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Parquet Courts have set a “live” album for release in March 2015 which was recorded at Jack White‘s Third Man studios in Nashville.
With a title designed to allay any confusion Parquet Courts: Live at Third Man Records the album will be released on March 3rd and features audio recorded at Jack White’s batcave in June 2014. We were witness to Parquet Courts live when the band played UK festival slots last year, with the album to be one of our essential listening albums of 2014 and superb live sets made them one of the best guitar bands around.

“For most bands the rules of playing live are quite simple: 1. Turn up 2. Play 3. Run for the exit. Admittedly some also find time to thank the crowd. But then for most bands music is written, not created. And what is exciting about them comes from practice and planning, not experimentation and actual excitement.”

“So the excitement of the crowd is palpable when Parquet Courts take to the stage, for it’s not very clear to anyone what is about to happen, but something is definitely about to happen.
Parquet Courts brought a sweltering performance to the hallowed grounds of Third Man’s Blue Room on June 5th of last year and very fortunately, Third Man Records were able to lovingly capture it with their one-of-a-kind, direct-to-acetate recording process. The set included a dynanmic selection of songs from last year’s critically acclaimed album Sunbathing Animal, as well as the 2013 EP, Tally All The Things That You Broke.


Parquet Courts walk onstage and introduce themselves. First song “Ducking and Diving” from their new album, Sunbathing Animal, sounds like Devo, minus the funny red hats, with climactic guitars dividing the track’s underlying repetitive bass and intensive lyrical attack. Gliding into another track from the same album with great ease and bags of charisma, the brilliantly versatile style of singing from Andrew Savage and Austin Brown sounds powerful.

Next are two tracks from their second studio album Light Up Gold; Master Of My Craft and Borrowed Time – it’s entertaining and insightful for diehard fans that they’re played in the order they are placed on the record. The distortion intensifies and the crowd go into complete overdrive as the band show they are masters of their own craft by singing and performing with overwhelming energy and talent. Their breathtaking appeal doesn’t end at the end of these two enigmatic and addictively insane songs, they go on to play mainly from their new album, which is arguably their best yet.


Parquet Courts are one of my Favourite guitar bands, their live guitar sound they acheive is stunning, this track recorded at the Sugar Hill Club july 11th 2014, A track taken from the “Sunbathing Animal” album

Parquet Courts just wrapped up their recent “Sunbathing Animal” Tour culminating in a radio session for KEXP recorded August 6th in Seattle. Songs are Ducking and Dodging, Black and White, Vienna II, Dear Ramona, What Colour Is Blood,

Brooklyn Neo post Punk band PARQUET COURTS rip through the song “Black and White” they are one of the most exciting live bands with a tremendous guitar sound,


Brooklyn Band Parquet Courts will have a new album released this month,

Parquet Courts have just previewed a new track from their forthcoming new album ,the twin guitar groove monsters with the awesome bass lines, this American rock band have become one of my favourites based in Brooklyn NYC. If you want to be a fan of any band you should choose these.