SUZANNE SUNDFOR – ” Ten Love Songs “

Posted: July 3, 2015 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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It took Norwegian songstress Susanne Sundfør six albums and several collaborations (including Röysksopp and M83) to reach pop perfection, but when she did on her latest LP Ten Love Songs, she brought the big guns.

It’s quite rare to stumble across an album both ambitious and accomplished. Mixing all sorts of instruments, genres and influences, Sundfør creates a record so detailed, emotional and grand that you are left feeling like you’ve fallen in love and then got heartbroken at least a couple of times during these epic 47 minutes.

Obvious standouts are James Bond-esque “Delirious,” the 10-minute-long dark Scandinavian fairytale “Memorial” and the pulsating electropop banger “Kamikaze” that can satisfy our hunger for the next Robyn album. And don’t forget the haunting organs in “Accelerate” that makes you double check if there’s a Phantom of the Opera lurking somewhere in the shadows. “Don’t tell anyone that we’re having fun,” Sundfør begs on the cryptic closing number “Insects.” Sorry, Susanne, but I have to

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