GORDI – ” Extraordinary Life ” EP

Posted: October 8, 2020 in MUSIC
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 Sophie Payten – the folk-pop singer and producer known as Gordi shares her latest single, a soaring, post-new wave anthem, ahead of her second album “Our Two Skins” . Since her last album “Reservoir”, Gordi has collaborated with Troye Sivan, toured with Sam Smith, Julien Baker and more, performed at Eaux Claires alongside The National, Bon Iver and Big Red Machine, and finished her medical degree to become a qualified doctor. The dark horse of ‘Our Two Skins’ – ‘Extraordinary Life’ – has just ticked over 1 million streams. It’s the most played song from the record. You guys totally should’ve told me that you want me to write non-moody songs.

To celebrate, I asked a couple of friends to reimagine the song. I first met Alex Somers when we worked together on my first album ‘Reservoir’ in his studio in Iceland. I saw Alex + Jonsi play their collaborative record ‘Riceboy Sleeps’ at the Sydney Opera House last year and Alex has brought that beautiful atmosphere he always finds to his rework of ‘Extraordinary Life’. Georgia Maq (lead singer of Camp Cope) released some of her solo work earlier this year, which I totally fell in love with. She seemed to really dig ‘Extraordinary Life’ so she produced and engineered her own cover of it.


 Gordi is proud to share the “Extraordinary Life” EP featuring compelling remixes from Alex Somers (Sigur Ros, Black Mirror) and Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq. The EP also includes a live version recorded at the Sydney Opera House in July this year, and a lo-fi bedroom demo from 2018. “Extraordinary Life” is the most streamed song from the 27 year old Canowindra artist-producer’s second album Our Two Skins, notching over 1 million plays on Spotify last week.

Gordi’s “Extraordinary Life” reworked. Original song taken from Gordi’s album “Our Two Skins” out now via Jagjaguwar Records.

Released October 8th, 2020

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