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Buy Online The Yardbirds - The Yardbirds (Roger The Engineer) Super Deluxe Limited Edition

The Yardbirds,(often known as ‘roger the engineer’) recorded by the classic line up of Jeff Beck, Keith Relf , Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Paul Samwell Smith, the band began exploring new sonic territories, pushing their blues rock sound into the realms of the avant garde, psychedelia and indian music. Using the original tapes, this super deluxe edition features new and definitive remastering by Phil Kinrade at alchemy mastering at air, overseen by original album producer Paul Samwell Smith,

Both versions include: Yardbirds in mono remastered from the original British ¼” mono master tapes, newly transferred for this release at Abbey Road Studios. pressed on 180g blue vinyl, housed in a replica of the original British album sleeve. Yardbirds in stereo considered by producer Paul Samwell Smith to be the definitive version of the album, the stereo mix has been remastered from the ¼” master tapes which were newly transferred for this release at alchemy mastering at air. pressed on 180g red vinyl, housed in a replica of the ultra rare German sleeve.

Happenings ten years time ago 7” the classic psychedelic single (featuring future Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones) has been newly remastered for this release. pressed on white vinyl.

3 cds featuring the mono and stereo mixes of the album on cds 1 and 2 and bonus tracks on cd 3. highlights on cd 3 include newly remastered non album singles, rare alternate versions, and a previously unreleased early mix of ‘Turn Into Earth’ which reveals a searing guitar solo by Jeff Beck. 24 page 12” x 12” booklet includes rare memorabilia and photographs, an exclusive introduction by Jeff Beck, testimonials by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and MC5’s Wayne Kramer, plus an extensive essay and track by track liner notes by David French based on new interviews with Jimmy Page, Paul Samwell Smith, Jim McCarty and Simon Napier Bell. A2 fold out poster inspired by the original ‘over, under, sideways, down’ single release advertisement.

“Remastering this album has been a joy. To hear the tracks sounding just as we heard them all those years ago while we were recording them – energetic, edgy, and in your face – is an unexpected treat. In 1966, it was a rare and exciting opportunity to be given a recording studio for 5 days and allowed to experiment. That excitement still shows.” – Paul Samwell-Smith.

“This is what rock ‘n’ roll beauty is – the true freedom of creative impulse.” – Thurston Moore

“The Yardbirds produced some of the most compelling musical art of the 20th century.” – Wayne Kramer

180g standard black 2lp + 3cd + 7″ (24 page booklet, a2 fold out poster)

The Yardbirds “Roger the Engineer” super deluxe box set released on Demon Records

Caught Beneath The Landslide

Lost tracks, hard to find versions, B-sides, remixes & more • 4CD or 2LP packages • 500-only limited editions with Kevin Cummins signed print. Demon Music will issue a new Britpop-era compilation curated by legendary music photographer Kevin Cummins called Caught Beneath The Landslide: The Other Side of Britpop and the ’90s.

Available as a four-CD set or a 2LP vinyl package, Caught Beneath The Landslide offers classic tracks, lost gems, live and alternate versions, B-sides and single edits from the Britpop era. Acts include Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Suede, Elastica, Radiohead, Lush, Supergrass, Menswear, Gene, The Auteurs, The Charlatans, Echobelly, Ash and Sleeper.

Kevin Cummins was chief photographer at the NME for more than a decade and was witness to – and documented the musical and cultural phenomenon in the first half of the ‘90s, that was variously tagged ‘Britpop’ or ‘Cool Britannia’. Now Kevin has compiled ‘Caught Beneath The Landslide: The Other Side of Britpop and the ‘90s’, brings together artists that topped the chart and set the agenda, some who were lauded one week and laughed at the next, and others who were just along for the ride. From an era of Lad’s mags and Girl Power, “football’s coming home” and chart battles making news headlines,

His photo-book While We Were Getting High: Britpop and the ‘90s, was published last year and now Kevin has compiled this companion collection. The four-CD package contains 71 tracks, which the 2LP vinyl set offers 26.

In-depth sleeve notes explore the bands, their influences and features contributions from producer Stephen Street, DJ Steve Lamacq, Johnny Dean (Menswear), Math Priest (Dodgy), Kevin Miles and Matt James (Gene) and Jaime Harding (Marion) and contain original photos from Kevin’s collection

Kevin Cummins says: “It was always my ambition to have a companion album to the book, a chance to enjoy the music of that era, music as timeless as the images. When I was selecting photos for my book, I took to Twitter to ask fans if certain bands could be considered part of the genre. Several musicians joined in to deny they were ever part of Britpop. The Manics were never considered part of the genre, nor Primal Scream, and much as I would have like to include them I chose not to. So it pleases me that we can feature both bands and many more in this collection, with its broader take on Indie music in ‘90s Britain.”

As well as the Amazon-exclusive 4CD set with signed print, Rough Trade in the UK have an exclusive 2LP black vinyl edition also with signed print. This is limited to 500, like the CD set. There is also a clear vinyl indies-only exclusive (also available at Rough Trade)

The four-CD set of “Caught Beneath The Landslide: The Other Side of Britpop and the ‘90s” is out on 30th April 2021, with the 2LP version following on 14th May.

Elvis Costello / Hey Clockface

Elvis Costello returns with a new album, Hey Clockface, in October.

It was recorded in Helsinki, Paris and New York and mixed in Los Angeles. The album features the songs ‘No Flag’, ‘Hetty O’Hara Confidential’ and ‘We Are All Cowards Now’. Following the solo recording of those three tracks at Suomenlinnan Studio, Helsinki in February 2020, Costello immediately travelled to Paris for a weekend session at Les Studios Saint Germain. Costello says: “I sang live on the studio floor, directing from the vocal booth. We cut nine songs in two days. We spoke very little. Almost everything the musicians played was a spontaneous response to the song I was singing. I’d had a dream of recording in Paris like this, one day.”

Like 2018’s Look Now, the album is produced by Elvis Costello and Sebastian Krys. It’s available as a 2LP vinyl set and on CD. The official (US-based) store has an enormous array of bundles, with some signed options.

Elvis Costello is also working with Universal Music on a major reissue campaign which will start with a six-record set based on his 1979 album “Armed Forces”.

Speaking to promote the forthcoming album Hey Clockface, Costello said that his “catalogue has been in some disarray for a number of years” and that he recently “went to a meeting at a record company for the first time since the ’90s” to discuss reissue plans”.

He added: “who better than the person who wrote the songs to tell you what else is there [in the archive] – things that I never released, live recordings”.

He tells  us that Armed Forces will be “the first” thing to come out and that “the package will include three live recordings ranging from the summer of ’78 to the summer of ’79, so it traces the development of the Attractions as a live act, from a club combo to a successful pop group – it’s quite interesting to hear. I had expert help in photographing my handwritten notebooks. So you’re getting something”

Curiously, Elvis also says: “We’ve done a new version of one of my albums from my  back catalogue, and that’s going to come out next April. And we’re making a compilation based on [1998 album with Burt Bachararch] Painted From Memory in the hope that we’ll complete the picture with some other songs we’ve written that people still haven’t heard”.

When asked if he was going to do this with all his albums, the response was “If we can”.

Interesting stuff. Elvis Costello and Demon Records were early pioneers of the expanded CD reissue’s Of Costello Albums with a series of excellent releases in early-to-mid 1990s. The same albums were reissued about 10 years later with even more material – an extra CD’s worth. Despite these seemingly exhaustive reissues, Universal Music still managed to release new 2CD deluxe editions of My Aim Is True and This Year’s Model in 2008.

Elvis Costello’s new album, Hey Clockface will be released on 30th October 2020.

Distortion: 1989-1995

Demon Records presents “Distortion: 1989-1995” , the first in a series of four expansive vinyl box sets chronicling the solo career of legendary American musician Bob Mould.
Bob Mould is releasing this massive, career-spanning box set chronicling 30 years of his solo music, as well as his work in the band Sugar. Distortion: 1989-2019 arrives October 2nd (via Demon Music Group). The anthology includes 18 studio albums, four live albums, and two albums of rarities and collaborations, spanning the 24 CD set Distortion: 1989-2019 and the 8xLP collection Distortion: 1989-1995. Find images of the full set below, and scroll down to watch a 2005 live video of Mould performing Hüsker Dü’s “Could You Be the One?”; also, check out the trailer for Distortion.

Bob Mould’s career began in 1979 with the iconic underground punk group Hüsker Dü before forming the beloved alternative rock band Sugar and releasing numerous critically acclaimed solo albums. Volume one in this new series covers 1989 to 1995, beginning with Mould’s first post Hüsker Dü album workbook and continuing through to Sugar’s final studio album file under: Easy Listening.

“It’s called Distortion because it describes the music and it fits the world we live in,” Mould said of the box set in a press release. “In this new age, everybody shares their life in real time. But I’m not done yet. If I didn’t have a constantly active career, this anthology might feel like the proverbial dirt landing on top of my coffin—though somehow I seem to be able to crawl my way out of the dirt every time!” Of his 2005 performance of “Could You Be the One?” Mould said:

For years, I didn’t play any Hüsker Dü material with my subsequent touring bands. This was the first time my long time friend and colleague Jason Narducy (bass) played in my touring band. Rich Morel (keys) was my work partner for 11 years in BLOWOFF, and the 9:30 Club was home for our monthly dance party. Brendan Canty (drums) nudged me out of my self-imposed “rock retirement” after the 1998 Last Dog and Pony Show tour (which is also chronicled in the box set). Brendan’s company Trixie Productions filmed and edited the show.

Bob Mould’s next studio album “Blue Hearts” arrives September 25 via Merge Records.

• each album is presented with brand new artwork designed by illustrator Simon Marchner and pressed on 140g clear vinyl with unique splatter effects .

• includes a 28 page companion booklet featuring: liner notes by journalist Keith Cameron; a foreword by writer and actor Fred Armisen ; a tribute from Richard Thompson; lyrics and memorabilia. • mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at peerless mastering in Boston.

• featuring an array of bonus tracks including Sugar’s 1995 collection of b sides and non album tracks besides , along with Distortion plus: 1989-1995 a new and exclusive collection of rarities and collaborations (pressed on clear vinyl).

• this indies exclusive edition is strictly limited to 750 copies worldwide and includes a 12”x12” screen print of the new Copper Blue album cover, hand signed by illustrator Simon Marchner and Bob Mould himself.

    1. lp 1: bob mould workbook side a 1. sunspots 2. wishing well 3. heartbreak a stranger 4. see a little light 5. poison years 6. sinners and their repentances side b 1. brasilia crossed with trenton 2. compositions for the young and old 3. lonely afternoon 4. dreaming, i am 5. whichever way the wind blows
    2. lp 2: bob mould black sheets of rain side a 1. black sheets of rain 2. stand guard 3. it’s too late 4. one good reason 5. stop your crying side b 1. hanging tree 2. the last night 3. hear me calling 4. out of your life 5. disappointed 6. sacrifice / let there be peace
    3. lp 3: sugar copper blue side a 1. the act we act 2. a good idea 3. changes 4. helpless 5. hoover dam side b 1. the slim 2. if i can’t change your mind 3. fortune teller 4. slick 5. man on the moon
    4. lp 4: sugar beaster side a 1. come around 2. tilted 3. judas cradle side b 1. jc auto 2. feeling better 3. walking away
    5. lp 5: sugar file under: easy listening side a 1. gift 2. company book 3. your favorite thing 4. what you want it to be 5. gee angel side b 1. panama city motel 2. can’t help you anymore 3. granny cool 4. believe what you’re saying 5. explode and make up
    6. lp 6 & 7: sugar besides side a 1. needle hits e 2. if i can’t change your mind (solo mix) 3. try again 4. where diamonds are halos (live) 5. armenia city in the sky (live) side b 1. clownmaster 2. anyone (live) 3. jc auto (live) 4. believe what you’re saying (campfire mix) 5. mind is an island side c 1. frustration 2. going home 3. in the eyes of my friends 4. and you tell me side d (bbc radio 1. if i can’t change your mind 2. hoover dam 3. the slim 4. where diamonds are halos
    7. lp 8: distortion plus: 1989 1995 side a 1. all those people know bob mould 2. no water in hell bob mould 3. dying from the inside out the golden palominos side b 1. dio throwing muses 2. hickory wind bob mould & vic chesnutt 3. can’t fight it bob mould 4. turning of the tide bob mouldBob Mould box set


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Exciting news all, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘Olympian’, Demon Music Group will be releasing an 8LP deluxe edition vinyl box set on the 14th August.

Nineties British group Gene see all their albums reissued in a limited 8LP coloured vinyl box set – with signed print – and via a nine-CD box set, which includes an extensive amount of bonus material.
The vinyl package features all four studio albums – Olympian (1995), Drawn To The Deep End (1997), Revelations (1999) and Libertine (2001). It also features the 1996 compilation To See The Lights. Three out of those five are double albums, so that gives us an 8LP vinyl set.

These sets are limited to 1000 units and come with a 12″ x 12″ print signed by the band. It also includes a booklet with notes written by each band member and a piece by journalist Keith Cameron, who signed the band to his Costermonger label back in 1994.

The albums are pressed on coloured vinyl and the colours are as follows: Olympian (white), Drawn To The Deep End (maroon), Revelations (green), Libertine (pink) and To See The Lights (gold).

The nine-CD box set offers all of the above and adds bonus CDs for the following albums: Drawn To The Deep End, Revelations and Libertine. Live album Rising For Sunset (due to be issued on yellow vinyl for Record Store Day this year) is the ninth and final disc in the CD box. The bonus material replicates most of the content from the 2014 individual deluxe CD editions, but not quite everything. For example, the Revelations-era BBC ‘Live In Concert’ is notable by its absence. Like the vinyl set, this CD box comes with the booklet with notes.

Marc Bolan’s passions included the blues, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, hard rock and disco-soul, and his intent to explore these genres are all visited on this collection of classic album tracks and singles. His influences – Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton/Cream and Bob Dylan are all apparent amongst the material on “Shadowhead”, but the music here is unique. Bolan’s creative fire produced a phenomenal catalogue of work: the material on this album was recorded over five years (1972 – 1976), in seven studios, in five countries.

This record provides insights into Bolan’s creative process whilst keeping the essence of the music in its classic form. Shadowhead showcases the development of tracks such as Precious Star and Groove A Little, and a track that made its public debut on the CD release, Blues Jam (Dreamy Lady Session). Other tracks reveal many of the instruments and sounds from the master tapes to enable the working processes to be more clearly understood.

This release marks the first time that this collection has been issued on vinyl. ‘Shadowhead’ is a collection of previously unissued session takes, working and master versions and mixes.


Steve Lamacq – Lost Alternatives

Most alternative music lived underground. It made a lot of noise, but no-one in the mainstream could hear it…. The nineties would see it go so much further than many of us expected. It wasn’t just the popularity of alternative music which would change; the music was constantly reinventing itself too, sucking in influences from different genres and different eras.

And that brings us to this compilation…Create a compilation which tries to dig a little deeper; which attempts to give another side of the nineties, which wasn’t Cool Britannia, Laddism, and Blur Vs Oasis. What’s here represents, at least one version, of the evolution of guitar music through the nineties, as told, not by the big hits, but by the limited edition singles, The Evening Session cult favourites and the bands who maybe never made it, but in some cases never wanted to anyway. “ Curated by acclaimed BBC 6 Music radio DJ and former NME journalist, Steve Lamacq, This 4CD compilation. 71 tracks from the 1990’s chosen by the UK’s leading Indie tastemaker. This is a great compilation. If you were a gig-going regular seeing ‘new bands’ in the 1990’s you will find lots to love here.

It is a useful historical over-view which tries valiantly to present as much as possible of the music on offer over the decade in the indie/guitar sphere and create some sort of evolutionary narrative… but inevitably it fails to be all-inclusive and ends up being just one mans choices in vaguely chronological order.

Steve Lamacq, for a leading BBC6 purveyor of taste, is pretty much some-one you can trust though.  He’s the same age as me, was a teenage Lurkers fan and we, I imagine, went through our teenage years listening to exactly the same music, diverging as we reached our twenties in the mid eighties.

Like with any boxed set or comp, every now and then you get a run of three songs in a row which are perfect; they run together beautifully and make you go ‘Yes!’ as each one starts and you recognise it within a second or two despite not having heard it for yonks.

Despite 71 tracks though,  there are so many bands missing; And I don’t just mean The big guns like Oasis, Blur, Verve and Pulp -there was no necessity for them to be there, but something from the pre-Sony Manics should have opened proceedings if we’re honest. Lamacq will be forever indirectly associated with them due to the For Real blood-letting which was during an interview with him.

Huggy Bear I can only assume refused permission for Her Jazz to be included – leaving Voodoo Queens the sole representative of Riot Grrrl groups.

It is just guitar bands ( No Red Snapper, Fluke or Credit To The Nation) and apparently “nothing which has been included on a ‘Shine’ compilation”, The Bands which deserved to be on here, are Shed 7,  the Headcoats, Mantaray, Flinch, Tindersticks, Baby Bird, Prolapse,  Gretchen Hofner, Bandit Queen, Thrum, Breed, Compulsion, Five Thirty, David Devant & his Spirit Wife, A House, Into Paradise, Die Cheerleader, the Flaming Stars, Add N to X, Quickspace, Nubiles,,, to name a few and there is nothing from the Too Pure  / Clawfist / Wiija labels   -Stereolab   Gallon Drunk…. but that at least means there is plenty of scope for a second volume.

There has been some comment about the ‘Lost’ part of the title. Suede, Charlatans etc are hardly ‘lost’. Even the more obscure acts are only a google and YouTube search away.  Nothing is really ‘lost’ any more.

CD 1   Is a mix of Baggy Northern sounds and Thames Valley Shoegazing to start with.  Ride sound tame and lame, Northside sound naive and fun, the New FAD’s are their generations A Certain Ratio. Curve sound class and ahead of the game.  Kitchens of Distinction emerge as the band whose back catalogue needs to be tracked down.   The Fraggle-Pop-Punk of the Family Cat, Senseless Things and MC4 somehow hasn’t aged well. particularly when they are followed by Teenage Fanclubs finest moment  Everything Flows… which is certainly does with a final four of Silverfish / Daisy Chainsaw / Voodoo Queens and the noisy experimental wonkiness of Cornershop.

CD 2 Is, to my mind the best, – 14 really great tracks out of the 19 – the New Wave of New Wave and Brit-Pop Division 2. (and Premier division debuts by Suede, Auteurs & Elastica)  all of  which are classics – as are Tiny Monroe, Salad and Mansuns contributions.

CD 3 is more of a mixed bag, genre and quality-wise.  The appalling, irritating Bis, the dull bluster of Travis and Marion, but then that classic Rialto song (Monday Morning 5:19)  and superb examples of the work of Strangelove, Whipping Boy and Scarfo – seriously good bands who should have been more than contenders.   Kenickie and Catatonia both sound excellent, now as then – and both frontwomen have gone on to deserved success, Cerys as Greatest Living Welshwoman and broadcaster and Lauren Laverne -purveyor of some terrible unbearable dance-music on 6-Music -but a superb Desert Island Discs host.

CD 4 Starts with Arab Strap and Mogwai so with Delgados has a strong Scottish flavour and marks a progression and seriousness as well as quality.  The Beta Band make sense in such company, as do Clinic, but Ten Benson, Wubble U and Campag Velocet do nothing for me and only prove stoners don’t always make great music.  Cay, Cable and Seafood are interesting but not a patch on some of the bands omitted.

The good stuff outweighs the iffy and it is a great, eminently listenable boxed set.  An American equivalent culled from the Nineties US underground would be interesting to hear -but probably wouldn’t be as pop and would stick to even tighter generic parameters.

I feel sorry for Lammo, his hands tied by the BBC, in that he cannot ‘promote’ his ‘product’ on their airwaves, when, if he’s anything like me, he probably wants to shout ‘Listen To This! It’s fuckin’ ace!’ because if its on here, you can guarantee that he loves it, and he wants to share his love and have a wallow in the nostalgia of the nineties for a while.

Creation Theory coloured vinyl box

Demon Records will issue a Creation Theory in a new four-LP vinyl box set that charts the chaotic and haphazard career of sixties English rock band The Creation.

The four LPs include all of The Creation’s legendary recordings for Shel Talmy (producer of The Who, The Kinks, and The Creation) Alan McGee was such a big fan of The Creation that he named his record label after the band, and named his own band after one of their songs – Biff Bang Pow. The Creation was formed in 1966 from beat combo The Mark Four, and was quickly signed to a production deal with Shel Talmy, The Who’s producer. The first release was the urgent “Making Time”, which featured guitarist Eddie Phillips playing his guitar with a violin bow, two years before Jimmy Page started doing so. (the 2016 stereo mixes appear on LP for the first time), We Are Paintermen replicating the 1966 German LP, the only Creation album released anywhere in the 60s. How Does It Feel To Feel rounds up the remainder of the ’60s recordings, and the other two records are the 1987 album Psychedelic Rose and the 1996 Creation Records album Power Surge complete the set.

Whilst very popular in Germany, UK success largely eluded the band, and after a number of non-charting singles and line-up changes (including at one time Ron Wood), the band broke up in 1968 without ever having released an album in the UK. Bizarrely, Boney M had a huge hit in 1979 with the band’s composition “Painter Man”. Phillips and lead vocalist Kenny Pickett recorded an album in 1987 that remained unreleased until 2004,

Only 500 copies of this coloured vinyl set (exclusive to Amazon UK) will be made. We Are Paintermen is on blue vinyl, How Does It Feel To Feel on yellow vinyl, Psychedelic Rose on red vinyl and Power Surge is pressed on orange vinyl.

This set has been designed by legendary designer Phil Smee and indeed the album sleeves feature photos from his personal collection. This limited edition Creation Theory vinyl box is released on 1st June 2018.

The DVD includes vintage performances from two episodes of the German T.V. show “Beat Beat Beat”, and fortunately the performances are live. The remainder of the DVD includes a 34 minute 2017 interview with guitarist Eddie Phillips.

Creation Theory - Amazon Exclusive Edition [VINYL]

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Brett Anderson’s fourth solo album, “Black Rainbows”, was released in September 2011 and in October he undertook a six date tour: Leuven, Paris, Luxembourg, Manchester, London and Istanbul. And at Koko in Camden on 12th October, Brett and his band (Jim Dare on guitars and backing vocals, Didz Hammond on bass and backing vocals, and Kriss Sonne on drums) played a rousing set that concentrated on “Black Rainbows” and its predecessor “Slow Attack” from September 2009. The best performances of the evening, seven songs from “Black Rainbows” and five from “Slow Attack”, have been re-mastered by Didz Hammond especially for this exclusive Record Store Day release.

The album is pressed on dark green vinyl, and the inner sleeve features previously unpublished photos from the rehearsal sessions.

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Alan McGee was such a big fan of The Creation that he named his record label after the band, and named his own band after one of their songs – Biff Bang Pow. The Creation was formed in 1966 from beat combo The Mark Four, and was quickly signed to a production deal with Shel Talmy, The Who’s producer. The first release was the urgent “Making Time”, which featured guitarist Eddie Phillips playing his guitar with a violin bow, two years before Jimmy Page started doing so.

Whilst very popular in Germany, UK success largely eluded the band, and after a number of non-charting singles and line-up changes, the band broke up in 1968 without ever having released an album. In 1995, following a reunion concert at Harlesden’s Mean Fiddler, Alan McGee and Joe Foster managed to persuade the original line-up of Eddie Phillips, lead singer Kenny Pickett, bassist Bob Garner and drummer Jack Jones to get into a studio and record a new album, for release on Creation Records! The results were issued in 1996, with a very limited release on vinyl. Sadly the reunion was cut short by Kenny Pickett’s death from a heart attack in 1997.

This limited edition reissue is pressed on purple vinyl, and features the original inner sleeve.

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