EVES the BEHAVOIR – ” Electrical ” and ” TV “

Posted: June 13, 2015 in MUSIC
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Eves The Behavior complimenting this imagery with her own tension-fuelled crescendo.

Electrical the video…
theres a certain amount of excitement that goes into releasing a track, but sometimes revealing the visuals to it is even better.
I’ve been developing my realm quite heavily through characters (and I guess thats why I have “behavior” in my name). so you’ll see a return in this video, of two characters, and how they interact with mine. I will let it unfold to you however you want.

The video, the work of Sydney based director Josh Logue, is a continuation of Eves’ previous clip “TV” and part of trilogy series to be released in the lead-up to the songstresses’ debut EP. While Logue describes the scene as “part surrealist dream, part reworking of Romeo and Juliet”, he adds that the aim was primarily to create “simple yet memorising imagery”. Visual aids that weave neatly with Eves own powerfully indelicate quips, her pleas of “don’t let me leave” and “I’m nothing more that skin and bones” only momentarily snapped from their fairytale theatrics by unexpected localisation: “I found you in Sydney”.

Eves The Behavior’s debut EP is due out later this year via Dew Process.

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