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Bambara have been around long enough that you should know by now what to expect from one of their séance-punk records, but “Miracle” is still a “Smells Like Teen Spirit”–caliber opener. If vaguely familiar VH1 talking heads ever heard this song, they’d be like, “I remember exactly where I was when I heard Bambara’s ‘Miracle,’ and I remember I just froze. I was like, ‘umm, what is this!?,’” or something to that effect. With Stray being particularly infused with themes of death, the album’s opener introduces the impending macabre with chilling gothic blues that strip Pop. 1280 of their title as best Nick Cave homage.

Band Members
Reid Bateh,
William Brookshire,
Blaze Bateh

Wharf Cat Records Released on: 2020-02-14

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Sons of An Illustrious Father are a trio comprised of Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and the acclaimed actor Ezra Miller. They self-released their last album, “Deus Sex Machina: Or, Moving Slowly Beyond Nikola Tesla”, back in June 2018. Now they have shared a new song, simply titled “Sons of An Illustrious Father.” It features string arrangements from Murray A. Lightburn, frontman of Montréal’s The Dears.

Ezra Miller played Barry Allen (aka The Flash) in 2017’s Justice League movie (as well as more briefly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad). Miller also starred in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, We Need to Talk About Kevin, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. But Sons of An Illustrious Father is no casual side-project for Miller, he’s known Lilah Larson since high school and the band has been active for several years.

A previous press release described the band as such: “Sons of An Illustrious Father were born from an inherent need to represent Otherness within personal identity, continuing the astounding lineage of punk rock icons before them who pushed the boundaries of popular culture via explorations of gender definition and sexual fluidity.

Band Members
JOSH AUBIN ~ vocals, bass, keyboards, guitars, percussion
LILAH LARSON ~ vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion
EZRA MILLER ~ vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards

Vintage rock quintet Wilder Maker announces new album Zion, shares video for "Drunk Driver"

Self-proclaimed “cosmic American” band Wilder Maker are set to release their new record, Zion, July 13th via Northern Spy Records. The latest single “Impossible Summer” is swirling and soothing, like the cool breeze that cuts the oppressive feeling of an August afternoon in New York City. Frontman Gabriel Birnbaum wrote the song about a time when he was losing touch with reality. Though written by Birnbaum, “Impossible Summer” is sung by longtime collaborator Katie Von Schleicher, who breathes a poignant softness into the track. “I cannot explain that summer,” she sings. Their “Impossible Summer” will leave you scrambling to find any words at all. How often do you encounter a tune so inventive it sounds like Radiohead took a road trip with Joni Mitchell?

Wilder Maker once again defy genre stereotypes on their newest single. The Brooklyn-based indie outfit skirt the confines of the typical “folk” sound, so it’s not fair to apply that label without tacking on some hyphenated sub-genre qualifiers. Their previous track was well praised, the engrossing “Drunk Driver” also from their upcoming Zion album.

Then in March we reveled in the more psychedelic “Closer to God” that evoked both Tom Petty and Kurt Vile. Whether you call their sound “neo-folk” or “experimental folk-pop,”

Of the many thousands of bands within the indie folk scene, few (if any) display the creative brilliance of Wilder Maker. These musical chameleons offer plenty for all music fans to love.

Wilder Maker is comprised of: Gabriel Birnbaum (lyrics/instrumentation/vocals), Katie Von Schleicher (keys/vocals), Adam Brisbin (guitar/vocals), Nick Jost (bass/vocals), and Sean Mullins (drums/vocals)

One of the most advantageous aspects of our involvement in this site is our access and exposure to the world class music at a time before those bands hit it big. When it comes to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, we were there at day one of this Australian bands beginnings, including seeing their first U.K. shows., The King Gizzard shows we saw in 2015 corresponded to the new music that would eventually become their major label debut and breakthrough album, 2016’s Nonagon Infinity . But it was in 2017 when The Gizz took their career to the next level, accomplishing a feat that will likely never be repeated , the release of five quality albums in one calendar year.

Its been over a year since I last saw them last live in concert and while much has changed, King Gizzard are still very much the same band. Recorded by the NY Taper at three shows at Brooklyn Steel which were very much fan-friendly affairs with the band playing a very democratic selection of material. The show recorded was the middle night of the three and fortunately contained an homage to the “old days”, a long “Head On / Pill” segue that contained long bits of three older numbers and a few other teases. It was the Gizz’s acknowledgement of how important those early days were for the band’s career.


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FRANCES CONE is Christina Cone, Andrew Doherty, Adam Melchor, and Aaron Hamel. The Nashville based indie-pop band, fronted by Christina Cone, is named after Christina’s father and great-grandfather, both musicians themselves in South Carolina and both born on September 11th. The band has been praised for their compelling, emotional live show and captivating recordings. In 2016, Frances Cone released, “Arizona,” the first single from their forthcoming full-length album, Late Riser, which is set to release in 2018. Stereogum praised “Arizona” for “Cone’s melodic vocals, rich harmonies, and an electrifying guitar sound.” Written about her brother, filmmaker Stephen Cone, “Arizona’s” .

The band’s second single, “Leave Without You,” was released in March 2017, is an emotional song about the band’s decision to leave Brooklyn. Cone says, “it is the only place I’ve known as an adult person, and (the song is about) what and who I’ll carry with me.” Billboard raved that the track “employs the band’s signature slow build before exploding with synth and drums into the song’s chorus.”

“Arizona” is the first track off Frances Cone’s new album, “Late Riser” due summer 2018.

Band Members
Christina Cone,
Andrew Doherty,
Adam Melchor,
Aaron Hamel,

Daily Dose: BIRDS, "Scatter"

Birds are one of those bands that is nearly impossible to Google. With so many combination’s of “birds,” “birds+band,” “birds+band+brooklyn” yields any conclusive result. But once you spot these such mysterious Birds in the wild, the warmth of their swirling, chugging psych-rock counteracts the brief technological struggle.


Comprised of Duane Lauginiger (vocals, guitar), Timothy John Plunkett (drums), Jess Rees (guitar) and Jessica Reynoza (bass, vocals), the Brooklyn based band is set to release its debut album, “Eveything All At Once” due out August. 18th released on New York Greenway Records . The lead single, “Scatter,” rumbles for less than three minutes,  Reynoza’s bass line keeps everyone in line, while some effects-laden riff that sounds like a distorted electric violin sweeps overhead in between verses. It’s a perfect slice of beefy fuzz-pedal magic that sounds sloppy but is actually tight and precise.


BIRDS - Everything All At Once (LP & CASS Pre-Order)




Beach Fossils. Over the years a great live band and tonight they go balls out for a show with support from PC Worship, Jerry Paper and Red Sea for a sold out show at the Grasslands.  The band whose reverb-slicked indie pop compares favorably to acts like Surfer Blood, Best Coast, and the Drums, formed in 2009 as a vehicle for the solo recordings of Dustin Payseur. Bassist John Pena and guitarist Christopher Burke were brought into Beach Fossils lineup later that year, after Payseur had single-handedly put together the recordings that would comprise the group’s first album. Beach Fossils‘ debut 7″ single,Daydream/Desert Sand, was released on Captured Tracks in February 2010; their self-titled album was released on the same label later that year. Pena and Payseur worked together on the group’s next release, 2011’s What a Pleasure EP, before Pena left to focus on his own group Heavenly Beat. The next Beach Fossils album featured drummer Tommy Gardner and production from the Men‘s Ben Greenberg. Clash the Truth was issued in early 2013 on Captured Tracks.

with the similarities with the likes of Bon Iver and Sigor Ros the band Nova Amor from Woodgate NYC will be playing at the BARN ON THE FARM festival this summer highly engrossing piece of Folk excellence that engulf the listener HEART and PAIN should be one of the best EP’s of the year


American Indie Pop band from Brooklyn NYC, so far they have released two albums and a couple of Eps severly catchy songs

Parquet Courts have just previewed a new track from their forthcoming new album ,the twin guitar groove monsters with the awesome bass lines, this American rock band have become one of my favourites based in Brooklyn NYC. If you want to be a fan of any band you should choose these.