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Morly - by David LeKash

Singer Songwriter Morly shares the poignant title track from her forthcoming Sleeping in my Own Bed 12″ — which also features the goosebump-inducing b-side “The Wetness” — out August 25th via Cascine Records .

The sublime piano-based affair finds Katy Morley elegantly and successfully exploring the familiar classic songwriter vibe of her favorite artists (Nina Simone, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan, according to a press release) with all of the heart and soul of her haunting earlier songs.

Morly says of the new song: “Lyrically I love how much it can say with such a simple thought. How it can twist to feel both lonely and empowered. It’s something I needed to hear.”


Morly’s debut ep, in defense of my muse, was a superb release of 2015, and Katy Morley has already put forth one of the most impressionable songs yet this year.  “The Choir,” a standalone single for Cascine, straddles the space between haunting and ethereal, pairing morly’s affinity for seismic bass tones with a commanding lead vocal that gradually cedes the foreground to distant saxophone bleats and sputtering drum production. Amazing instrumentals mixed with beautiful vocals. A heavenly experience for the ears. I can’t wait for more


Her beautiful new EP In Defense of My Muse is made up of what the label calls four “lo-fi explorations into the transient space between joy and melancholy,” and is inspired, at least in part, by the “deep wintry sadness” of Morley’s home state. That sadness starts to fade, though, on the EP’s glorious emotional centerpiece “And Sooner Than We Know It…“, as the lonely, plaintive piano that opens the track slowly and steadily squads up with a gently rousing beat, sunbeam synths, and gorgeous, uplifting, wordless choral swells, and it feels like the ice is melting away,