonna stay,” capturing layers of self-loathing, lust, and regret in a single line. The Wonderful World isn’t a bible for how to get over a breakup, but it feels more honest than breakup albums usually are; it’s never just a “fuck you” and it’s never just an “I wish we were still together.” When two people collide, they break up in unpredictable, awful, restorative ways.

The Wonderful World of Nature released Universal Music Australia

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Fans of Pumarosa are overjoyed for the release their sophomore album ‘Devastation’. Pursuing a sound they call “industrial spiritual”, the London based band have forgone the guitar centric style of their previous work and instead taken a truly soulful approach to electronica. The bold experimentation certainly works, thanks in part to St Vincent producer John Congleton with whom they recorded with in LA plus Tool bassist Justin Chancellor.

Grab your copy of ‘Devastation’ on CD, MP3 and orange 180g heavyweight vinyl right now. Plus, Pumarosa have announced a major gig at Bristol’s Thekla taking place on Monday 25th of November 2019.

Flyte have recently returned with their lovely new EP “White Roses”, a release that they describe as a good preview of what’s to come for their eventual next album. Over the past few years, we’ve watched indie rockers Flyte  admiring their wonderful tunes It took many years but after the release of their terrific debut album The Loved Ones last year they finally announced their first appearance at SXSW in Austin, Texas and ended up following those dates with their debut New York performance, with the promise of some old songs but also, some new ones. This performance featured only half of the band, with Will Taylor and Nicolas Hill playing all the songs totally stripped down and acoustic.

The band hinted that they finished their new album, one that was described as a heavy break-up album. These songs were personal and heartbreaking, but with that whimsical folk charm that the band has been leaning into with precision with every new release. Along with “White Roses” and “I Still Believe In You” from the EP White Roses,  four other brand new songs, “Never Gonna Stop Trying To Break Your Heart,” “Never Get To Heaven,” “Everyone’s a Winner” and “Mistress America,” which was played for the very first time ever on their recent festival dates at the Deershed and 110 Above Festival .

These new songs have me really excited for the new album, The band soared as high as ever. They thanked the crowd for sticking with them for the new songs and then rewarded us with lavish performances of “Cathy Come Home” and “Faithless” from their superb debut and one of the best albums of 2017, The Loved Ones.

Traffic / The Studio Albums 1967-1974

This 6LP vinyl box set due in May, Universal Music are set to release a new Traffic vinyl box set, the snazzily titled, The Studio Albums 1967–1974.
The six-LP set collects together the Island-released Mr Fantasy, Traffic, John Barleycorn Must Die, Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory, The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys and When The Eagle Flies. 1969 odds ‘n’ sods compilation Last Exit isn’t included.

Traffic were originally formed in 1967 when Steve Winwood fled the Spencer Davis Group at the ripe old age of 18, and joined drummer/singer Jim Capaldi, singer/guitarist Dave Mason and reed player Chris Wood. The quartet soon rented a cottage out in rural Berkshire to ‘get their heads together in the country’.

While the group were quickly successful with the singles ‘Paper Sun’ and ‘Hole In My Shoe’, they were more at home on the album format, and also enjoyed considerable success within the U.S., scoring four consecutive top ten albums from 1970 to 1974.

The Studio Albums 1967-1974 is released 17th May 2019.

The LPs have been remastered from the original tapes and presented in their original and highly collectable ‘first’ Island pressing form (gatefold sleeves, pink eye labels etc). The set also includes a related and rare facsimile promo poster for each album.

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Part 1 was released out of the blue at the back end of September 2018. It was known that Aurora Asknes had been writing songs and poems since she finished touring her debut album All my Demons Greeting Me As A Friend in 2016 (she reputedly has more than 1000 of them) and envisages “many albums” to come, but she took just about everyone by surprise with the under-publicised release of this eight-track album.

Infections of a Different Kind – Part 1 marked something of a sea change for the Norwegian, who seems to have been around for many years but is still only 22. Like many with her talent, she began writing young, in her case at the age of nine, and several of the tracks on the debut album were written before she reached the age of 12, though influenced by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

Queendom is about celebrating all the differences in us. It’s about celebrating the women and the children and animals and the men also. The quiet ones and the introverts, where they can sing and be seen. It’s about the shy people and the lonely people and I hope it can be a place where we can come and be lonely together and then not be lonely anymore. Queendom is a place for all of us.

Music video by AURORA performing Queendom. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

YAK – ” Bellyache “

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Yak have always used intensity as their greatest weapon, hammering their way through tracks loud enough to make your ears bleed. New one ‘Bellyache’, however, uses restraint to its advantage.

Let’s be clear here, it’s not a ballad, or lumbering in the slightest, but the space given to the song by its slow, steady drumbeat allows all manner of fascinating, psychedelic squeals to worm their way around the QOTSA-esque rock song at the track’s core.

Wah pedal-assisted guitars give the track a woozy, otherworldly quality, before a stab of incessant noise barges through for a chorus-of-sorts. Completely by surprise, the track then folds out into a majestic outro, punctuated by horns. A fascinating change of pace, ‘Bellyache’ shows that Yak refuse to be pigeonholed, and are all the more exciting for it.

Music video by Yak performing Bellyache. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

English synthpop duo Soft Cell will reunite in 2018, for a one-off concert in London.

Marc Almond and David Ball will celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary with ‘One Night, One Final Time: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’ a show at London’s O2 on 30th September this year. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 23rd February.

Making the announcement on Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 breakfast show (does anyone make announcements anywhere else these days?) Almond also revealed that Universal Music will issue a Soft Cell box set this year. No real details on that at this stage other than the fact that it will definitely contain a couple of new studio tracks (I’ve heard rumours of a 9CD+DVD package). “We live in very interesting times, and 2018 promises to be a very special year” – Dave Ball

Marc Almond and Dave Ball will reunite at the iconic venue on September 30th 2018 to perform together for the first time since 2003. The one-off ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’ show will be Soft Cell’s ONLY, and LAST-EVER, show.

It has been a busy few years for Marc Almond. In 2016 he issued a ten-CD box set Trials of Eyeliner and last year he issued Hits and Pieces a greatest hits that was available as 2CD deluxe edition.

Two dozen rare and limited release Frank Zappa recordings will be made widely available around the world when UMe assumes distribution of the albums as part of their global partnership with the Zappa Trust. In the U.S., the 24 albums will be available on CD, download and streaming on March 24th. Internationally, they will be available digitally March 24th with physical to follow on April 28th. Nine of the albums, including Zappa’s 100th release, Dance Me This, and the revered live disc, Roxy By Proxy, have never been available for download or streaming. The wide-ranging collection includes fan favorite and Grammy Award-winning titles from Zappa’s independent labels Barking Pumpkin, Vaulternative Records and Zappa Records and encompasses more than 20 years of releases, dating back to 1994’s posthumous release, Civilization Phaze III.”For more than two decades, the only place to get exclusive Frank Zappa albums was through our mail order and website. We are thrilled to be able to make these titles available to fans across the globe with the help of our friends at Universal,” says Ahmet Zappa.

In all, the albums being made available internationally to online retailers, record stores, digital retailers and streaming services include a diverse collection of previously limited releases comprised of live concerts, taped rehearsals, treasures from Zappa’s extensive and extraordinary vault, audio documentaries, archival recordings, the famed “Corsaga” series and other exciting audio ephemera. The releases span Zappa’s entire career, from his first records with the Mothers of Invention to some of the last compositions and projects he ever worked on.

Below is a full list and descriptions of each of the titles included in this initiative. Albums can be pre-ordered here:

A Token Of His Extreme (Zappa Records, 2013) CD
In August 1974, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention taped two legendary sets at KCET TV Studios in Hollywood, CA. This popular footage was used by Frank Zappa in a number of different edits originally intended as a TV special and eventually featured in the home video release The Dub Room Special (1982). A Token Of His Extreme was officially issued on DVD in 2013 along with the release of the soundtrack on CD.

Buffalo [2 CD]

Buffalo (Vaulternative Records, 2007) 2CD
Originally released in 2007, Buffalo captures an entire concert recorded live at the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, NY on October 25th, 1980. The original tapes were salvaged from the Vault by Vaultmeister Joe Travers and mixed by Grammy-Award winning engineer Frank Filipetti.

Carnegie Hall (Vaulternative Records, 2011) 4CD
As history would have it, and thanks to the persistence of promoter Ron Delsener, Frank Zappa & his band The Mothers actually played Carnegie Hall. The two shows on October 11th, 1971 were recorded for posterity to mono 1/4″ tape using a concealed Nagra tape machine and a Electrovoice 664 microphone.

Civilization Phaze III (Barking Pumpkin, 1994) 2CD
Civilization Phaze III, one of the final projects to be finished by Zappa before his passing, completes the trilogy of Masterworks established first with Lumpy Gravy and We’re Only In It For The Money in 1968. Originally envisioned as “Lumpy Gravy, Phase III,” this music morphed over a period of years in various states of completion. Realized mainly on the Synclavier and including performances by the Ensemble Modern and newly recorded dialogue from inside the piano, Frank finally put the finishing touches on the double CD in 1992. It received a Grammy for Best Recording Package in 1995.

Congress Shall Make No Law(Zappa Records, 2010) CD
Gail Zappa always said that Frank Zappa always made a point to “educate” his audience as well as entertain them. She continued on that note with this release, an informative document that focuses on the importance of Frank’s testimonies to fight censorship. Zappa’s address to the Senate Committee Hearings in 1985 and to the Maryland State Legislature in 1986 are featured here in their entirety combined with various Synclavier and interview excerpts found in the Vault.

Dance Me This (Zappa Records, 2015) CD

The 100th release by the Zappa Family Trust and the last project to be finished by Frank Zappa before his passing, Dance Me This, was composed and realized on the Synclavier, Zappa’s go-to digital workstation that was state of the art at the time of the recording. The music is described by as ‘designed for modern dance groups.’ The album was finished but shelved by the Trust until finally receiving its much anticipated release in 2015.

Everything Is Healing Nicely (Barking Pumpkin, 1999) CD

The Ensemble Modern from Frankfurt Germany spent a lot of time with Frank Zappa during the last few years of his life. As the group was working closely with Zappa preparing for a series of concerts scheduled in 1992 (to be known as “The Yellow Shark”), Zappa, in his typical manner, was digitally recording every rehearsal. Everything Is Healing Nicely features highlights from those recordings, hand-picked by Zappa, compiled posthumously by then staff engineer Spence Chrislu, and released exclusively through mail order in 1999.

Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison (Zappa Records, 2011) CD

Around 1987 or so, Frank Zappa completed a digital master of this title which was intended for a vinyl release. Frank Zappa never released it and re-worked some of the material for another project, mainly Civilization, Phaze III. Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison, realized on the Synclavier, eventually found a release in original form in 2011. The CD contains unreleased compositions, unedited versions and added bonus tracks from the time period.

Frank Zappa Plays The Music of Frank Zappa (Barking Pumpkin, 1996) CD

When released on Halloween 1996, Frank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa, A Memorial Tribute was considered to be an “Audio Tombstone” by the family. It features the three signature guitar pieces: “Black Napkins,” “Zoot Allures” and “Watermelon In Easter Hay” in their original released form (remastered) with added live versions that predate the issued masters. Also included is “Merely A Blues In A: from Paris ’74. A fitting “Memorial Tribute” indeed.

FZ: OZ (Vaulternative Records, 2002) 2CD

FZ:OZ is the very first release from Vaulternative Records, the label created by the Zappa Trust that focuses on material found in the infamous Zappa Vault. Released in 2002, this audio nugget contains an almost complete concert from Frank Zappa’s second and final visit to Sydney, Australia in early 1976.

Greasy Love Songs (Zappa Records, 2010) CD

The third installment of the Project/Object Audio Documentary series focuses on the 40th anniversary of Zappa’s 1968 homage to old Doo Wop and Rhythm & Blues. Cruising With Ruben & The Jets was Frank Zappa & The Mothers’ fourth album release. Greasy Love Songs brings together the long awaited release of the original 1968 mix along with mix outtakes, interview excerpts and oddities from the sessions. Also contains liner notes from Cheech Marin.

Hammersmith Odeon (Zappa Records, 2010) 3CD
In early 1978, Frank Zappa played a string of dates between January and February at the famous Hammersmith Odeon in London, England. Hammersmith Odeon, first issued in conjunction with a special birthday event at The Roundhouse in London in 2010, contains performances from those shows. These recordings are famous for being the basis for the Sheik Yerbouti album. This album contains all alternate performances and highlights from the master show tapes.

Imaginary Diseases (Zappa Records, 2006) CD
Released in 2006, Imaginary Diseases compiles for the first time all live recordings from a very rare and undocumented Zappa band line-up. In 1972, after taking a 20-piece ‘electric orchestra’ on the road for eight dates as The Grand Wazoo, Frank Zappa reduced the personnel to 10 pieces and toured this new band for roughly two months. Billed as The Mothers of Invention but eventually becoming known as the ‘Petit Wazoo,’ audio from this period was never released during Frank’s lifetime.

Joe’s Camouflage (Vaulternative Records, 2014) CD
In late summer 1975, Frank Zappa formed a band that never got past the rehearsal stage, but managed to have their own band promo shots taken with fall touring rapidly approaching. This Joe’s series entry, Joe’s Camouflage, finds mainly 4-track rehearsal tapes that captured Frank Zappa experimenting with this group, updating arrangements of older songs along with some new compositions, some that were never revisited later in his career. Featuring Novi Novog on viola and keys, Robert ‘Frog’ Camarena on vocals and Denny Walley on guitar, all three of whom left the band shortly after these recordings were made.

Joe’s Corsage (Vaulternative Records, 2004) CD
The first in a series of special material released from the Vault. The titles of the “Corsaga” are a play on words of Frank Zappa’s famous Joe’s Garage title, with the contents produced and compiled by the Vaultmeister, Joe Travers. Joe’s Corsage, the first release created in 2004, was produced in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the creation of The Mothers in 1964. It focuses on the origin of the Mothers of Invention as told by Frank himself, along with early recordings made before their first record contract in early 1966.

Joe’s Domage (Vaulternative Records, 2004) CD
Joe’s Domage, the second entry from the “Corsaga” series, gives you an insight into how Frank worked. The recording from this primitive cassette tape captures the first rehearsal of the Wazoo band, freezing in time early ideas and arrangements of material that went on to be used on The Grand Wazoo & Waka/Jawaka album sessions of 1972. Recorded ambiently in Frank’s rehearsal room in Hollywood, Frank conducted these sessions while confined to a wheelchair after being pushed offstage in London, England roughly three months prior.

Joe’s Menage (Vaulternative Records, 2008) CD
Frank Zappa, notorious for recording everything, carried cassettes with him on the road. On one occasion backstage during the late ’70s, Frank gave longtime fan Ole’ Lysgaard a cassette which contained a dub of a live recording excerpt from a concert in Williamsburg, VA 11-1-75. Thanks to Ole’, this excerpt has been forever immortalized as the content for “Corsaga” number 4. Joe’s Menage is transferred directly from the show master tape.

Joe’s Xmasage (Vaulternative Records, 2005) CD
Joe’s Xmasage was released on Frank’s birthday during the Christmas season of 2005. Joe worked closely with Gail Zappa on this third installment of the “Corsaga,” showcasing vintage recordings from Frank’s life in the early ’60s. Music, historical audio documents and Conceptual Continuity clues fill up this special Christmas dish from the Vault for you and yours.

MOFO (Zappa Records, 2006) 2CD
This 2-disc version of the Making Of Freak Out! Project/Object Audio Documentary contains highlights from the 4-disc version which is available only through mail order. MOFO (2 Disc) was released in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of  The Mothers of Invention’s first album, Freak Out!, it includes the original album’s 1966 vinyl mix along with exclusive tracks not found anywhere else.

One Shot Deal (Zappa Records, 2008) CD
Released in 2008, One Shot Deal features chunks of material found in the vault selected by Frank Zappa and compiled by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers. Ranging from 1972 to 1981, One Shot Deal blends live compositions, improvisations and guitar solos from various world tours, all recorded live.

Philly ’76 (Vaulternative Records, 2009)
Frank Zappa played the Philadelphia Spectrum Theater on October 29th, 1976. The concert was professionally recorded and was a perfect contender for the ongoing concert series from Vaulternative Records. Philly ’76 was released in 2009 and features a complete show from a rare band line-up with another stellar mix from Grammy Award winning engineer Frank Filipetti.

Frank Zappa Roxy By Proxy Album

Roxy By Proxy (Zappa Records, 2014) CD
Roxy By Proxy contains material recorded live at the infamous run of shows at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood, CA, December 1973. It’s the first compilation made from digital mixes created in 1987 by Frank with Bob Stone at FZ’s home studio, The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen. The sequencing plays like a full show while the package features extensive liner notes from the one and only Ruth Underwood, then the percussionist in the band.

The Dub Room Special (Zappa Records, 2007) CD
A previously unreleased soundtrack album created by Zappa himself, contains material found in The Dub Room Special, a 90-minute home video first released by mail order only in 1982. Tracks consist of live cuts from The Palladium, NYC on Halloween 1981 along with performances taped at KCET TV studios in Los Angeles during 1974.

WAZOO (Vaulternative Records, 2007) 2CD
WAZOO contains a complete show recorded live to stereo tape at the Boston Music Hall in Boston, MA on September 24th, 1972. Originally released in 2007, this set is the only document found in the Vault of the short-lived Grand Wazoo, an ambitious 20-piece ‘electric orchestra’ formed by Zappa and toured for only eight dates during the fall of 1972.