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Norwegian pop star Aurora Aksnes, or just AURORA, has an unusual fearlessness. The story is that, as a child, Aksnes discovered an electric piano in the attic of her family’s home in Os, near Bergen. She started writing songs with a narrative orientation, Leonard Cohen a hero. After a school performance, Aksnes‘ friends shared Puppet online, leading Aksnes to court management deals. The singer-songwriter developed an individualistic, atmospheric and romantic electro-folk sound, attracting a fandom she calls her “warriors”. Aksnes broke out with Runaway. In 2016, she presented a debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend. Aksnes captivated critics by inverting Nick Cave with Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1), like a gothic Robyn cosplaying Arya Stark. Ironically, she enjoyed a UK hit with a cover of Oasis’ Half The World Away, cut for a department store Christmas ad.

Yet Aksnes has remained instinctively independent. She self-produces, demoing at home, or liaises with trusted studio cohorts. “I feel like the more people are involved in my art, the worse it gets,” Aksnes ponders. “I’m quite kooky in the way I write my own music, because I feel like I have everything inside of me already and that I don’t need anyone to get anything out… I scare people away sometimes, from coming with ideas, ’cause I’m so clear in my own vision.”

Last September, Aksnes dropped a surprise album, Infections Of A Different Kind (Step 1) – the first of two parts. The title song, about having faith amid global volatility and existentialist angst, was pivotal. Aksnes had been “feeling quite tired” and “uninspirational” following a hectic 2016. “I remember I didn’t really have any idea of what to do next – which is very strange for me, because I always know what to do next.”

Aksnes, 22, has long admitted to being “shy”, but she loves to talk. “You learn how to interact with people ’cause you have to meet, like, a million people a year.”

it was the lead single, Queendom, which generated buzz. Aksnes described Queendom as a bop inclusive of the “introverts”. But, more a song of fire than ice, Queendom is an empowering anthem, too. “I got a lot of amazing feedback,”.

Queendom is about celebrating all the differences in us. It’s about celebrating the women and the children and animals and the men also. The quiet ones and the introverts, where they can sing and be seen. It’s about the shy people and the lonely people and I hope it can be a place where we can come and be lonely together and then not be lonely anymore.


Aurora - All My Demons Greeting Me As Friends

The Norwegian artist released the song January 24th, and it follows on from last year’s surprise-release ‘Infections Of A Different Kind – Step 1’ record.“If people don’t understand your sexuality or sensitivity, my Queendom is for you”.

The Tim Mattia-directed clip sees Aurora breaking free from a cage which is being transported on the back of the track. Once freed, the artist dances and wanders the streets before entering a nightclub – where things take a very sinister turn.

In a statement accompanying the release of ‘Animal’, Aurora said of the track: “I spend a lot of time thinking about humans. And I wanted to make a song wrapped in a blanket of obliviousness whilst speaking the wonderful and horrible truth that I see in us. We are always thriving for something. If it’s love, money, sex, success, power or just a bigger piece of a delicious chocolate cake. It’s very interesting. Its grotesque. It’s beautiful.

“We are always hunting for something. We are animals hunting for animals.”

Mattia was very complimentary of Aurora, saying “it was great to be invited to go inside Aurora’s head for a little bit of time while we worked on this project together. It was a hugely collaborative experience, and I think that can be seen on screen, as our ideas and aesthetics melded together to create the video.

Last year, Aurora said more about her “empowering” ‘Infections Of A Different Kind – Step 1’ record, remarking that “many of the songs [on the record] are about people taking choices on behalf of themselves, about coming back for revenge.

All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend’ is out now

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Part 1 was released out of the blue at the back end of September 2018. It was known that Aurora Asknes had been writing songs and poems since she finished touring her debut album All my Demons Greeting Me As A Friend in 2016 (she reputedly has more than 1000 of them) and envisages “many albums” to come, but she took just about everyone by surprise with the under-publicised release of this eight-track album.

Infections of a Different Kind – Part 1 marked something of a sea change for the Norwegian, who seems to have been around for many years but is still only 22. Like many with her talent, she began writing young, in her case at the age of nine, and several of the tracks on the debut album were written before she reached the age of 12, though influenced by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

Queendom is about celebrating all the differences in us. It’s about celebrating the women and the children and animals and the men also. The quiet ones and the introverts, where they can sing and be seen. It’s about the shy people and the lonely people and I hope it can be a place where we can come and be lonely together and then not be lonely anymore. Queendom is a place for all of us.

Music video by AURORA performing Queendom. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

In a year running kinda low on hope, Aurora is an ambassador for it. At first glance, an album with the word “demons” in the title — and two separate versions of a “Murder Song” — might not seem like a beacon of hope or optimism. But listen further and let your body go; you’ll find pockets of irresistible joy. “Through The Eyes Of A Child” is a plea for innocence, “Warrior” is a call to the action of love and “Conqueror” is an invitation to let it all go. Her ” Dance Like Nobody Is Watching” moment on The Tonight Show may be the most joyful event that aired on television in 2016. She was 19 when All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend came out, and if Aurora’s talent, vision and heart indicate anything about her generation, the kids are gonna be all right.

The girl behind the christmas John Lewis advert,  Aurora , her vocals and style seem so new to her that each note, and each hand gesture accompanying each note, seemed like a discovery and an adventure for the singer. She was 18 when she first came to New York City, and now the Norwegian singer is 19; take a look at this Tiny Desk Concert, and her sense of innocence and discovery still rings as true as ever.

Aurora has just one EP and some singles out so far, and ever since seeing her at CMJ in 2014, I’ve been eager to hear what she  offers on her debut album. Due early next year, we should finally hear it — as well as more chances to see Aurora live, as she plans on touring soon.

Running With The Wolves is available now.

Set List

  • “Runaway”
  • “Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)”
  • “Running With The Wolves”

AURORA – ” Murder Song ” Live on ESNS

Posted: September 9, 2015 in MUSIC


I fell in love with this track as a chilling, forlorn acoustic ballad full of haunting vocals and beautifully restrained guitar, it almost sounded as if Death were in the same room. Therefore it’s probably taken me about twenty listens to get used to the single version. The song, of course, is Aurora’s “Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)” as you probably gathered by the big title telling you so.

Of course the track is still icy, I doubt Aurora knows anything different but it’s not acoustic at all, the melancholic guitar plucks becoming soaring synths and the effortless, sombre tone is suddenly full on monster pop hit, there’s massive electronic choruses full of with glitchy electronic choruses and Aurora’s vocals are bolder than ever before, whilst perhaps losing some of the emotion it triple confirms the future star billing of 2015’s finest new talent.




‘Running With The Wolves’ EP features six mesmerising tracks from Aurora, released on 10″ vinyl. Icy, electronic beats are juxtaposed with Aurora’s soaring, captivating vocal delivery which fully confirm that the hype already behind her is completely justified. The creative process has been evolving for Aurora since the tender age of thirteen; Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tolkien, Enya and all things fantastical have and continue to shape and inform her compositions. Mix in a love of the natural world and the resulting tracks simmer with a unique rendering of dramatic imagery, mood and emotion. For fans of Kate Bush, Emiliana Torrini and Lykke Li.


Aurora Aksnes might be just 18 years old but she writes with the maturity of someone twice her age. Hailing from Bergen, Norway, the promising new artist has already signed to Glassnote Records (Chvrches, Childish Gambino) and caused some healthy stir on the web.

New track “Under Stars” is a more brisk and bold affair than her first effort, “Awakening”. This time, she unwittingly pulls reference to another ‘A’ soloist, Austra, at the song’s opening with beautifully shrill vocals and tech-laced synths. Weathered drums and classy harmonic loops erupt at the precipice then her clean-cut vocals.

AURORA – ” Awakening “

Posted: November 13, 2014 in MUSIC
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Aurora, from Norway, and just eighteen years old, so really I’m not allowed here.” That’s how Aurora Aksnes introduced herself to a packed Rockwood Music Hall. The petite singer with a lilting voice and a melodic pop sensibility is certainly someone I look forward to hearing more of in the coming year. She’s spent the last 12 months dazzling her native nation, and now Norway’s Aurora Aksnes is set to make her debut UK performance.
With just one track available – the delectable ‘Awakening’ – Aurora’s managed to grab some serious international attention, and already has taken her refined live show around Norway and Germany.