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Morly’s debut ep, in defense of my muse, was a superb release of 2015, and Katy Morley has already put forth one of the most impressionable songs yet this year.  “The Choir,” a standalone single for Cascine, straddles the space between haunting and ethereal, pairing morly’s affinity for seismic bass tones with a commanding lead vocal that gradually cedes the foreground to distant saxophone bleats and sputtering drum production. Amazing instrumentals mixed with beautiful vocals. A heavenly experience for the ears. I can’t wait for more


Her beautiful new EP In Defense of My Muse is made up of what the label calls four “lo-fi explorations into the transient space between joy and melancholy,” and is inspired, at least in part, by the “deep wintry sadness” of Morley’s home state. That sadness starts to fade, though, on the EP’s glorious emotional centerpiece “And Sooner Than We Know It…“, as the lonely, plaintive piano that opens the track slowly and steadily squads up with a gently rousing beat, sunbeam synths, and gorgeous, uplifting, wordless choral swells, and it feels like the ice is melting away,


WET – ” All The Ways “

Posted: January 10, 2016 in MUSIC
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With their debut album coming out January 29th and their first headline tour getting underway on January 24th, 2016 is about to be a very special year for Wet. It feels as if we’ve been waiting years for the trio’s debut album, but the anticipation might just make the payoff that much sweeter. The music that we’ve heard so far from “Don’t You” has been consistently stellar, and on “All The Ways” Wet don’t alter their winning formula.


Kelly Zutrau’s silken vocals (which come across brilliantly live—make sure you see Wet on tour if you can!) are the song’s centerpiece, but the spare arrangements and subtle vocal layering and effects make it extra special. Thanks to Wet, 2016 is off to a good musical start.


Released January 29th via Columbia Records

Why We’re Excited Wet  have been waiting nearly three years for the trio to drop a full-length LP. Finally, followers will get what they’ve been wishing for with the impending release of the band’s major label debut.

With just one EP in 2013, the previously Brooklyn-based Western Massachusetts outfit endeared listeners with their R&B-tinged synthpop on tracks like “You’re the Best” and “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”. That latter track resurfaces on “Don’t You”, but has been reworked to reflect the band’s lusher atmospheres. Minimalism still plays a role in Wet’s sound, but so does intricate layering.


The undeniably lovely “Dead Water” was the first track to introduce their expanding sound, followed by the achingly beautiful “Weak”. Loss is still as much of a theme as ever, as evident on “Its All In Vain”. It turns out all that time between the EP and LP has given the band time to let their music become fully formed so that, as frontwoman Kelly Zutrau put it, they could “feel good about these songs and not finish until they were perfect.” We’ll see how perfect they can make it when Don’t You is a constant on your turntable. For all the wintry and sultry tones here, the cooling, smeared R&B that Kelly Zutrau, Marty Sulkow, and Joe Valle make as Wet is ideal for humid months. As the summer stretched on, Don’t You became one of my favorite things to listen to in the, a mirage of stillness in a frantic midday moment.

WET – ” You’re The Best “

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“You’re The Best” from Wet’s upcoming album ‘Don’t You’, Thr track previously appeared on Wet‘s impressive 2014 eponymous EP. In preparation for their upcoming debut full length, “Don’t You”, the group has re-recorded the track as well as supplied fans some slick new visuals, set in their local roller rink.

“One night we were just at the mall skating and I took a video of Joe doing a trick and we realized it would make the perfect video for ‘You’re The Best.’”

Don’t You is due out soon via Columbia Records.

It took Norwegian songstress Susanne Sundfør six albums and several collaborations (including Röysksopp and M83) to reach pop perfection, but when she did on her latest LP Ten Love Songs, she brought the big guns.

It’s quite rare to stumble across an album both ambitious and accomplished. Mixing all sorts of instruments, genres and influences, Sundfør creates a record so detailed, emotional and grand that you are left feeling like you’ve fallen in love and then got heartbroken at least a couple of times during these epic 47 minutes.

Obvious standouts are James Bond-esque “Delirious,” the 10-minute-long dark Scandinavian fairytale “Memorial” and the pulsating electropop banger “Kamikaze” that can satisfy our hunger for the next Robyn album. And don’t forget the haunting organs in “Accelerate” that makes you double check if there’s a Phantom of the Opera lurking somewhere in the shadows. “Don’t tell anyone that we’re having fun,” Sundfør begs on the cryptic closing number “Insects.” Sorry, Susanne, but I have to

Eves The Behavior complimenting this imagery with her own tension-fuelled crescendo.

Electrical the video…
theres a certain amount of excitement that goes into releasing a track, but sometimes revealing the visuals to it is even better.
I’ve been developing my realm quite heavily through characters (and I guess thats why I have “behavior” in my name). so you’ll see a return in this video, of two characters, and how they interact with mine. I will let it unfold to you however you want.

The video, the work of Sydney based director Josh Logue, is a continuation of Eves’ previous clip “TV” and part of trilogy series to be released in the lead-up to the songstresses’ debut EP. While Logue describes the scene as “part surrealist dream, part reworking of Romeo and Juliet”, he adds that the aim was primarily to create “simple yet memorising imagery”. Visual aids that weave neatly with Eves own powerfully indelicate quips, her pleas of “don’t let me leave” and “I’m nothing more that skin and bones” only momentarily snapped from their fairytale theatrics by unexpected localisation: “I found you in Sydney”.

Eves The Behavior’s debut EP is due out later this year via Dew Process.


The Slow Readers Club are a Manchester based Indie / Electro  band who’s output ranges from insanely catchy upbeat indie to  angry, introspective downbeat ballads.  The Slow Readers Club are a  four piece who specialise in dark and brooding indie electro. Their music has drawn comparisons with Interpol, The Killers and The National.

Their last three singles have enjoyed airplay on BBC 6 Music and XFM (featured twice as XFMs shock of the new) with the latest single Forever In Your Debt also featured in the top 5 singles of the week.

The Slow Readers Club have been getting rave reviews for their live shows, highlights in 2014 including a sold out show at Manchester’s Night and Day, Tramlines Festival, Party in the Pines and Blackthorn Festival (including support slots with ‘Catfish & The Bottlemen’, ‘The Struts’, ‘Reverend and the Makers’ and ‘The Sunshine Underground’ )


Last December, I posted a track from Norwegian songstress Aurora. Here she is again with her new single ‘Runaway’.

Despite her youth, ‘Runaway’ displays her mature vocal beauty. Her voice is complicit in enticement and with a precise, indulgent electronic sound accompanying her majesty, this single reaches a pinnacle of enchantment that is both striking and hypnotic.Definitely one to watch out for this year hopefully she will be available for some festival dates.


From the band I BLAME COCO, Eliot Coco Sumner, (aka Sting’s daughter) used to make electro-pop under the moniker I Blame Coco. Now she’s recording under her real name, with an EP out already from last summer and an album to follow sometime this year. In a press release, she says she’s been influenced by a recent krautrock listening spree, and you can sort of see that in the driving bass riffs on this song She also says that the song is about “still being in love with someone but not allowing them to have another life. It’s very selfish.


Their previous single ‘Real’ dropped in February last year, and since we’ve had Years & Years pretty much on replay Well today the popular trio have treated us to the new single, ‘Take Shelter’.

Take Shelter’ takes place in a forest and sees the band follow a mysterious girl splattered in paint and clad in a coat of matted wool and hair through the trees. Lead vocalist Olly Alexander explained the meaning behind the track: “The song is about a relationship, how I felt manipulated by somebody but sort of liked it.” Years & Years is an English electronica trio founded in London,  The group consists of frontman and keyboardist Olly Alexander, bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and synth player Emre Turkmen. Years & Years’ music has been described as electro pop, mixing R&B and ’90s house elements, with Flying Lotus, Diplo, Radiohead and Jai Paul being their core influences