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Columbia Records is proud to announce Don’t You, the long-anticipated album from the trio of friends known as Wet. An astonishingly lucid and heart-wrenching collection of 11 tracks, the album is slated for a Fall release. The lead single, Deadwater,” debuted on Annie Mac’s influential BBC Radio 1 show

“Deadwater” is the first musical offering from the forthcoming project and the follow up to their auspicious debut, the Wet EP.  Wet, comprised of singer-songwriter Kelly Zutrau, and multi-instrumentalists Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow, make songs that resist easy categorization and invite every listener to bask in its intimate glow.

But despite their wide-ranging sensibilities, Wet never compromises its core: sturdy pop songwriting and piercing lyrics.

The album, almost entirely self-produced, was written during a period of solitude in a rented house in Western Massachusetts last year. Wet works together as a trio on every aspect of the album; Joe and Marty work on all aspects of the album’s instrumentation; they take Kelly’s demos and arrange them to perfection.

The trio met through mutual friends as college students in New York City in 2007. After a few years of informal dabbling, they began officially making music as Wet during the summer of 2012, an especially aimless and emotionally turbulent period.. After releasing a few songs on SoundCloud — like “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl,” a weak-kneed but strong-headed breakup ballad — they quickly began attracting attention, sometimes from unexpected places before releasing their critically acclaimed debut EP Wet in May 2014.

“Weak” from Wet’s upcoming album ‘Don’t You’


Released January 29th via Columbia Records

Why We’re Excited Wet  have been waiting nearly three years for the trio to drop a full-length LP. Finally, followers will get what they’ve been wishing for with the impending release of the band’s major label debut.

With just one EP in 2013, the previously Brooklyn-based Western Massachusetts outfit endeared listeners with their R&B-tinged synthpop on tracks like “You’re the Best” and “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”. That latter track resurfaces on “Don’t You”, but has been reworked to reflect the band’s lusher atmospheres. Minimalism still plays a role in Wet’s sound, but so does intricate layering.


The undeniably lovely “Dead Water” was the first track to introduce their expanding sound, followed by the achingly beautiful “Weak”. Loss is still as much of a theme as ever, as evident on “Its All In Vain”. It turns out all that time between the EP and LP has given the band time to let their music become fully formed so that, as frontwoman Kelly Zutrau put it, they could “feel good about these songs and not finish until they were perfect.” We’ll see how perfect they can make it when Don’t You is a constant on your turntable. For all the wintry and sultry tones here, the cooling, smeared R&B that Kelly Zutrau, Marty Sulkow, and Joe Valle make as Wet is ideal for humid months. As the summer stretched on, Don’t You became one of my favorite things to listen to in the, a mirage of stillness in a frantic midday moment.

WET – ” Weak “

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Wet: Why You Need To Know This Brooklyn Trio

Kelly Zutrau was shy and gracious, quietly asking if Joe Valle’s drum pads could be turned up slightly near the beginning of the set; meanwhile, a handful of teenage girls took iPhone videos of themselves passionately mouthing and miming along to the words of the song “Dreams” with their backs to the stage. The performance was unassuming, in the best way; the members of Wet certainly didn’t act like they were the band that many young fans were there to worship, and that many older crowd members were there to discover.
Wet’s self-titled debut EP, released last October on Neon Gold Records, has sold 1,000 copies to date,  But several figures within the music industry seem to think that Wet’s first release is the first precursor to something much bigger.

“We’re talking to a lot of people,” Zutrau cryptically tells Billboard about the Brooklyn trio’s label situation, at an East Village bar the week before the group’s Westway performance. When asked about a timetable for a label deal and the group’s future musical output, the three members of Wet chuckle under their breath about how little they can report. “Right now it’s like, ‘Just keep working until something becomes clear,'” guitarist Marty Sulkow says with a smile.

That stasis at least gives others a chance to catch up to “Wet,” a hypnotic four-song collection defined by the friction between Valle’s brisk percussion movements and Zutrau’s restrained sorrow. Wet’s debut EP was performed at a series of CMJ shows days after its release, and in late November, the group joined CHVRCHES for a string of five live shows. Collectively, the four songs on “Wet” have been streamed 928,000 times on Soundcloud.

The songs that Wet has released thus far are all “breakup songs, at least superficially,” says Zutrau, but that won’t be the case forever. The threesome has been practicing and recording all day in Brooklyn — preparing for the many live shows and debut album that will both inevitably come

The three members of Wet met while Sulkow and Valle attended NYU and Zutrau was a student at Cooper Union in New York, and the trio began making music casually. When Zutrau moved to Providence to attend the Rhode Island School of Design and Valle headed to Los Angeles for a brief period, the three continued to email each other unfinished tracks, and when they reconvened in New York in mid-2012, passing songs back and forth turned into seriously focusing on a handful of tracks.

Zutrau had been performing in musicals since she was a kid — she laughs through a story of singing in a production of “Big” when she was 13 and telling her family that she would be on Broadway when she was 20. Eventually, her musical interests shifted to 90’s R&B, which she nods to in most of Wet’s songs;

Wet started posting demos on Bandcamp as long ago as 2013 . Following the EP release and the resulting rise of touring opportunities (Wet is represented by the Windish Agency), the group was finally able to give up its non-musical jobs and start hunkering down on the project.

The singer promises that some sort of new music from the band is coming “really soon,” and adds that Wet was recently joined by Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberly in the studio. Two more New York shows, at Rough Trade and at the Mercury Lounge will lead into South by Southwest, and the band will also perform at the U.K.’s Great Escape festival in May 2016.