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While I Know Leopard may wear their sequinned influences on their sleeves with pride, “Love Is A Landmine” has more than enough personality and promise to make it an exciting listen, rather than just a nostalgic one.

Sydney’s I Know Leopard have been around the block with their ‘70s-inspired synth-pop tunes but something seems to have clicked with their latest album Love Is A Landmine.

The 11 songs here impress as a debut and offer something new without falling into a rose-coloured nostalgia pool. Warm, catchy and damn-near irresistible, just like Heather, it makes us want to get our shit together.

“Love Is A Landmine” New Album Out Now


Small Pond Records are delighted to announce that they have signed Sydney, Australia-based art-folk virtuoso Bonniesongs, aka Bonnie Stewart, and will release her debut album “Energetic Mind” in the UK on 6th September 2019.

Bonniesongs the project of Sydney, based art-folk musician Bonnie Stewart, who will release her debut album  on September 6th earlier this month she shared the album’s first single Ice Cream and today we hit back with her new single, “Barbara.”


Stewart shows a different side to her songwriting craft her, with a dark brooding atmospheric beginning that paves the way for her haunting folk vocals. This atmosphere makes sense when you learn a bit about the mindset she was in when writing the track as described by her below:
This track was inspired by re-watching the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead at a household movie night. I love zombie movies. I noticed how the main woman’s character was a weak crumbling mess that was almost completely useless in the chaos that was happening. Meanwhile, the men were pulling it together and saving everyone. This sort of inequality is typical of this era I guess, but is still annoying! Anyway, the song is mostly told from Barbara’s perspective…”

Alex Cameron Announces New Album and Tour, Releases New Single

Alex Cameron has just announced his new album, Miami Memory, set for release September. 13th on Secretly Canadian. Can’t wait until September? Luckily for you, the Sydney-born indie-pop rocker has also shared a new single, “Divorce,” with an accompanying music video. Alex tweeted Miami Memory is here. My new single. I want your eyes glued to your screen, and your ear buds jammed deep inside your ear holes. I want you trembling. Thumbs aching from sharing. This one’s for my girl. Lotsa love. Alex

With a knack for donning the masks of a wide array of oddball characters in his previous, Cameron finds a new character in Miami Memory—himself. Facing the threat of a bitter breakup, Cameron sings, “I’ve killed little baby rabbits. I’ve killed microscopic crabs / But I never killed a feeling like the one you and me had.”

Inspired by the empty threats of leaving that lovers make in the heat of a moment, “Divorce” is an impassioned exclamation of misery at the thought of losing a relationship. In the video, Cameron’s shadowed face calls out from the darkness as a heart necklace drapes over his shoulders. He asks us where his love went because he can’t find it in his hands. Then, grief turns to frustration as Cameron offers to crash on a friend’s “motherfuckin’ futon couch if that’s how you wanna play it.”

In the end, Cameron finds himself “drinkin’ in the dark” with his battery “all ran out.”

His third album, Miami Memory finally features Cameron, rather than a wacky, made-up character, as its main narrator. The album is a vulnerable, tender and at times lustful love letter to his partner.

“When you listen to these songs, and you’re waiting for the twist, or the joke, or any kind of discomfort, I can assure you none of those things were there when I wrote them,” Cameron said in a statement, clearly differentiating this album from his tongue-in-cheek, gleefully uncomfortable work of the past.

Instead of writing the imagined narratives that makes up most of his discography, Cameron turns instead to true stories plucked from his own life in a heartfelt gift to his girlfriend. Miami Memory also promises to be Cameron’s most musically expansive work yet. While pulling in the synth-driven tones of his early work, the new album harnesses the drive of classic rock, with anthemic lyrics layered with warm sax, bass, guitar and organ.

‘Divorce’ off the new album ‘Miami Memory’ by Alex Cameron, out 9/13/19 on Secretly Canadian.

Art As Catharsis is proud to announce the release of Strings, a colourful four-track journey from the mind of Sydney based art-folk virtuoso Bonniesongs.

Bonnie’s sweet ethereal vocals sail over the polyrhythmic backgrounds created between her mandolin, percussion and vocal loops. Her imaginative lyrics tell stories of treehouses, mice, birds, flying and video games.
Described as “dreamy experimental indie folk” and compared to artists such as Bjork and Joanna Newsom, Bonniesongs is creating a unique sound in the Sydney songwriting scene

‘Follow Me’ is the lead single from ‘Strings’, a colourful four-track journey from the mind of Sydney based art-folk virtuoso Bonniesongs.

Backed by collaborators Freya Schack-Arnott on Cello and Sascha Bota on Viola, Stewart’s composition dances between conventional and uninhibited. Through challenging modern conventions the Australian folk scene is oft beholden to, “Strings” in its entirety offers refreshing bursts of complexity and wonder. Stewart’s voice calls as clearly and distinctly as birdsong, while every instrument wonderfully accentuates its surroundings. For lovers of atmosphere, shifts in feeling and distinctively airy vocals, this one is for you.

released August 16th, 2018

Bonnie Stewart: Vocals, effect/loop pedal, guitar, drums
Freya Schack-Arnott: Cello
Sascha Bota: Viola

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Australian trio Middle Kids release “New Songs For Old Problems”, a six-track mini-album. The mini-album, recorded at the band’s own studio in Sydney and produced by bass player Tim Fitz, follows hot on the heels of what was a massive 2018 for Middle Kids and the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Lost Friends, which won Australian radio station Triple J’s prestigious Album of the Year award.

Of Real Thing, the new single, lead singer Hannah Joy explains that Real Thing is the lifelong quest for meaning. The quiet, persistent voice in the stillness that constantly checks to see if you truly think you’ve found the thing you’re looking for.” The six-song EP will see the trio continue their brand of emphatic, guitar-forward indie pop. This EP comes after the band’s popular debut album, Lost Friends.


Hannah Joy talks us through the release, track by track.

‘Beliefs & Prayers’ is a fanfare about people pretending to be nice when actually they are not. It’s rambunctious and intense and if it were a cheese it would be Roquefort.

I wrote ‘Salt Eyes’ because I used to think I needed alcohol to be okay when it was, in fact, one of the things that was making me not okay. The opening chords make me feel like I’m 20 years old arriving at a party and realising that I am not drunk enough to endure it.

‘Needle’ is a real rambly song singing about the phenomenon of everybody telling everybody else what to do on the internet because we’re all experts and we all know best. But then we are so SAD and ANXIOUS so what’s that all about?

‘Real Thing’ is the lifelong quest for meaning. The quiet, persistent voice in the stillness that constantly checks to see if you truly think you’ve found the thing you’re looking for. It has a cool pairing of crunchy guitars against a saucy groove. “Real Thing” begins with solemn-sounding guitar tremolo and Joy’s powerful vocal sighs. Once the chorus hits, though, all three members join forces to create a bittersweet melody backed up with fuzzed-out guitar. It’s layered and effortless

‘Call Me Snowflake’ is slightly unhinged but manages to keep itself together. It’s the most rough, punky moment on ‘New Songs for Old Problems’. But it’s also quite sensitive which is really brought out the in the long coda jam.

It is sometimes hard to go on and that is what ‘Big Softy’ is all about. The accordion in this song helps wheeze out the emotion in the chorus. Sometimes we just need an acknowledgement that life is hard, it has been since the beginning of time, and sometimes you need to just sing that out and then continue on.

To be released May 24th, 2019

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The Dolly Rocker Movement formed in late 2002 in the inner surrounds of Sydney, Australia. They are influenced by late 60´s garage, psychedelia and West coast folk. The charismatic band leader Daniel Poulter writes beautiful and well-crafted songs and beneath the psychedelic and colourful surface The Dolly Rocker Movement is simply a great pop band with a destinctive sound of their own.

In 2006 they released not one, but two critically acclaimed contemporary psychedelic masterpieces. The first, Electric Sunshine, illustrated the chemically enhanced blend of folk, garage and country that characterised the band’s early set. The follow-up album, Purple Journey Into the Mod Machine, adopted as its thematic premise a journey through space and time with even more impressive songs as the result.

Our Days Mind the Tyme owes it’s genesis to the psychedelic 60s, and the influence of Sky Saxon, Arthur Lee and Syd Barrett, yet sparkles as bright, and fresh as the morning sun. From the baroque pop of “A Sound for Two”, to the tight garage licks of “My Heavenly Way” and “Sold for Sinners”, to the billowing pop elegance of “The Only One” and “The Ecstacy Once Told”, this is an album touched by the hand of spiritual enlightenment.


This album is just amazing, really good psychedelic vibes! All songs are great! And the homage to “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Ennio Morricone on the track: “The Ecstacy Once Told” is just phenomenal!

Originally released March 30th, 2009

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Garage Rock from Sydney Australia. Our new single “Manipulation” is about the inability to change. In the face of contradictory evidence, it takes something truly special to trust one’s own experiences & knowledge above all else.’

“Manipulation” is the newest single by Australian band Los Tones
Band Members
Bodie – Guitar/Vocals
Shaun – Bass/Vocals
Leigh – Drums/Vocals
Rohan – Guitar/Vocals

Released April 1st, 2019
Performed by: Los Tones

Known for their compelling song-writing and excruciatingly long breaks between albums, The Laurels are back with ‘Monkey On My Back’, the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming and highly anticipated third record.

‘Monkey On My Back’ combines raw guitars and layered harmonies that are driven by a soulful rhythm section. The track sees the band regain the energy they captured on Mesozoic, the pop sensibilities displayed on Plains, and the hip-hop production aesthetic developed on Sonicology.

Following the release of their debut album Plainsin 2012, the much-loved neo-psychedelic band spent years in their homemade studios assembling a kaleidoscopic collage of meticulously crafted samples and breakbeats for their sophomore effort, Sonicology. When it came time to tour however, their ability to deliver the songs in a live environment proved stifled. Three years later, the Laurels have regrouped. The new addition of drummer Ben James brings a fresh dynamic to The Laurels’ sound, which the band credit for their inspired approach to the production of their new record. Migrating away from their lengthy recording processes to place an emphasis on live performance, The Laurels are excited to debut their first single recorded with the new lineup.


“A superb example of their sonic ability…Luke O’Farrell and Piers Cornelius encapsulate the controlled aggression and moody intent of this simmering, ambitious album from a special band” – Rolling Stone

”Probably the best live band in Sydney…. What The Laurels are doing is special. There’s no better way to express it'” – The Music

The Laurels are one of the most compelling bands around” – The Age

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Australian band Gang of Youths have been getting both critical and commercial acclaim Down Under with an absolutely fantastic second album, ‘Go Farther In Lightness’, leading them to sell out pretty much every venue they play in Oz. for some reason their success doesn’t seem to have reciprocated over here in the UK akin to how successful DMAs have been, but recent radio play for their single ‘Let Me Down Easy’ is sure to bring them to the attention of the wider public.

The first music I heard after landing in Austin was a cascade of metallic-guitar harmonics, cut into declarative power chords and shot over breakneck hard rock as if Mogwai had taken off at the speed of Blue Öyster Cult. Then singer-guitarist David Le’aupepe took the noise to a higher plane of debate with his earnest, preacher’s cry in “What Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out,” an anthemic knockout from Go Farther in Lightness, Gang of Youths’ second album and an award-winner in their native Australia last year. The band was founded in 2012 in Sydney, where members were attending an evangelical church, and there was an air of the early, brazen U2 in “Atlas Drowned” and “Just Say Yes to Life” – but with more guitar-drums bedlam, razing feedback and sly classic-rock touches like guitarist Joji Milan’s Queen-like skids in the latter song. Gang of Youths played another, longer set the next evening, opening up their songbook and spreading the firepower. But there was a striking sense of hurry and mission to their four-song day-party blitz at Sidewinder, as if their lives and our spiritual fates depended on the connection. Le’aupepe introduced “Just Say Yes to Life,” with a reference to his father, who is ill with cancer. The singer spoke about the fear of impending loss and the inspirational lesson that has come with it. “He lived a life and said yes,” Le’aupepe declared. “So don’t fuck around. Just say yes.” The music followed with affirming force.

Music video by Gang of Youths performing Let Me Down Easy (Audio). (C) 2017 Mosy Recordings under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd

Body Type

This effortlessly cool Sydney quartet offer everything we want from indie-rock in 2019: lush guitar melodies, a willingness to mix things up, and a readiness to sing about feelings with feeling. Last year, they released their anticipated debut EP:

Band Members
Sophie Mccomish (guitar + vox) // Annabel Blackman (guitar + vox) // Georgia Wilkinson-derums (bass + vox) // Cecil Coleman (drums)