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The sophomore release from the Australian folk-pop duo Oh Pep! is irresistable pop bolstered by the pair’s talented musicianship. Olivia Hally, who plays guitar and sings, and Pepita Emmerichs, who masters both fiddle and mandolin, met while attending a performing arts high school in Melbourne nearly a decade ago, and they could easily have had careers as studio musicians. But, instead, they write pop songs , some of the year’s best at that. On ” I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You…”, Oh Pep! seem to take cues from both Taylor Swift’s 1989 and First Aid Kit’s The Lion’s Roar, the latter an obvious comparison considering both FAK and Oh Pep! are female folk duos. But Oh Pep! exist in a sphere all their own: Songs like “Your Nail And Your Hammer” recall Swift’s sparkling pop production while also playing up First Aid Kit-worthy bluegrass sounds and lyrical metaphors. “Cold little heart breaks apart with your nail and your hammer,” Hally sings.

From their ode to rock bottom on “Hurt Nobody,” to their tremendously fun tribute to girl-gabbing on “What’s The Deal With David?,” Oh Pep! cover a scope of emotion on I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You…, that’s part breakup album and part coming-of-age opus.

New Oh Pep! album ‘I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You’ out now!



Aussie indie rockers Wharves have shared their new single “Mo’s Desert Clubhouse”, a jaunty belter with ferocious guitars and spooky vocals. It is the second single off their debut EP “Sooner or Later”.

Wharves waltz right back into the spotlight with this new single it’s a jaunty belter with ferocious guitars and spooky vocals. The second single off their debut EP, ​Sooner of Later, which is due out Friday 5th October, Wharves latest offering found its charm with creative input from producer and mixer Steven Schram (Paul Kelly, San Cisco).
The track follows the release of ‘High School Hero‘, the EP’s first single and all-round mover and shaker. The band’s lead singer, Matt Collins, describes: “The music for this track came from our Saphire Session in March 2018. we stayed in a beautiful house near the beach in Coffs Harbour and jammed for 3 days straight. We pretty much wrote the music there and then.”

Collins also explains: “The lyrics were inspired by a roadtrip I took in May and the part owver of the Gold Coast arts venue Mo’s Desert Clubhouse. She was explaining her frustrations with the local Council pretty much bullying them into closing. I can’t stand how narrow-minded people in power can be, the arts are one of the most important things in life, without art, life isn’t worth living. It’s not a crime to dance.”


Release date:5th October 2018

Middle Kids share new single ‘Salt Eyes’

Australian band members Hannah Joy, Harry Day and Tim Fitz – aka Middle Kids – have shared brand new track ‘Salt Eyes’. The Australian band released their debut album ‘Lost Friends’ back in May but they’ve already shared the new non-album track.

Of the track, Hannah explains: “‘Salt Eyes’ is when you get those red-dry-eyes after a big cry. Sometimes we try to live large but actually it makes us feel small. ‘Salt Eyes’ is what we get when we’re searching for freedom but haven’t found it yet.”

Middle Kids are due to support Bloc Party on their upcoming Silent Alarm tour, before heading out on their own UK tour in November.

Middle Kids – “Salt Eyes”, out now on Domino / Lucky Number / EMI.

Across her first two albums, Emma Louise mainly sang in her own voice, a clear soprano offered up without much overt processing. While this Australian singer/songwriter was in the studio making her debut record, 2013’s Vs. Head Vs. Heart, she heard a snippet of her backing vocals slowed and pitched down to a tenor range. A new character named Joseph was born in her mind and, five years later, she’s released the first single off an album in which Joseph sings lead.

This is from the new album, Lilac Everything; A Project by Emma Louise. She tells us, “Just The Way I Am” is my favourite song from the album, and it means the most to me. I wrote it after having a falling out with a friend and I came to realise how special it is to have people in your life who love absolutely everything about you.”

“Wish You Well,” taken off the album “Lilac Everything”, is a straightforward and mournful piano ballad that makes creative use of the “audio drag” technique pioneered by sound artist Laurie Anderson in the 1980s. “Lie to me/Say there’s still some place we can meet/But if not/I wish you well,” Louise sings as Joseph. She sounds different not just because her voice is lower and shrouded in woozy effects, but because she’s adopted new, slightly more masculine vocal tics, like repeated “woah-ohs” and notes that trail off half a beat early.

She gets to explore a new kind of confidence and play out romantic dramas in a fantasy space, relieving her of the notion that singers—especially female singers—must always be writing in the confessional mode about things that have happened to them. By inhabiting this character, Louise is free to explore a whole new side to her craft, and “Wish You Well” proves it to be an exciting one.

Through The Storm’ is the newest single from Australian, psych-rock luminaries Stonefield. The single comes from their Flightless Records full length “Far From Earth”, The new single can also be found on a very special 7″ single, featuring an non-album extended b-side, via NYC collaborators Greenway Records. ‘Through The Storm’ video features footage from the bands LA residency.

Made up of sisters Amy, Hannah, Sarah, and Holly Findlay, Stonefield’s sound pays homage to the prog, metal, and psych powerhouses of the ’70s while remaining uniquely their own. Their latest album was produced by Stephen McBean (Black Mountain) and features Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and Gregg Forman (Cat Power.)

Stonefield is back for another Greenway 7″! This time its taken from their latest LP with A side “Through The Storm” and the B-side is an exclusive 7″ only extended version of “Broken Stone”!


Beaches have an appropriate name, evoking the California coastline where the first psych purveyors congregated. This Australian Melbourne quintet takes their DIY philosophy seriously—everyone plays an instrument, everyone sings, and the various members design their own album artwork and direct their videos. Their third album, Second of Spring, is their most ambitious yet, a double-LP filled with sunny melodies and motorik beats. It swings between brittle post-punk riffing and delightful pop harmonies, occupying that dreamlike state right before sunrise.

Do I need a favourite? I can’t choose one. The entire album is pure class.


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Montero is an Australian musician and artist Ben Montero.  His New album “Performer” was recorded at Mark Ronson’s Tileyard studios in London. It is co-produced by Ben, Jay Watson of Tame Impala/Pond/Gum, and Grammy Award winning engineer Riccardo Damian. All instruments were played by Ben, Jay and Riccardo, save some violin by Emily, a waitress from the studio cafe, and electric piano from Ben’s uncle Jason. 
Performer glories in the widescreen soft rock tradition, updating the romantic classicism of golden era love songs with a psychedelic pop brush. Montero’s music evokes the extended soundscapes and textures of 70s prog, the easy listening adult weirdness of Jimmy Webb and Burt Bacharach, and the sports arena pounding of vintage MOR rock – sometimes all in the space of one song. With an emphasis on clear vocals, soaring melodies, lush instrumentation and dreamy glam pomp, Performer ventures into gently surreal realms of romance, yearning, and wonder.
As a visual artist, Ben’s much-loved comic-based style highlights the universality of small human moments via a cast of furry (or sometimes slimy) friends. His art has graced album covers, t-shirts and posters for Mac Demarco, Ariel Pink, Kurt Vile, Pond and others. Ben has lost count of the number of fans who have had his drawings tattooed on their body. His Facebook page Ben Montero Sketchbook has more than 80,000 fans. 


In Australia, Montero has played with Ariel Pink, Kurt Vile, John Maus, Yeasayer, Sonny & the Sunsets and The Bats.
Ben currently lives in Athens, Greece and his live band are made up of members of Greek psych heads Acid Baby Jesus, plus other friends.
The Montero band tour UK/Europe in November 2017 supporting Mac Demarco.


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In 2002, The Vines were on top of the world, having been heralded as “the next Nirvana” during the garage-rock revival that was overtaking the music industry. This success meant the band were given the rare opportunity of being one of the few Aussie acts to perform on The Late Show With David Letterman. Of course, as with most shows by The Vines, it wasn’t going to be a subdued affair.

Frontman Craig Nicholls decided to show off his wild side, writhing and pulsating all over the stage whilst screaming the lyrics to ‘Get Free’ at nearly unintelligible volumes. Having managed to shock audiences all over America, host David Letterman decided to forgo his usual tradition of shaking hands with the band, choosing instead to seemingly cower behind his desk for fear of what he had just witnessed.

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If you’ve been listening to Aussie music with sharp ears over the last couple of years, there’s a pretty strong chance that you would have already been exposed to the two members of St. Ives in their solo guises, but now the two talented artists have joined forces to create something especially tasty.

St. Ives is a relatively new collaborative project combining the stunning voice of Perth’s Anna O’Neil (better known as Anna O) and the musical talents of Melbourne producer Arik Blum, as they pay homage to the downtempo trip-hop sounds of the mid-’90s, with a contemporary alt-pop edge.

Their tender debut single ‘Nowhere’ shows the duo’s respective talents coming together to create something brilliant, with Blum’s gorgeous, lush instrumentation the foundation, and O’Neil’s emotive vocals the varnish that makes it shine.With the new project having only been on the scene for a short time, they’ll be continuing to share more tracks with the world over the next few months, and we’re already intrigued to hear what St. Ives have in store for us next.


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Liv Cartledge has spent most of her life playing music, busking on the streets of Beechworth, Australia as a child, and playing pub gigs as she got older. All this practice has clearly paid off, with the Victorian singer-songwriter releasing the astonishingly genuine “Timber” EP.

Following the release of her debut single ‘Please Stop Messing About’ back in 2015, she’s been biding her time, honing her craft, and polishing off five tracks of stark, honest, and introspective lyrics. The end result is a beauty, those lyrics brought to life through wistful, folk-styled instrumentation, and delivered with Cartledge’s gorgeous, raspy voice.

With a unique style of songwriting that many accomplished musicians with years of experience would envy, Timber feels like equal doses of talent and hard work coalescing into one, with the potential to take the glowing embers of Cartledge’s early promise and build a bonfire.