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Universal Music/Island Records will reissue remastered vinyl versions of U2‘s Pop and All That You Can’t Leave Behind albums next month, alongside a vinyl reissue of the 1985 Wide Awake In America EP.

“Pop” was the band’s ninth studio album and was originally issued in 1997, reaching number one in over 30 countries around the world, including the UK and America. It continued U2’s ‘reinvention’ – which started in the early nineties with Achtung Baby and Zooropa – and was produced by Flood with Howie B and Steve OsbournePop delivered four top ten singles in the UK, but despite this success the band were apparently not totally satisfied with the final product, and post release they constantly fiddled with tracks, re-recording and remixing many of the songs for various single and compilation releases.

The new reissue is remastered and pressed on double black 180g vinyl. It comes in a gatefold sleeve and has as download card.


All That You Can’t Leave Behind was the first U2 album of the new millennium, issued three and a half years after Pop. Their 10th studio album pulled back from all the experimentation and returned to a more traditional sound. It was no coincidence that the album was produced by old muckers Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. The album benefitted from the enormous success of the first single Beautiful Day which was a massive hit virtually everywhere (except in the USA, interestingly).

Like Pop, the vinyl reissue is newly remastered and pressed on 180g black vinyl. It comes with a 16-page booklet and a download card.


The Wide Awake In America EP was only ever issued in America and Japan, in 1985, although it was reissued internationally on CD in the late eighties. Two tracks (A Sort Of Homecoming and Badare live recordings from the The Unforgettable Fire tour in late ’84 while the other two (The Three Sunrises and Love Comes Tumbling) are studio recordings issued as B-sides on the 12-inch of The Unforgettable Fire single. The vinyl reissue uses the 2009 remasters created for the The Unforgettable Fire reissue of that same year. Again, 180g black vinyl and a download card.

All three vinyl reissues will be released on 13th April 2018. Pop is rather pricey in the UK at the moment, but that’s likely to come down fairly quickly (with Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee you’ll only pay the cheapest price between ordering and shipping, of course).

With a sound that has been compared to Florence & the Machine by media outlets throughout Australia and abroad, Tanya Batt delivers a sense of earnestness in her heartfelt brand of music.
Since her beginnings, Tanya Batt has developed a powerful presence in a small window of time, playing many sold out shows, as well as enjoying radio play.

As well as packing up the tour van to grace stages along the East Coast, Tanya Batt has done all she can to reach audiences abroad, appearing on radio stations such as BBC Radio in the United Kingdom, and many US based College/Community radio stations. After a highly successful debut, Tanya Batt will be releasing her latest offering ’62 Moons’  “Keep listening out for that one”.

“Batt executes stunningly, draping instrumentals in an ethereal fog as her powerful voice resounds clear and effortlessly.”



podcast 274 is here like a warm sunbeam of audio goodness you can bask in. Featuring Gulp, Black Lizard, Sui Zhenand SKIES! If you dig it, please share it, love it and let people know its out there!

Show Tracklist 274
1. Geneva-Dollars In The Heavens-single-Nude
2. The Gerbils-Sunshine Soul-Are You Sleepy-Hidden Agenda
3. The Thanes- Dishin’ The Dirt- Dishin’ The Dirt-Dirty Water Records
4. Gulp-Game Love-single-Sonic Cathedral
5. Black Lizard-Everything and Nothing-Solarize-Soliti
6. Parachute Men-Leeds Station-single-Fire
7. Close Lobsters-Going To Heaven To See If It Rains-single-Fire
8. Sui Zhen-Take It All Back-Secretly Susan-Two Bright Lakes
9. Skies-Call For My Heart-Skies-Young Muscle
10. Sinn Sisamouth-Under the Sound of Rain- Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll-Dust To Digital
11. Los Tijuana Fives -Mi Auto Puedes Manejar- Los Nuggetz- 60’s Garage and Psych From Latin America Disc 3-Rockbeat Records
12. Bo Diddley-I Don’t Like You- The Black Gladiator-Checker
13. Jim O’Rourke -All Your Love-Simple Songs-Drag City
14. Wolf Alice-Bros- My Love Is Cool-Dirty Hit


Work it Out is a culmination of our eclectic musical sensibilities, as individuals, and our combined infatuation with indie pop rock, as a band. The song could easily be trimmed to simple, commercial-length soundbites, but it could also accompany you on a cross-country road trip. the album was released 12th August 2014

Fueled by the similar staples within their collective musical taste, the members of Knox Hamilton blend laid back guitar riffs and catchy bass lines with rhythmic drum beats and soaring vocals to produce a sound that’s as likely to make you want to visit the beach as it is to move your feet

Boots: bass, vocals, guitar, Brad: keys, vocals, Cobo: percussion, drums,  Drew: guitar



Another episode in the wonderful Ola’s Kool Kitchen Radio show this week we have tracks from,



Groundbreaking pop-rock band The Bangles proudly announces the release of their brand new album LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…THE BANGLES!, on their own label, Down Kiddie! Records, due out November 27, 2014
Hand-selected by the band members from their personal music archives, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…THE BANGLES! is a 16-track collection of re-mastered 80’s-era rarities, demos, live recordings and more, including the Bangles’ debut single and all of the tracks from their self-titled EP – produced by legendary Ramones/Blondie producer Craig Leon – unavailable since its initial release on vinyl in 1982.
Encompassing the very first years of the band’s development, from their earliest days as the “Bangs” to their incarnation as the Bangles, the tracks include performances by the Bangles’ founding and current members – Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, and Vicki Peterson – as well as now-retired bassist Michael Steele, and the band’s original bass player Annette Zilinskas.



The Brighton based five piece have released some of the most innovative music this year,


Another fantastic sampler from the ACTIVE LISTENER No19 more Rock,Acid Folk,Psychedelic Folk/Rock,Pop please support this label.

SHURA – ” Touch “

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Good Pop Music just cannot be beaten “Shura” and this velvety glorious piece of pop with over a quarter million plays already on soundcloud http://www.soundcloud.shura


the title track from the debut album called ” Conversations ”   WOMANS HOUR are a london based band featuring siblings Fiona Jane and William vocal and guitars respectivly check them out