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Buck Meek released a new song Wednesday. “Roll Back Your Clocks” is an experiment in collaboration and a calm balm in this hectic noise.

Buck recorded the song at home on acoustic guitar and sent it to each of his four band members separately. Adam Brisbin (guitar), Mat Davidson (pedal steel & fiddle), Austin Vaughn (drums), and Ken Woodward (bass) then overdubbed instrumental parts and vocals on top of Buck’s solo recording, without hearing any of the other band member’s contributions and with no outside direction or insight. They sent their files to Andrew Sarlo (producer of all four Big Thief albums) who then alchemized them into what’s been released.

“Roll Back Your Clocks” is “a reminder to trust our telepathic instincts, and to value the connection with our loved ones as something that we always have access to, even in solitude, regardless of proximity,” says Buck.

I wrote a handful of songs during the covid-19 lockdown, and asked Andrew Sarlo to produce a recording of one. “Roll Back Your Clocks” felt most appropriate.
Andrew prompted me to record the song at home with an acoustic guitar, and send that solo version to each of my four band members separately then overdubbed instrumental parts and vocals on top of my solo recording, without hearing any of the other band member’s contributions – with no outside direction or insight, and sent their stems to Sarlo, who took the parts and alchemized them into a mix, revealing a serendipitous union
This era has presented every human on earth with the challenge to relinquish all expectations and bend with the fragility of life and society. All we are left with is ourselves, and our own capacity to find peace within. This was an attempt to embrace the quarantine – to try to make something beautiful and honest and new without denying the limitations, but to move within them. It was a reminder to trust our telepathic instincts, and to value the connection with our loved ones as something that we always have access to, even in solitude, regardless of proximity

Buck Meek “Roll Back Your Clocks”

Buck Meek – Vocals / Acoustic Guitar Austin Vaughn – Wheel / Kick Drum Ken Woodward – Bass Matt Davidson – Background Vocals / Electric Guitar / Violins / Electric Piano Adam Brisbin – Background Vocals / Reverse / Lead Guitars Andrew Sarlo – Belly

Wilder Maker is a band that I feel like I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while now. Anyway, here’s some info on the two tracks.

“Infinite Shift” is a track brimming with the churning, unending energy of NYC, propelled by Sean Mullins’ drums and full of a teenage sense of yearning for something more, some entry into the mysterious adult world of taxis gliding through Manhattan streets in the early morning. It’s about being drunk on new york, drunk on the future, and builds to a shattering and euphoric instrumental climax.

“Black Wood Shine” is dreamy and moody, composed of only vocals (run through guitar pedals for extra disorientation) and one electric guitar. Black Wood Shine is the moment when a relationship between two people is over even as they remain seated next to each other, feeling the rift. What if love is not enough? “I love you / but I’m killing you / I can see / it’s you or me.”

Band Members
Gabriel Birnbaum, Sean Mullins, Katie Von Schleicher, Nick Jost, Adam Brisbin
Wilder Maker makes down home Americana music for the city streets and walk-ups that frame them. Wry lyrics[…]that are buoyed by CCR grit and lurch, with enough no-wave sax/Television guitar touches to make sure the band’ll get beat up when it gets past Cleveland.” – Noisey
“The Wilder Maker crew seem to be distinguishing themselves in the Brooklyn indie-rock landscape by embracing their natural penchant for deceptive complexity.” – SPIN

Vintage rock quintet Wilder Maker announces new album Zion, shares video for "Drunk Driver"

Self-proclaimed “cosmic American” band Wilder Maker are set to release their new record, Zion, July 13th via Northern Spy Records. The latest single “Impossible Summer” is swirling and soothing, like the cool breeze that cuts the oppressive feeling of an August afternoon in New York City. Frontman Gabriel Birnbaum wrote the song about a time when he was losing touch with reality. Though written by Birnbaum, “Impossible Summer” is sung by longtime collaborator Katie Von Schleicher, who breathes a poignant softness into the track. “I cannot explain that summer,” she sings. Their “Impossible Summer” will leave you scrambling to find any words at all. How often do you encounter a tune so inventive it sounds like Radiohead took a road trip with Joni Mitchell?

Wilder Maker once again defy genre stereotypes on their newest single. The Brooklyn-based indie outfit skirt the confines of the typical “folk” sound, so it’s not fair to apply that label without tacking on some hyphenated sub-genre qualifiers. Their previous track was well praised, the engrossing “Drunk Driver” also from their upcoming Zion album.

Then in March we reveled in the more psychedelic “Closer to God” that evoked both Tom Petty and Kurt Vile. Whether you call their sound “neo-folk” or “experimental folk-pop,”

Of the many thousands of bands within the indie folk scene, few (if any) display the creative brilliance of Wilder Maker. These musical chameleons offer plenty for all music fans to love.

Wilder Maker is comprised of: Gabriel Birnbaum (lyrics/instrumentation/vocals), Katie Von Schleicher (keys/vocals), Adam Brisbin (guitar/vocals), Nick Jost (bass/vocals), and Sean Mullins (drums/vocals)

Katie Von Schleicher follows up her 2017 album “Shitty Hits” with “Glad To Be Here”, available now and as a 7″ on May 4th just in time for her upcoming US and European tours. Produced & engineered by Von Schleicher, herself , Glad To Be Here incorporates the warmth and saturation of Bleaksploitation and Shitty Hits, while nodding towards what’s next.  “On a break from touring this winter I went back to my childhood home in Maryland. I built a fire, set up my gold drum kit, saw a ton of stars and felt  smushed by silence. It was lonely, so I made these songs. ‘Glad to Be Here’ is where I find myself right now. ‘Party Dawn’ is tied to Maryland, to a dear friend and our adolescence,” says Von Schleicher. Bringing the songs back to New York, she finalized them with collaborator Adam Brisbin (Sam Evian, Jolie Holland, Buck Meek) and mixed them with Julian Fader (Ava Luna, Frankie Cosmos, Nadine, Palehound).


This Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Katie Von Schleicher, who’s hitting the road with Mitski this summer, treated Paste to her stirring, emotion-packed songs.

Katie Von Schleicher

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One of the best spots for new, independent music at SXSW and year around in Austin, Texas — is Cheer Up Charlie’s. Katie Von Schleicher and her guitarist Adam Brisbin stepped away from the frenetic energy of the festival, walked into the makeshift Spire Studio Tour Bus (basically a camper trailer, parked on Cheer Up Charlie’s lot, with brilliant recording gear, amps guitars) and performed the song “Mary.” It’s the quietest song from Katie Von Schleicher’s magnificent 2017 album, S***** Hits.

Katie Von Schleicher said about “Mary.” “I’ve been teaching a songwriting class and it’s funny now to break these things down into craft and intention,” she says , “but I do feel that writing to a person’s name is a really tender practice, one that can unlock kindness and a conversational tone. If speaking to a part of yourself, personifying it, singing warmly, you can spare your faults and self-criticisms by speaking as if to another person [and] maybe even take your own advice. As much as they’re personal, I’m also trying to get close to some of my favorite things, which also include Randy Newman’s ‘Marie’ and Raymond Carver’s short stories (so full of conversation). For me, ‘Mary’ is a place and time rather than a person, childhood and youth and the strange space I’ve found in going back to the house where I grew up in Maryland to make records now.”

Katie Von Schleicher and Adam Brisbin conjured up an oasis in a trailer — a small, gentle moment amidst the chaos and fun of SXSW.

Set List

  • “Mary”